terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Congratulations Norway

Today is 17th May, the National day of Norway, a day when all the norwegian people are proud of their beloved country and parade their norwegian costumes (the bunads) in the streets, celebrating the day of their independence and their constitution.But it can show also a bit of their extreme nationalism which is being increased and it's not always a good thing when it might have the risk for being anti-imigartion or at least being xenophobic! Anyway Norway is a very recent country, I mean with their sovereignity recognized (Norway was a colonie of Denmark and then attached to Sweden) but nevertheless they are very nationalists as I said. For example the official language is bohkmal which is almost like danish (written) but someone invented a new language, nynorsk (new norwegian) that is said to be the true norwegian language...when since ever they talked like danish people!
 I have a travelling book about Norway (but I've never been in Norway, only in Denmark and Sweden) and I was delighted to see the proud that people have celebrating this day full of colour, national flags and joy.
 I just love almost everything about Scandinavia even that place being cold, windy and rainy (well I like rain). Even further scandinavian people seem to be much more humble and life seems to be simple (although a bit boring I noticed), people live more in tune with nature and prefer riding a bike than driving their cars but in south countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy people just wanna show what they have, one of that things is their cars:  people cannot have enough money to afford it but they buy top gear cars like mercedes and audis just to seem richer than they are...but in Scandinavia people don't care about showing anything, their lifestyle is so simple, quiet, they don't even seem to care too much about fashion. People in scandinavia seem to care much more about social equity (I didn't see any big differences between citzens) and in the south there are more corruption because people here care much more abouth themselves and their enrichment not working as one, as a country, always expecting to be on top of the social pyramid). But of course people from the south seem to be much more nice.
 So one of these days I'll take the chance to visit Norway.

                                                 Norwegian costumes (bunad)
a fjord in Norway

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3 comentários:

  1. welcome to Norway! :)
    We are shy but fun and friendly! :))

  2. welcome to Norway! :)
    We are shy but fun and friendly! :))

  3. Hey thank you but I've never been in Norway yet! :)