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Have a buck? Buy a house!

A dollar doesn't buy much these days (1 dollar equals of almost half a euro, nearly 60 cents) but in Detroit, it can buy you a house!!!
 Yes, you heard it right, if you have a buck, instead of a soda can, 10 bubble gums or a coffee (starbucks expresso is worth 0,90 euros) you can buy a house in USA (in the awesome Detroit!).
Just for fun, a dolls house, for example, the Barbie 3 Story Dream house costs 488 dollars but with 1 dollar you can buy the real thing!
you can buy this Barbie doll house for 500 dollars
or you can buy a house in detroit for 1dollar

In Detroit there are about 80 000 abandoned houses!
Well I was totally shocked when I saw that new, it shows how in bad shape is the USA's economy (the biggest economy of the planet) due to the subprime and the foreclosure crisis!
That's the extreme! So, why is the USA's Moody's rating agency putting portuguese economy at junk?  because who is pretty messed up in junk is USA economy.

"In many neighborhoods, homes that were fetching $75,000 just three years ago are now selling for ten cents on the dollar or less. But it's  not just Detroit. This weekend, hundreds of foreclosed houses were being unloaded at fire sale prices at giant auctions in New England and New York." (Read: abcnews).
But why this prices? that's because the seller, a bank, was losing thousands each month in maintenance costs and taxes just to hold onto the foreclosed home. So for a dollar you can buy a house and a million package of debts you may have no way to pay! And the owner gets rid of the problem!This is mad!

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My favourite quotations:

Well here's a list of my favourite quotations, I'm afraid to forget them so I wrote them here, some of them are trully mine:

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former" Albert Einstein

"My solitude doesn't depend on the presence or absence of other people; on the contrary, I hate who steals my solitude without offering me true company". Nietzche

"Imagine there's no heaven it's easy if you try, no hell below us above us only sky...imagine there is no countries, it isn't hard to do, nothing to kill or die for and no religion too" John Lennon

"and I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad but the dreams in which I'm dying are the bests I've ever had" Gary Jules, Mad World

"just think happy thoughts!" MCR, Headfirst for Halos

"fuck the revolution, bring me the appocalypse"

"people are just like piles of trash: you got to reduce, reuse and recycle them"

"I'm not dead I'm just living in my head"

"love is foolosophy"

"Life is a losing game"

"Life is a murder scene" 

Corruption is the cancer of a society

''Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become corrupt enough'', Gandhi

I'm writting this post because I want to do all I can to delate about the incredible injustices that is going on in Portugal: I wish all the world know about this, so please share it!
Ok so I think that the corruption is the cancer of any society but specially in Portugal it's the reason why we are the poorest country in West Europe.
Now I can perfectly understand why we had to ask for IMF help! We have a huge financial hole! And why is it? Well despite of euro coin has made our prices rise (but not our incomes), the EU policies end up with our fishery and agriculture and some industry (and we let it!) there is another reason: political pimps!
the finacial hole

In Portugal the minimum wage is 416 Euros, lots of families have to live with less than 500 euros per month and there are elderly who worked a lifetime and receive a miserable pension of 200 euros!
But, at the same time, there are politicians that accumulate several  reforms from several political positions..multimillion pensions..per month! For example an ex-poltician (named Catroga) ex-minister of finances win 10 000 euros per month. Like him there are hundreds!
And now they want to make a new law to be more easy to fire people, they "think"(?) that in order to make economy more competitive it's need to unfairly dismiss without compensation! But still we found out a pimp who fired himself from a useless public company and he will receive a millionaire compensation (12 000 euros per month) paid with the taxpayer's money! His name is Jorge Viegas Vasconcelos from ERSE. As it was written he dismissed himself because he wanted to put the electricity prices higher! ERSE  is to enforce the laws for the energy sector...but we have laws, polices and  courts for that! So basically ERSE is one of that things that doesn't matter anything...but it's a way extort money from the populace! There are lots of companies and foundation like that in Portugal!
Do you want to know more? Today I saw a new about Cristina Azevedo the president of the Board of teh Directores of City of Guimarães Foundation, well she is no longer that but she will too receive a generous compensation. Here was her monthy income: 14.300 € per month + free Car + free self phone + 500 € per reunion!
Her partners in the foundation have a generous income too and (shocking) one of the 15 elements of the General Council is Jorge Sampaio (our ex president of Republic) who wins too 500 euros per reunion (more than the minimum wage with which some familys have to live with for a month, and not a more penny!). Outrageous! Disgusting!

