domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

Retrospective of optimus alive 2011

Well I have to say what I think about that awesome summer festival: optimus Alive 2011 in Lisbon!Well the artists were great I couldn't ask more they picked 4 bads I really fancy but 2 of them I am fan, one of them is my favourite band and it was the first time I saw them: My Chemical Romance, the other band is 30 Seconds to Mars which I saw 4 times.
Well but let's talk about it all, the 1st day I "saw" Coldplay but it was quite impossible to see anything, it was a crowd of 50 000 people and even if I was on the first row I wouldn't see much more than Chris Martin, Chris Martin...and Chris Martin. Well I haven't see anything the place had no ramp so being in the middle or in the last row was technically the same, I saw through the screens, well it had some balloons and lights but the coldplay's quality of sound doesn't match with festivals, I saw too a bit of Blondie but I really hated it and I saw  the talented Patrick Wolf and Anna Calvi.
Patrick Wolf


2nd day it was the most important one, after Jimmy eat World it finnaly came there after 4 years waiting: My Chemical Romance. But I didn't get the feeling I expected when I saw my favourite band, they are differnte and I'm different too, they played a lot of the new album: Danger Days True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (but they didn't played SING) and about 5 old songs I was surprised to hear Helena and I'm not ok! Anyway the new album is more electronical and the guitarrists and the bassists (Ray Toro, Frank Iero and Mikey Way) didn't played much, it was all more synthesized, anyway for some seconds I smiled at Gerard and gerard smiled at me, it was very nice of him talking more than most of bands do but the rest of the band didn't interact at all and they have a new baterist (I loved when it was Bob!). I wish they come back anytime soon. Well then after Iggy Pop it was what I can say a true Rock Concert, the Foo Fighters get on stage and Dave Grohl never lost his smile in his face, even the baterist Taylor Hawkins sang "cold day in the sun", Dave said: "we don't need fucking computers we did our album in tapes, music is all about people and instruments...if any band shows up with computers on stage that's not Rock and Roll!". They played for 2h30, they were really amazing!

Gerad Way from My Chemical Romance

Dave Grohl from foo Fighters

Taylor Hawkins from foo Fighters

 3rd day, it was a total failure, 30 seconds to mars began at 00h30 when they should start at 23h because of structural problems with the satge and previous bands as The Pretty Reckless and You Me at Six didn't played, 30STM concert was very short but at least Jared was very nice once again.

Jared Leto always smiling
4th day it was White Lies, the super funny Kaiser Chiefs and Paramore was a surprise I really enjoied their performance even because of the fire sparkling show.

Hayley Willimas from paramore

Well I will remember what Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters said while playing Everlong: "if I come back, would you come back?", well I definitely would! And if MCR came bakc of course I would.
But while they don't come back I'll just take a time off american bands and listen what they call World Music, I'm tired to hear music in english I'll explore more about other styles specially portuguese and brasilizan music.

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