segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2011

What the Finns need to know about Portugal

 For the record I totally understand why some finnish people didn't agree to give monetary help to the portuguese state. After all we're talking about a state that doesn't learn with its previous mistakes, in 30 years IMF (International Monetary Fund) has come here 3 times! Countries of south Europe (Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy) in contrast with the scandinavian countries usually spend more than they have, people from the south seem to have a wealth wish to show opulence even if they can't afford they lifestyle. Want an example? Well last summer I went to Denmark and Sweden and I barelly saw cars, I even cannot remember to see a petrol gas station! and the few cars I saw were not top gear cars (in Portugal there are a lot of top gear cars! Mercedes, Audis, BMW everywhere, it's nonsense!). What I saw in scandinavia is that almost everyone rides a bike even when it's raining...and they have a very cold and rainy weather! And they often use public transports, specially the train. In south countries the weather is sunny and warm it almost never rains but we don't see anyone (at least in Portugal) riding a bike as a way of transportation, if they are riding a bike it's because they're doing sport. One of the reasons is the architectural projects they don't include bikeways. And this is the most shocking example of all. But in Italy too it happens that mafia controlls entire cities! Let's not deny the cancer of all this is corruption and in scandinavia that's not social acceptable but in these south countries people don't really seem to mind about it and they even elect them as their politians! Maybe if the same persons stop giving the same help they'll learn. Anyway a country is only corrupt if its folk is corrupt too I have no doubts about that.
Neverthless I found this video funny and learnt a lot of stuff I didn't know about Portugal! Although we can't live of past glories!

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  1. I'm a portuguese citizen, and That's exactly the problem! You don't know about Portugal and yet, you talk as if you were an expert! "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone!".