In Scandinavia the corruption levels are very low and that criminals are arrested, here they are elected! Blame it on the people who doesn't vote or vote in liers! That's why I admire scandinavian people so much and adore them and respect them more than any folk on this world: the taxpayer's money is used to improve the citizens life, so not  like here: steal from the people in order to give to corrupts and cut on social rights and  state subsidies! Scandinavia policies are based upon social equality measures here is base on inequality and unfairness!
 I remember to read a report in a magazine about what foreign people living in Portugal think about the portuguese people and the country itself, it was funny that a dannish man said: "the portuguese people can be very angry at the traffic road but they tolerate corruption! I can't understand how that can be possible!". Well there's nothing to understand we are idiots!

In a time Portugal is beggiging for the EU money in order to pay our debts we can see this social parasites winning this amounts of money legally stoled from the portuguese taxpayers! And from Eu taxpayers too!!!
How can they say that it's us (honest workers) living far behiond our possibilities? No!!! They are the ones living above our possibilities!
European Union, europeans please help us fighting this problem by showing yourselves as shocked as we are! 
If we continue paying this amounts of money for that parasites we will never pay our debts for sure!
So here's another reason why I perfectly understand why Finland didn't want to borrow us money! Finnish honest citizens shouldn't have the risk to borrow money to a country full of corrupts and a lethargic folk! They have a transparent economy and there is not such a thing as pimps!

I started interesting to politics  day by day because I wanted to understand what was going on here but I only discovered injustices and I'm trully angry about that: as we live in a democracy and as I'm not a conventional shallow teenager with absolutely no shame or fear for my ideias (or at least I have ideias) but with a huge thirst of justice I decided to write this things here and ask for your help. Words are the deadliest weapon, use them!
Please, spread this all around!
He has a pension of 10 000 euros per month, he was a politician

He has a pension of 200 euros per month, he worked honestly during a lifetime as a humble worker

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Over-population causes starvation and disease. Help reduce the number of people on the planet by committing suicide.

(Ok this is a joke of the dark-side)

Save the whales

It still exist good people in the worldI and it still happening good news in the World, this one is amazing: a group of people (genuine human) saved a whale caught in fishing nets along the californian coast.
When the whale was released thanked the rescuers rewarding  for the next hour those who saved with a dazzling display of dips and joly jumps.
But still there's a lot of things to do so we can save whales: Norway is one of the 3 countries along Iceland and Japan that still hunting whales saying that that's for scientifical purposes and this is unacceptable in even more so called developed countries. We can do a lot to change their mind, signing world wide petitions or even boycott products that somehow are involved with the whale slaughter industry.
The Japanese claim to hunt whales for "scientific purposes", as this butcher-cum-scientist demonstrates as he experiments with the commercial possibilities of Whale meat.
MC'JAPAS; japan kids love whale meat!

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"Nobody dies a virgin because in the end life fucks us all" Kurt Cobain

Where's the love?

I hardly can believe the news that say that Oslo suffered a bomb attack!
" Early reports indicate that at at least seven people have been killed and at least eight injured in the attack.it's impossible not to wonder if the Oslo attack was an act of terrorism, particularly an extremist group like Al-Qaeda.

