sexta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2010

an introduction to my Universe

Hi dear readers!
My name is Celta and I'm portuguese.
This is my second blogue. I decided to write this one in english because a few days ago I discovered how I can see the public that visited my blogue: My Universe (written in portuguese: and I was very surprised to know that more than 2000 people have seen my blogue since May of 2010 to November 2010 (total 2194). Well 1385 were brazilian and 594 portuguese but other people from other countries may not understand my blogue if they don't understand portuguese, for my surprise from USA 125 people saw it, from Denmark 29, Canada 19, Germany 11, United Kingdom 8, Russia 7, Switzerland and Sweden 5 and Norway, Poland, Belarus 2.
So about 13 countries, 11 don't speak portuguese.
I never imagine so many people read what I wrote, in fact I only have 5 followers and I almost never receive comments.
So I decided it would be interesting share my perspective with all world.
Hope you enjoy, feel free to comment.

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