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Where's the love?

I hardly can believe the news that say that Oslo suffered a bomb attack!
" Early reports indicate that at at least seven people have been killed and at least eight injured in the's impossible not to wonder if the Oslo attack was an act of terrorism, particularly an extremist group like Al-Qaeda.

A group named the ""Helpers of Jihad!" reportedly claimed responsibility on a Jihadist forum. However, that is just an internet forum posting that has been corroborated independently."

But actually what the recent news say is that it was a norwegian citizen whose political orientation was right wing extremism that consider himself a  conservative nationalist, he has been described as a "Christian fundamentalist" by the media and is reported to have written posts on an anti-islamic website.
Well in recent years, immigration has accounted for most of Norway's population growth. The largest immigrant groups by country of origin, in order of size are: poles, swedes, pakistans,iraquis, somalis, germans, vietnamese and danes.
Pakistan Norwegians are the largest non-European minority group in Norway, and most of their 31,000 members live around Oslo. The Iraqi immigrant population has increased significantly in recent years. 
In 2010, the immigrant community grew by 57,000, which accounted for 90% of Norway's population growth; some 27% of newborn children were of immigrant background.The policies of immigration and integration are subjected to major controversy in Norway. These statistics indicate that Norway's population is now 82.0% ethnic Norwegian, a figure that has steadily decreased since the late 20th century. (Source: wikipedia)

This criminal made a car explode in Oslo and then went to a camp to murdered 77 people (mostly young from 11 to 19 years old) in the small island of Utoeya: undercover of a policeman he joined a big group of young folk saying he was there for their security because of the explosion that happened in Oslo, and then he surprised the innocent teenagers shooting to everyone and committing a genocide!
The ones who fled from him tried to cross to the other side of the sea but still, that hideous man get int a boat and shooted the ones who were desperately swiming to save their lives!
This is one of the most horror scenes I ever knew that happened in this world, particularly shocking because it was in Norway (one of the most peaceful countries in the world: in the global index peace rankings it is in 9th place on 2011 and in 2009 was on 2nd place and in 2007 on 1st place! peace_index).
So what could motivate a norwegian citizen to do this slaughter?
As far as it's speculated it was political motives against the labour party (labour party youth was camping) which is leftist (in politics the word leftist, left, left-wing are generally used to describe support for social change to create a more egalitarian I'm sure that party protects and supports the immigrants).
What's happenning in this world? 
 We used to see on the news radical islamists causing chaos making explode themselves and killing other people and now we have fools who call themselves christians doing the same???
 Everyday somewhere around the world specially in the Midle East several innocent people are being killed or injured by other people that claim to serve God and believe that commiting suicide this way and stealing others'  lifes from the unfaithful to (their) God (kafir) they will go to Heaven. They are radical islamits and also kill other muslims who they think they are not real muslims! What happens is that that muslims who can get out of their countries try to have a honest and peaceful life practicing the islam with moral and respect for everyone, specially people who received them well in their country! They pay taxes and they contribute too to the development of the economy of the country! 

If there is a God I'm sure he's just one so he is the SAME and HE loves us all, if He's watching what we've done to each others He might be so disenchanted with us! Sure HE would want us to understand and respect each others, kill someone in HIS behalf it's the most humiliating and awfull thing someone can do for HIM!If I could make a wish to God I just wish him to make people act like true humans and have lucidity!What I really believe is that it really doesn't matter what religion you have, or even if you have or don't have a religion,the only thing that matters is if you are a kind person that practises the good amongst the others, if you are moral, respect everybody and so repudiates evil!You don't need a religion to be spiritual. Being spiritual is believing in a supreme being that created the Universe and is miraculous kind.
"Father, Father, Father help us
send us some guidance from above
'Cause people got me, got me questioning
Where is the love (Love)"

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