A group named the ""Helpers of Jihad!" reportedly claimed responsibility on a Jihadist forum. However, that is just an internet forum posting that has been corroborated independently."

But actually what the recent news say is that it was a norwegian citizen whose political orientation was right wing extremism that consider himself a  conservative nationalist, he has been described as a "Christian fundamentalist" by the media and is reported to have written posts on an anti-islamic website.
Well in recent years, immigration has accounted for most of Norway's population growth. The largest immigrant groups by country of origin, in order of size are: poles, swedes, pakistans,iraquis, somalis, germans, vietnamese and danes.
Pakistan Norwegians are the largest non-European minority group in Norway, and most of their 31,000 members live around Oslo. The Iraqi immigrant population has increased significantly in recent years. 
In 2010, the immigrant community grew by 57,000, which accounted for 90% of Norway's population growth; some 27% of newborn children were of immigrant background.The policies of immigration and integration are subjected to major controversy in Norway. These statistics indicate that Norway's population is now 82.0% ethnic Norwegian, a figure that has steadily decreased since the late 20th century. (Source: wikipedia)

This criminal made a car explode in Oslo and then went to a camp to murdered 77 people (mostly young from 11 to 19 years old) in the small island of Utoeya: undercover of a policeman he joined a big group of young folk saying he was there for their security because of the explosion that happened in Oslo, and then he surprised the innocent teenagers shooting to everyone and committing a genocide!
The ones who fled from him tried to cross to the other side of the sea but still, that hideous man get int a boat and shooted the ones who were desperately swiming to save their lives!
This is one of the most horror scenes I ever knew that happened in this world, particularly shocking because it was in Norway (one of the most peaceful countries in the world: in the global index peace rankings it is in 9th place on 2011 and in 2009 was on 2nd place and in 2007 on 1st place! peace_index).
So what could motivate a norwegian citizen to do this slaughter?
As far as it's speculated it was political motives against the labour party (labour party youth was camping) which is leftist (in politics the word leftist, left, left-wing are generally used to describe support for social change to create a more egalitarian society...so I'm sure that party protects and supports the immigrants).
What's happenning in this world? 
 We used to see on the news radical islamists causing chaos making explode themselves and killing other people and now we have fools who call themselves christians doing the same???
 Everyday somewhere around the world specially in the Midle East several innocent people are being killed or injured by other people that claim to serve God and believe that commiting suicide this way and stealing others'  lifes from the unfaithful to (their) God (kafir) they will go to Heaven. They are radical islamits and also kill other muslims who they think they are not real muslims! What happens is that that muslims who can get out of their countries try to have a honest and peaceful life practicing the islam with moral and respect for everyone, specially people who received them well in their country! They pay taxes and they contribute too to the development of the economy of the country! 

If there is a God I'm sure he's just one so he is the SAME and HE loves us all, if He's watching what we've done to each others He might be so disenchanted with us! Sure HE would want us to understand and respect each others, kill someone in HIS behalf it's the most humiliating and awfull thing someone can do for HIM!If I could make a wish to God I just wish him to make people act like true humans and have lucidity!What I really believe is that it really doesn't matter what religion you have, or even if you have or don't have a religion,the only thing that matters is if you are a kind person that practises the good amongst the others, if you are moral, respect everybody and so repudiates evil!You don't need a religion to be spiritual. Being spiritual is believing in a supreme being that created the Universe and is miraculous kind.
"Father, Father, Father help us
send us some guidance from above
'Cause people got me, got me questioning
Where is the love (Love)"

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Retrospective of optimus alive 2011

