domingo, 10 de julho de 2011

Moody's rating agency lows to junk level the portuguese economy

Oh no! What the hell? JUNK? after all the sacrificies we were committed with the IMF and EU?we did everything you wanted us to do! What are we doing wrong my fellow americans?
Well I'm just being ironic...the first thing we were doing wrong was believe in you! Because everybody can understand the point of this situation here: Moody's rating agency is american, in North American their coin is dollar, the first rival of the dollar is...nothing less than the Euro!!! Of course America is trying to devalue the Euro to value the dollar...what their doing is not an attack to Portugal or Greece it's an attack to EURO!!! Is it hard to understand?
Other advantage many capitalists can take of this: well they put us on the junk level, so we have to sell our public companies (such us TAP, EDP, CTT,etc etc...and even our public water company) much cheaper! So we lose lose lose, they win win win!
Why should we care about what an american rating agency says about us? I bet most of them must be so dumb that even don't know where geographically Portugal is...or if it's actually a country!
We ask them: "oh do you think we are doing fine?", do you think they want us (Euro zone) to be doing good?NO!
But anyway what a rating agency does? Well in my opinion a rating agency is a tool to controll the global economy: they say where is best you invest and where is not...and so the investors follow that speculation market and they controll the cash flow world-wide. Basically the Moody's and others rating agencies in USA are an instrument of the american financial capitalism.
To be clear, I have nothing against USA people (even because some of my favourite bands are from USA), I never met an american but I sometimes see your TV shit, I know about your JUNK food, I heard some american talking shallow things (except the academics) and heard a lot about you from other european people, and I am perfectly aware that you try to controll everything you can (culture, economy, space)...which is not a bad thing to do as long you don't invade and destroy other nations with stupid excuses. Want an example? CIA operating with South Africa when Angola became independent from Portugal and well... oil was discoverd. Coincidence? I could go on and on to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Libya..and so on. I don't believe you are trying to free the world from tyrants even because I haven't see you helping constructing a country all I see is you trying to mobilize other country allies to make on Nato summit in Lisbon 2010, what was the true deal? despite of the internal crisis the Nato allies couldn't spare in the militar help to Nato!?Why? terrorism? maybe...but all you did was invade a country, destroy it and go back home! Where's your help? where's your construction? Nobody can help someone pulling a triger to their heads or dropping bombs and make war refugees and let them die in boats (and this is  for Europe)!!!
What's the point of all this? In The "Inside Job" documentary it is said that this is an Wall Street Government, which means USA right now controlls most part of the worldwide economy. Just to let you know only North America continent, with 6% of the adult population worldwide represts a third of world income! Spooky!
It's clear America is the capitalism portrait of the world...but Europe is no saint at all in this too.
So this is all I have to say. But I have another question: should I be afarid of what I wrote and delete it? or will someone do it for me?

So we are not in a mood for you Moody's!
Here's a new video about this subject released in the internet, take  look:

"This is our honour not your usual businnes"

Moddy's can you rate our soul?

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