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Corruption is the cancer of a society

''Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become corrupt enough'', Gandhi

I'm writting this post because I want to do all I can to delate about the incredible injustices that is going on in Portugal: I wish all the world know about this, so please share it!
Ok so I think that the corruption is the cancer of any society but specially in Portugal it's the reason why we are the poorest country in West Europe.
Now I can perfectly understand why we had to ask for IMF help! We have a huge financial hole! And why is it? Well despite of euro coin has made our prices rise (but not our incomes), the EU policies end up with our fishery and agriculture and some industry (and we let it!) there is another reason: political pimps!
the finacial hole

In Portugal the minimum wage is 416 Euros, lots of families have to live with less than 500 euros per month and there are elderly who worked a lifetime and receive a miserable pension of 200 euros!
But, at the same time, there are politicians that accumulate several  reforms from several political positions..multimillion pensions..per month! For example an ex-poltician (named Catroga) ex-minister of finances win 10 000 euros per month. Like him there are hundreds!
And now they want to make a new law to be more easy to fire people, they "think"(?) that in order to make economy more competitive it's need to unfairly dismiss without compensation! But still we found out a pimp who fired himself from a useless public company and he will receive a millionaire compensation (12 000 euros per month) paid with the taxpayer's money! His name is Jorge Viegas Vasconcelos from ERSE. As it was written he dismissed himself because he wanted to put the electricity prices higher! ERSE  is to enforce the laws for the energy sector...but we have laws, polices and  courts for that! So basically ERSE is one of that things that doesn't matter anything...but it's a way extort money from the populace! There are lots of companies and foundation like that in Portugal!
Do you want to know more? Today I saw a new about Cristina Azevedo the president of the Board of teh Directores of City of Guimarães Foundation, well she is no longer that but she will too receive a generous compensation. Here was her monthy income: 14.300 € per month + free Car + free self phone + 500 € per reunion!
Her partners in the foundation have a generous income too and (shocking) one of the 15 elements of the General Council is Jorge Sampaio (our ex president of Republic) who wins too 500 euros per reunion (more than the minimum wage with which some familys have to live with for a month, and not a more penny!). Outrageous! Disgusting!

In Scandinavia the corruption levels are very low and that criminals are arrested, here they are elected! Blame it on the people who doesn't vote or vote in liers! That's why I admire scandinavian people so much and adore them and respect them more than any folk on this world: the taxpayer's money is used to improve the citizens life, so not  like here: steal from the people in order to give to corrupts and cut on social rights and  state subsidies! Scandinavia policies are based upon social equality measures here is base on inequality and unfairness!
 I remember to read a report in a magazine about what foreign people living in Portugal think about the portuguese people and the country itself, it was funny that a dannish man said: "the portuguese people can be very angry at the traffic road but they tolerate corruption! I can't understand how that can be possible!". Well there's nothing to understand we are idiots!

In a time Portugal is beggiging for the EU money in order to pay our debts we can see this social parasites winning this amounts of money legally stoled from the portuguese taxpayers! And from Eu taxpayers too!!!
How can they say that it's us (honest workers) living far behiond our possibilities? No!!! They are the ones living above our possibilities!
European Union, europeans please help us fighting this problem by showing yourselves as shocked as we are! 
If we continue paying this amounts of money for that parasites we will never pay our debts for sure!
So here's another reason why I perfectly understand why Finland didn't want to borrow us money! Finnish honest citizens shouldn't have the risk to borrow money to a country full of corrupts and a lethargic folk! They have a transparent economy and there is not such a thing as pimps!

I started interesting to politics  day by day because I wanted to understand what was going on here but I only discovered injustices and I'm trully angry about that: as we live in a democracy and as I'm not a conventional shallow teenager with absolutely no shame or fear for my ideias (or at least I have ideias) but with a huge thirst of justice I decided to write this things here and ask for your help. Words are the deadliest weapon, use them!
Please, spread this all around!
He has a pension of 10 000 euros per month, he was a politician

He has a pension of 200 euros per month, he worked honestly during a lifetime as a humble worker

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