Well I have to say what I think about that awesome summer festival: optimus Alive 2011 in Lisbon!Well the artists were great I couldn't ask more they picked 4 bads I really fancy but 2 of them I am fan, one of them is my favourite band and it was the first time I saw them: My Chemical Romance, the other band is 30 Seconds to Mars which I saw 4 times.
Well but let's talk about it all, the 1st day I "saw" Coldplay but it was quite impossible to see anything, it was a crowd of 50 000 people and even if I was on the first row I wouldn't see much more than Chris Martin, Chris Martin...and Chris Martin. Well I haven't see anything the place had no ramp so being in the middle or in the last row was technically the same, I saw through the screens, well it had some balloons and lights but the coldplay's quality of sound doesn't match with festivals, I saw too a bit of Blondie but I really hated it and I saw  the talented Patrick Wolf and Anna Calvi.
Patrick Wolf


2nd day it was the most important one, after Jimmy eat World it finnaly came there after 4 years waiting: My Chemical Romance. But I didn't get the feeling I expected when I saw my favourite band, they are differnte and I'm different too, they played a lot of the new album: Danger Days True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (but they didn't played SING) and about 5 old songs I was surprised to hear Helena and I'm not ok! Anyway the new album is more electronical and the guitarrists and the bassists (Ray Toro, Frank Iero and Mikey Way) didn't played much, it was all more synthesized, anyway for some seconds I smiled at Gerard and gerard smiled at me, it was very nice of him talking more than most of bands do but the rest of the band didn't interact at all and they have a new baterist (I loved when it was Bob!). I wish they come back anytime soon. Well then after Iggy Pop it was what I can say a true Rock Concert, the Foo Fighters get on stage and Dave Grohl never lost his smile in his face, even the baterist Taylor Hawkins sang "cold day in the sun", Dave said: "we don't need fucking computers we did our album in tapes, music is all about people and instruments...if any band shows up with computers on stage that's not Rock and Roll!". They played for 2h30, they were really amazing!

Gerad Way from My Chemical Romance

Dave Grohl from foo Fighters

Taylor Hawkins from foo Fighters

 3rd day, it was a total failure, 30 seconds to mars began at 00h30 when they should start at 23h because of structural problems with the satge and previous bands as The Pretty Reckless and You Me at Six didn't played, 30STM concert was very short but at least Jared was very nice once again.

Jared Leto always smiling
4th day it was White Lies, the super funny Kaiser Chiefs and Paramore was a surprise I really enjoied their performance even because of the fire sparkling show.

Hayley Willimas from paramore

Well I will remember what Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters said while playing Everlong: "if I come back, would you come back?", well I definitely would! And if MCR came bakc of course I would.
But while they don't come back I'll just take a time off american bands and listen what they call World Music, I'm tired to hear music in english I'll explore more about other styles specially portuguese and brasilizan music.

College Life

For many people college means the time of their lives, they really enjoy to make new friends, party all time and have shallow conversations laughing about nonsenses. The colllege is the last step to be accepted in the youth society, if you never did something now it's the time for you to do it, everything in college is intense and I already heard some people saying  it's the time when you form your personality for the rest of your life, it's too when you'll make your friends forever. Most people remeber college as the place and time where they had the greatest and happiest experiences.
What can I say about me? Once again I disagree more than ever. It's the 4th year I spent in college and all I've improved is my resitance to failure I won too a big amount of regrets and disenchantments: socially, personally, academically...
 Well I never was brillant at college even because sometimes in my college it looks like studying or not it's the same, the professors teach everything so badly and say you have to know everything previously...you're in college trying to learn something but the say you have to know it! Although there are some (few) of my  fellow students that say that what they're "learning" is so interesting and useful and they love the teachers....
You only could understand me if you spend a day on that place I really can't find anything interesting there...not what they "teach" us, not even people...where are the smart and dynamic youth? not there!
There you can find a lot of boring and annoying people spreading swagger and continuously asking what subjects you passed or failed, which grades you have and if you fail: "do you still having that subject?????", things like that. I can't handle that anymore that's why I decided to became an outsider after 3 years of knowing and hanging out with lots of different people: from the "popular" ones to the freak ones...they all have one thing in common: lack of personality and respect others' opinions...they all are morons and I decided not to hang out with them. The fact is that I've never met so many idiot persons in my entire life!
For you to have an idea it's common in that college we only speak with other fellows sometimes so sometimes we know each others other times we're strangers, also some people ask you to borrow stuff and never get me back my books and notes. Some people that said they're my best friends and then quit college and never again said nothing to me or respond to my tentatives of reconnection...but they do have a facebook page and sometimes they put likes in my stuff. Isn't modern human relationships so awesome?????
And useful things it's not there I can find 'cause I'm studying Engeneering and we never have to solve really engeneering problems, the fact is that if we go to an enterprise now and our superior says us: "look there's a problem in that photovoltaic panel go there and solve it!" we sure be most likely to say: "I don't know anything of solving pratical problems but if you want to I can bring you a fantastic physical demonstration of the photovoltaic process!". Sooo this is not an engeneering method. it's not useful for knowledge or business or for the environment...BASICALLY YOU HAD TO STUDY A LOT AND READ A LOT BUT YOU STILL NOT KNOWING ANYTHING!

