quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2011

Have a buck? Buy a house!

A dollar doesn't buy much these days (1 dollar equals of almost half a euro, nearly 60 cents) but in Detroit, it can buy you a house!!!
 Yes, you heard it right, if you have a buck, instead of a soda can, 10 bubble gums or a coffee (starbucks expresso is worth 0,90 euros) you can buy a house in USA (in the awesome Detroit!).
Just for fun, a dolls house, for example, the Barbie 3 Story Dream house costs 488 dollars but with 1 dollar you can buy the real thing!
you can buy this Barbie doll house for 500 dollars
or you can buy a house in detroit for 1dollar

In Detroit there are about 80 000 abandoned houses!
Well I was totally shocked when I saw that new, it shows how in bad shape is the USA's economy (the biggest economy of the planet) due to the subprime and the foreclosure crisis!
That's the extreme! So, why is the USA's Moody's rating agency putting portuguese economy at junk?  because who is pretty messed up in junk is USA economy.

"In many neighborhoods, homes that were fetching $75,000 just three years ago are now selling for ten cents on the dollar or less. But it's  not just Detroit. This weekend, hundreds of foreclosed houses were being unloaded at fire sale prices at giant auctions in New England and New York." (Read: abcnews).
But why this prices? that's because the seller, a bank, was losing thousands each month in maintenance costs and taxes just to hold onto the foreclosed home. So for a dollar you can buy a house and a million package of debts you may have no way to pay! And the owner gets rid of the problem!This is mad!

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