domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

You're not happy you're blind

You're not happy, you're blind as the Happy Prince was. He lived his entire life closed in a castle with plenty life conditions: gold, jewels, clothes, luxuries, food...everything seemed to be so perfect in that castle that he never wanted to go outside...but when he died they made a magnificent statue of him made with gold and jewels and put it into the centre of a city, now he could see everything, now he could see the was not perfect, happy and beatutiful as he thought when he was alive and lived inside the castle walls. There were people starving, passed out cold, there were people suffering, there were people crying, there were injustices,  everything looked awful...the Happy Prince saw the was not perfect, it was not beautiful, it was not happy...
So with the help of swallow he helps the people in need, the swallow takes away his jewels and give it to the people, as they stay together and time goes by the little swallow and the Prince fall in love and want to continue help the people, but time runs out and the summer is over, the swallow doesn't migrate with the other birds to stay with the prince and dies with him.
I love this story, it really is about how I see the world, people usually call me pessimistic but what I think is that the world is terrible and it is just stupid you try to blind yourself and avoid the truth. Just don't run away from the truth, try to change the reality for better.

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