So I got so unmotivated that this semestre I reduced my time studying because last semestre I studied a lot and I failed in two hideous subjects I'm so tired of studying for years, one of that subject had an interesting evaluation method: I had two parts, the 1st part of the exam was made of 5 questions in which you had to put a cross in the correct one (but look out! there could be more than one right or all of them could be wrong or all could be right!), the 2nd part of the exam consisted of exercises. The problem was: they only correct your examination if you only pass on the 1st part but to pass on the 1st part you only could have 2 cross answers wrong! Well I won't forget how much I studied for that shit and even spent 6 hours (1st exam and 2nd exam) doing an exam for nothing! The other subject I studied a lot and failed, I don't know it seems that reading for the 2nd time that stupid physics book wasn't enough and they made exercises totally different of what they did at classes. Well for the 1st semestre at least I passed the last math subject and they said it's the most difficult of the graduation. Well this semestre I studied a little less, and it's true that going to the classes or not it's the same! And I'm not the 1st to blame about my college! I hate when people ask me if I didn't study as an explanation of my failure...but if you had several exams just to fuck you, you would change your mind. At least it's not only me failing although studying, wake up early and go to classes...it's something really frustrating dealing with your inexplicable failure. It's not me the 1st to say that in that college professors demand much more than what they explain, I think it's a common problem in Portugal (no wonder why we suck in many ways): they say you should have known. Do you want to know my honest opinion? it seems like their method is to fuck the lives of as many students as they can!
I really don't feel like talking about what college it is, but it should teach us Science (faculty of Sciences), it doesn't look like science to me to have all the time teachers saying you to go fuck yourself when you have doubts: "You should have known that!!!". I'm so pissed!
Can you believe this? I had a new subject they invented for my graduation it was called: Renewable Energies but it didn't look like it! We had almost nothing where to study, I found awesome book in bookstores about that but we didn't talk about that interesting things, and in tests and exams they asked us to calculate only stupid things as solar declination, azimuth and solar time...there were huge questions Wtf! The results weren't too good of course.
I wish I just could blame myself, it meant I could change this but when we get to the point of having to deal with our wasted effort is very frustrating and I own several depressions due to that too. Now I'm finnally on summer vacations depressing about college, and this is killing me! I wish instead of studying I used that wasted time being with family and making friends or going out or learning music or working and win money...instead I spent several weekends on college studying for nothing! How do you think I feel?
Despite of all that I have to deal with annoying people asking me when do I graduate, what I've done, what I haven't....but the most annoying thing I have to deal is with people thinking my degree is cool just because of its name (that's how I get trapped!). Well it's Engeneering of Energy and Environment but trust me it's not like it seems, it only has a bit of Energy in master's degree but my colleagues say that teachers don't give a damn about teaching it well, you have almost nothing where to study and they are helpless! And then when you do 3 years of graduations (without failures), a graduation project, a master degree of 2 years and a thesis you have no internship included...so you go try to find it and if you're luucky for a couple months they accept you and teach you things without paying nothing, sometimes you're profitable for the entreprise other times you're useless...if you're useless they kick you out of course but if they like you and/or you're profitable they let you stay and maybe, maybe will pay you something...not too much nowadays business can do anything they want with their employees, it's almost sure you get underpaid, and now in Portugal it will be implemented a new law of: fire without any fair cause to dynamize businesses...
And now we see 30 years old people living at their parents' house or in rented rooms when by that age they're parents were married with a stable and reasonably well paid jobs and could start a life and have family.
Forget about starting a new family or getting married I just want my economical and financial freedom so I can live alone, be independent and have my money to travel and do thing I like.

