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"The capitalist production develops the technique and the combined process of social production in the condition of deplete the two main sources which derive wealth: the planet Earth and the worker."

Karl Marx in The Capital

segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

who should have won the Eurovision song contest 2011

Who should have won the Eurovision song contest 2011 in my opinion would have been Finland with that ecological message and a wonderfull song..take a listen:

European Crisis, European Union and Eurovision

Well to be honest I don't care that much about the Eurovision contest because almost every countries from Europe(?) sing in english instead of their own language and to make this worst it's all a kind of pop thing and of course I extremelly find it uncool, and there are lots of countries that are not Europe for God sake they are from the Middle East in the best case scenario! For example Azerbaijan that won...
However this year I add an exception to watch the contest because representing Portugal came a group: "Os Homens da Luta" (The Men of the Struggle) with  a funny song subtly against the European Union policies, about the crise in Europe and Portugal as well, about the social inequality, about the IMF (International Monetary Fund), about the German sovereignity in the Euro-economic's about everything that's going on here but it's singing in a funny and ironic way I would even say: a silly way...many people should had thought: "how silly are that crew!!!", but the message underneath that cheerful and apparently harmless portuguese was everything but not silly. That song basically encourages people to fight for their rights with joy and confidence. So I really don't think that Europe wants to help Portugal, even because they charge interest rates higher than the IMF that I think that is too another fakery. What's going on here is that Portugal adopted the Euro coin without a referendum, that coin was just imposed with the promise of a more equal and united Europe. This just couldn't work here and the first reason of all is that with the Euro all prices in Europe are equal but not the citzen's incomes, for example in Portugal the minimu wage is less than 500 Euros but in Germany it is about 1500 Euros! And our prices are all quite similar or even more expensive because we import many goods. Other thing that happened here is that our farmers are receiving subsidies from the EU for not produce, lots of factories were closed but they were in good shape producing a lot before the year 2000 and we are more and more insolvents in the hands of our creditors that just came in time to help us! But the point here is only this: we let them steal us and we have elected miserable governments. What's the point of paying to the farmers to not produce? I just have a reason: the EU own convenience! And just for not to mention the fishing: a country like Portugal surrounded by maritime resources which saw its fishing activity reduced or almost extinguished...and our coast now is full of  large capitalists fishing vessels specially spanish vessels...
Of course if we don't produce, we import so they win and we lose and then there is a calamitous deficit! Notice that certain countries that adopted the Euro are super fine, for example Germany and Finland that without the Euro really couldn't have developed to this point after all that wars and conflicts...of course some countries as Portugal, Ireland and Greece didn't go well. What's the problem then? We have the same coin haven't we?
If I could choose Portugal would never had adopted the Euro, I remember the times when I was a kid and I could buy lots of sweets with 500 escudos that now are about 2,50 Euros and we almost cannot buy anything to eat with Portugal everything inflated to double but our wages remained and now are even being cutted to pay this debt to someone we don't quite know who is, for some reason we quite don't know and we still don't know how much will we pay! All we know is that almost everything is to the banks whose managers accumulate astonishing profits even with this big crush crisis that they warned us about. So what's the name for this process? in economics it is called speculation. Speculation creates nothing it only transferes wealth so if someone is winning money it's because someone is losing money. So the truth about all this damn crisis is that the money didn't go way it is unevenly distributed and now I think you can understand why the top gear cars are selling more than ever, the 5 stars hotels and restaurants are full and all the luxury goods sells so well...
Well but about the Euro contest itself although I don't like it as the contest that it is, I was surprised with the good songs from Iceland and Finland in which I voted, I appreciated the finnish song most of them all because it had an ecological message and that's what the world needs to be healthy and feasible to life.

Pirates of Caribbean: on strange tides

Last weekend I went to the cinema to see the new movie of the Pirates of Caribbean in 3D technology and I just loved it! Well the 3D gives you the impression that you really are in Caribbean I saw several movies in 3D but I don't know this one was special it seems like you make part of the movie.
Well Johnny Depp is always the best in any movie he does and I love to see that natural talent he has to act, he has a unique versality and this character: Jack Sparrow is in my opinion the most funny and original of them all. Actually when I see Jack Sparrow I don't quite can believe he is the Johnny Depp what I see is an hilarious drunk pirate that invariably gets into big trouble and eventually solve them skillfully.
Of course, he is my favourite actor and Sparrow is my favourite movie character.
And the premiere of Penélope Cruz was surprisingly positive I loved her acting.
I wish I could go back in time and watch the movie again in 3D.
This is definetelly a movie you have to the cinemas!

domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

Sperm Banks, Rent a Belly and other silly ways to create the human product

Well I consider myself as a very open minded person and I'm young too which makes things easiear to accept but I trully cannot understand and even respect certain things that happen in this world: I was doing zapping in a dull saturday night and I stopped for no reason at the BBC channel, there was a new about a sperm bank in Copenhagen and then a young man talked: the director of the bank and showed the place: a room full of  centrifuges, and cold storage compartments full of sperm to be given to women that cannot get pregnant or have difficulties to do that, or women married with a man that cannot pregnant her but they want to have a baby so bad that they resort to these banks, or even women that cannot (or don't want) to get a man for nothing but they want to have a baby as a natural process thing instead of adopting children or small babies abandoned or orphans, they want to get pregnant, have their belly swelling and getting bigger and bigger...and then calve! Natural process with the help of generous professionals in the science of creating (or should I say playing?) with life.
I thought I couldn't be more disgusted than I was but then they showed in that laboratory where all the information was processed: women could choose how they wanted their children to look like by checking on the data base of the clinic the characteristics of the sperm donor (most of them anonymous) and I saw that: blue eyes (available or not available), green eyes, brown eyes, white skin, dark skin, blonde hair, brown hair,etc etc...well this thing has a name it's called: Eugenics.
Well let's see the definition of Eugenics in the wikipedia:
"Eugenics is the applied science  or the biosocial movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population,usually referring to human populations. Eugenics was widely popular in the early decades of the 20th century,but by the late 20th century it had fallen into disfavor, having become associated with Nazi Germany.Both the public and some elements of the scientific community have associated eugenics with Nazi abuses, such as enforced "racial hygiene", human experimentation, and the extermination of "undesired" population groups. However, developments in genetic, genomic, and reproductive technologies at the end of the 20th century have raised many new questions and concerns about the meaning of eugenics and its ethical and moral status in the modern era, effectively creating a resurgence of interest in eugenics"
How can we accept and respect this behaviour, then?
I can't understand seriously! And I have no religion, I don't even believe in God so this has nothing to do with a religious view because I don't have one, this has to do with moral, respect for life, respect for the people and for their dignity, Eugenic is totally wrong and unacceptable, people cannot create a human being choosing it as a clothe from a store!!! Eugenics is scientific racism and it should be a crime....
And what about the sperm donors? why do they do that? because they think they are doing some good deed? or are they paid to give that? (I bet they are). Selling your genes, selling your sons to the BANKS...this world has no hope it's the end of the line this is just lost and sad...
If I was a kid of some of that scam mothers I wouldn't forgive them to make me come to the world with the genes of someone that created me but no one will ever know who was and maybe because he just sold his sperm to win a couple of bucks as he beat a wank...seriously I'm so sorry for this language but this is the true about this stupid and rotten world.
And then they showed a photo group of the women with children that had come to that clinic to do their babies, some of them even went there with the kids to tell them where they were made...
And we're talking about a clinic in Copenhagen in the developed Denmark...although I know this kind of clinics are almost everywhere. What must be the slogan of that centre then? "We have the best sperm in town!!Buy two packs now and get a discount of 20%".
Well our bio engineers and geneticists need a job and that woman need to obbey to their biological clock! That's how it is and in the end it is a good deal because that clinics employ many people and even pay the taxes...
Other shocking thing is what's happened in India (this is other new I saw long ago),  infertile couples form the Occident pay indian women to rent their bellies, because they cannot have a kid so they look forward to a fertil woman that can carry their little seeds: his spermatozoon and her ovule...and voilá a kid just like them, son of them, their flesh and bone, blodd of their blood... that kid just came out of an indian's everybody is happy, the couple form the occident: the project financiers have their 100% (?) blood baby and the indian woman was just a oven in which that small creature was developed and came out to this wonderful world! The indian woman gets paid and then she can feed their own children. Do you know why they go to India instead of doing the same process in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia or other damn rich fucking hedious nations? because in the underdeveloped countries as India this "process" (baby made take away) is cheaper, on average an indian woman receives about 800 Euros for the process of gestation (less than 100 euros per month!).
Artificial Insemination is in my opinion a stupidity too if people can't have children they should give their love and confort to children that need it, there are lots of unloved children in the orphanages, children that were mistreated, abandoned or who their parents died. But nooooooo, people are narcissistic enough to want to make someone who looks like them, so they can leave a mark in the world when they die, so this genetic inheritance process can be going on through the end of times (even knowing that this actual generation of adults are selfish and don't really care about leaving a world in good conditions to their sons, they put their responsability on them and say that: "Now we can't do anything, is you that have to change this!").
I just wish people could have more respect for themselves and for life, this world as it is now makes me wanna die so I can escape to this filthy world that I hate.
Life and people are not a business!

terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Burkas and Bikinis

This is not a recent new nevertheless I have to refer to the new law in France that prohibits the use of burkas in public areas. My honest opinion is that that law is an absurd because no one can authorize what people can or cannot wear, specially when we're talking about a developed country as France. That law doesn't respect the free will of the womans that really want to wear burka in the case (of course) of their free will to use it and I think that some of that woman use that not because they are submissive but because they feel more protected. Let's face it, in a rotten world where women can be raped by hideous men this can be a way they use to feel safe. Above all things this is a question of respecting their religion too and if anyone compels them to use that, if this is their free will to use it it has to be tolerated and respected.
Is there any sense to forbid woman to be over dressed when it's perfectly acceptable the public nudity?
If there are women that can be almost undressed there can be women that are more dressed...that's all and I think this way things make sense! Respect everyone!

Congratulations Norway

Today is 17th May, the National day of Norway, a day when all the norwegian people are proud of their beloved country and parade their norwegian costumes (the bunads) in the streets, celebrating the day of their independence and their constitution.But it can show also a bit of their extreme nationalism which is being increased and it's not always a good thing when it might have the risk for being anti-imigartion or at least being xenophobic! Anyway Norway is a very recent country, I mean with their sovereignity recognized (Norway was a colonie of Denmark and then attached to Sweden) but nevertheless they are very nationalists as I said. For example the official language is bohkmal which is almost like danish (written) but someone invented a new language, nynorsk (new norwegian) that is said to be the true norwegian language...when since ever they talked like danish people!
 I have a travelling book about Norway (but I've never been in Norway, only in Denmark and Sweden) and I was delighted to see the proud that people have celebrating this day full of colour, national flags and joy.
 I just love almost everything about Scandinavia even that place being cold, windy and rainy (well I like rain). Even further scandinavian people seem to be much more humble and life seems to be simple (although a bit boring I noticed), people live more in tune with nature and prefer riding a bike than driving their cars but in south countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy people just wanna show what they have, one of that things is their cars:  people cannot have enough money to afford it but they buy top gear cars like mercedes and audis just to seem richer than they are...but in Scandinavia people don't care about showing anything, their lifestyle is so simple, quiet, they don't even seem to care too much about fashion. People in scandinavia seem to care much more about social equity (I didn't see any big differences between citzens) and in the south there are more corruption because people here care much more abouth themselves and their enrichment not working as one, as a country, always expecting to be on top of the social pyramid). But of course people from the south seem to be much more nice.
 So one of these days I'll take the chance to visit Norway.

                                                 Norwegian costumes (bunad)
a fjord in Norway

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What the Finns need to know about Portugal

 For the record I totally understand why some finnish people didn't agree to give monetary help to the portuguese state. After all we're talking about a state that doesn't learn with its previous mistakes, in 30 years IMF (International Monetary Fund) has come here 3 times! Countries of south Europe (Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy) in contrast with the scandinavian countries usually spend more than they have, people from the south seem to have a wealth wish to show opulence even if they can't afford they lifestyle. Want an example? Well last summer I went to Denmark and Sweden and I barelly saw cars, I even cannot remember to see a petrol gas station! and the few cars I saw were not top gear cars (in Portugal there are a lot of top gear cars! Mercedes, Audis, BMW everywhere, it's nonsense!). What I saw in scandinavia is that almost everyone rides a bike even when it's raining...and they have a very cold and rainy weather! And they often use public transports, specially the train. In south countries the weather is sunny and warm it almost never rains but we don't see anyone (at least in Portugal) riding a bike as a way of transportation, if they are riding a bike it's because they're doing sport. One of the reasons is the architectural projects they don't include bikeways. And this is the most shocking example of all. But in Italy too it happens that mafia controlls entire cities! Let's not deny the cancer of all this is corruption and in scandinavia that's not social acceptable but in these south countries people don't really seem to mind about it and they even elect them as their politians! Maybe if the same persons stop giving the same help they'll learn. Anyway a country is only corrupt if its folk is corrupt too I have no doubts about that.
Neverthless I found this video funny and learnt a lot of stuff I didn't know about Portugal! Although we can't live of past glories!