terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Burkas and Bikinis

This is not a recent new nevertheless I have to refer to the new law in France that prohibits the use of burkas in public areas. My honest opinion is that that law is an absurd because no one can authorize what people can or cannot wear, specially when we're talking about a developed country as France. That law doesn't respect the free will of the womans that really want to wear burka in the case (of course) of their free will to use it and I think that some of that woman use that not because they are submissive but because they feel more protected. Let's face it, in a rotten world where women can be raped by hideous men this can be a way they use to feel safe. Above all things this is a question of respecting their religion too and if anyone compels them to use that, if this is their free will to use it it has to be tolerated and respected.
Is there any sense to forbid woman to be over dressed when it's perfectly acceptable the public nudity?
If there are women that can be almost undressed there can be women that are more dressed...that's all and I think this way things make sense! Respect everyone!

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