Back to my lousy college, for you have an idea I had a subject called: Climate Change! But it had nothing about anthropocentric causes, we only talked about El Niño and la Niña and about vulcanoes....with lots of stupid physics equations that didn't describe anything about what is going on! In fact in college is where I've met the most idiot persons who not even believe in Global Warming caused by human economical activities! And I said them: "look if CO2 is a green house gas and most part of cars expell CO2 and it goes to the atmosphere, as many molecules of CO2 as much heat they will retain...so Global warming, no?". Well they did a brain wash, or they don't even have a brain and said "No!".And they were not joking...

All that I know about Environment it was due to my research, I never ever learnt anything useful at that damn fuckin' college!
It looks like a lot a huge bunch of crazy idiots completely insane are there to difficult your life as much as they can. I even had a subject about economy and trust me the exam did not evaluate if you knew anything about economy...I failed that too.
All I want is to forget this year, I would forget the last 4 years if I could, all I want is that shit (college) to be over pick that damn stupid paper of graduation and move on elsewhere 'cause all I wish is take advantage of my potential. In news I read several countries need engineers well I would accept anything to get out of here: to Brazil to Norway! I read on that newspaper too that in a way this is bad for Portugal too because it is an investment that will serve others it works as a decapitalization of knowledge!Let me ask you what knowledge????? I think I never learnt anything! I can't fix any machine, I have no pratical idea about what a machine does! Oh, I fear never learn anything there besides study uselless things without any application! We almost never put anything in practice and we are not prepared to solve any problem!Also Portugal graduates lots of persons and as a small and economically stagnant country we don't need so many graduated persons! What happens in other countries is they're developping faster than they're graduating people! But we shouldn't stay here if we have no job even because  the unskilled labor almost doesn't exist: The European Union policies ended with our agriculture and fisheries...and we let our politicians do that. Now we can't do pretty much anything than get out of here...or change it!
I know I shouldn't talk this way about my college and country but it's what I think and feel and I'm not the only one. I only continue because I just want gratuade, gain some job experience in the area and do my best to immigrate, the major problem is foreign companies want people with experience (of course the diploma isn't worth it without experience and it means you must know how to do something which in 5 years of college not counting with failures they'll never teach you!). That's the most difficult part, gain experience in the area!

