sábado, 23 de julho de 2011

Save the whales

It still exist good people in the worldI and it still happening good news in the World, this one is amazing: a group of people (genuine human) saved a whale caught in fishing nets along the californian coast.
When the whale was released thanked the rescuers rewarding  for the next hour those who saved with a dazzling display of dips and joly jumps.
But still there's a lot of things to do so we can save whales: Norway is one of the 3 countries along Iceland and Japan that still hunting whales saying that that's for scientifical purposes and this is unacceptable in even more so called developed countries. We can do a lot to change their mind, signing world wide petitions or even boycott products that somehow are involved with the whale slaughter industry.
The Japanese claim to hunt whales for "scientific purposes", as this butcher-cum-scientist demonstrates as he experiments with the commercial possibilities of Whale meat.
MC'JAPAS; japan kids love whale meat!

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