Well, going back to college, it was the time and space I met the biggest amount of persons, made some connections and spend my days saying "Hello how are you?", without nothing more, sometimes I even forget I really talk to that persons because we never had a real conversation and sometimes people think I'm rude. Going out with friends? Well most people I hang out most part of time don't usually go out and even if they did they wouldn't go with me, but if  anyone asks me to go out (specially this summer) I'll clearly say no! I'm so fed up of everything that reminds about college that I even can't stay with college people! We know wanting or not, the conversations will be about college and things we "lived" in college and I really don't want to be any close to that! I hate college so bad that I even can't stand with persons from there! About meeting new persons I really don't give too much confidence I know they will abuse of my sympathy and then I have to be cynical or rude...I rather be rude so my option is try not to talk and fast the conversations as much as I can. I know they will start making comparisons with grades and making me feel even worse than I feel about my college performance. Sometimes I just wish nobody talks to me and I say them to go fuck themselves and their stupid fake smiles. I do anything I can to be alone and lunch alone because almost everyone have done anything less than fuck my head when they talk to me. They don't ask about my life because they are concerned or like me, no they only do that to make me feel worse than. Here's the new for you: please I don't want to know anything about your damn life I think you shouldn't care about mine so just leave my fucking hell alone.
So here's my balance of 4 years of college: I should have my graduation taken and I didn't, I have no real good friends, I don't go out, I don't have fun, I study to fail, I never worked or done anything I liked.  Haven't grow up academically or personally all I wish for is the day this time of my life is over, I would speed up the time if I could, my only objective is get the diploma and move out. College life has been one of the most painful times of my life and I just want it to be over! I can't deal with too many failure, pressure, social disability, confusing and depressing  feelings.

domingo, 10 de julho de 2011

Moody's rating agency lows to junk level the portuguese economy

Oh no! What the hell? JUNK? after all the sacrificies we were committed with the IMF and EU?we did everything you wanted us to do! What are we doing wrong my fellow americans?
Well I'm just being ironic...the first thing we were doing wrong was believe in you! Because everybody can understand the point of this situation here: Moody's rating agency is american, in North American their coin is dollar, the first rival of the dollar is...nothing less than the Euro!!! Of course America is trying to devalue the Euro to value the dollar...what their doing is not an attack to Portugal or Greece it's an attack to EURO!!! Is it hard to understand?
Other advantage many capitalists can take of this: well they put us on the junk level, so we have to sell our public companies (such us TAP, EDP, CTT,etc etc...and even our public water company) much cheaper! So we lose lose lose, they win win win!
Why should we care about what an american rating agency says about us? I bet most of them must be so dumb that even don't know where geographically Portugal is...or if it's actually a country!
We ask them: "oh do you think we are doing fine?", do you think they want us (Euro zone) to be doing good?NO!
But anyway what a rating agency does? Well in my opinion a rating agency is a tool to controll the global economy: they say where is best you invest and where is not...and so the investors follow that speculation market and they controll the cash flow world-wide. Basically the Moody's and others rating agencies in USA are an instrument of the american financial capitalism.
To be clear, I have nothing against USA people (even because some of my favourite bands are from USA), I never met an american but I sometimes see your TV shit, I know about your JUNK food, I heard some american talking shallow things (except the academics) and heard a lot about you from other european people, and I am perfectly aware that you try to controll everything you can (culture, economy, space)...which is not a bad thing to do as long you don't invade and destroy other nations with stupid excuses. Want an example? CIA operating with South Africa when Angola became independent from Portugal and well... oil was discoverd. Coincidence? I could go on and on to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Libya..and so on. I don't believe you are trying to free the world from tyrants even because I haven't see you helping constructing a country all I see is you trying to mobilize other country allies to make war...like on Nato summit in Lisbon 2010, what was the true deal? despite of the internal crisis the Nato allies couldn't spare in the militar help to Nato!?Why? terrorism? maybe...but all you did was invade a country, destroy it and go back home! Where's your help? where's your construction? Nobody can help someone pulling a triger to their heads or dropping bombs and make war refugees and let them die in boats (and this is  for Europe)!!!
What's the point of all this? In The "Inside Job" documentary it is said that this is an Wall Street Government, which means USA right now controlls most part of the worldwide economy. Just to let you know only North America continent, with 6% of the adult population worldwide represts a third of world income! Spooky!
It's clear America is the capitalism portrait of the world...but Europe is no saint at all in this too.
So this is all I have to say. But I have another question: should I be afarid of what I wrote and delete it? or will someone do it for me?

So we are not in a mood for you Moody's!
Here's a new video about this subject released in the internet, take  look:

"This is our honour not your usual businnes"

Moddy's can you rate our soul?