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I hate to do generalizations, and usually avoid to do them.
First of all, I'm not anti-America or something like that, I'm just anti stupidity. Unfortunately USA for all the reasons I can find is one of the most stupid nations I ever could imagine, so that's why I write so much mean stuff about USA. In fact, north-american people is the closest we can have to alliens.
USA is said to be the biggest nation on Earth, but why are they trully that big?well because USA has the largest number of fat people, and I'm not talking about people with more 10 kg or 15 kg, I'm talking about deadly fat people with more 100kg or 200 kg, it's a major problem of health and people just seem not to care about changing it. They have 24h open gym and single meals with 3000 kcal (when a normal person only eats about 2000 kcal each day)!
Well so when I thought I couldn't be more shocked about USA people that's when I got even more shocked: in the USA a young woman with kids weights 320 kg but she wants to get in the Guiness World Record with 730 kg!To do that she eats 20 000 kcal each day (the amount of kcal 10 people eat each day).
This is the kind of new I really don't know if I should cry or laugh.
In USA each year 25 million tons of perfectly comestible food are thrown away more 70 million tons of food from the supermarket!
 If american people give to the starving children all the food they eat and buy they could save lots of lives, instead they rather explode in their own grease. 
And more, people I know who went to USA told me that if people are thirsty they don't drink water they rather drink refrigerants with lots of sugar: fanta, 7up, pepsi, coca cola....
And even in the fast food restaurants you can drink as much soda as you want and chips!
People who travelled there too told me that what's normal in USA is being fat, if you're no fat probably you're an actor or a famous athlete or dancer or singer....everything is made in a large scale, friends of mine told me that single bed looked like double bed in Europe, even the chairs in restaurantes were much larger. It's usual to see really obese people with a bag with oxygen in the back....they're so fat that they not even can breathe! As if all this was not enough they not even walk in the streets like a normal person: they use segways!

For your own good America, change yourself!

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Obama is right!

In the context of the american huge debt, the president of United States of America, Barack Obama said in a conference: "the good new is...we're not Portugal", he said this in a mocking tone, but what happens is that after all for us it sounds like irony.

My fellow americans, if you're reading this do you know where is Portugal? do you know what is Portugal after all?
Well if you don't know I can explain you quickly, but first of all check it in the google world or google maps...done? Ok, it's in Europe, Europe is a continent, Portugal is in the western south of Europe...and no, it's not a spanish province it's a real country with a real  and old history and identity...not like some new pre-fabricated countries like yours, Canada or Australia. So as a real country we really have our own language, it has some similarities to spanish and italian because it comes from latin, an extincted language. And if you have no idea about it, our language is portuguese and is spoken by 250 million people in the world across all inhabitaded continents: Europe (Portugal), America (Brazil), Africa (Angola, Mozambique, S. Tome & Principe, Guine Bissau, Cabo Verde), Oceania (Timor), it's also a 2nd official language spoken in China in the city of Macau and is a non-official language in India in Goa.  What makes the portuguese language  in the 7000 actual languages spoken world-wide the 6th with more number of speakers, the 5th with more countries that have it as an official language, the 3rd more spoken amongst the western languages (behind english and spanish).
And yeah damn it Portugal has only 10 million inhabitants, less than an average brazilian city, and its size would be a XXS with 92 090 km² of area!!! Neverthless we were huge, in fact we still being as you can see it (or can't see it...)

Now that you know wtf is Portugal we can talk about the main issue of this post:

So, in fact, Obama is so damn right when he said USA is not Portugal. And you know why?

Well as Manuel Ferrer wrote (if something here isn't true let me know about it, if you have something to tell about this tell me too please, anyway feel free to say anything here even to say "screw" me, haters are welcome too):

1-In USA 50% of the population have no health care and 25% can't take any treatment in any hospital (health care is a real business, so if you're poor and you need to have health care and can't afford that...they just let you die).

2-In USA the public debt rose at a level impossible to be paid for several generations and already exceeded the hundreds of thousands of U.S § per family.

3-In USA children with 12 years old are condemned to life imprisonment  for stealing a bicycle (well about this new I haven't found a direct post about but we all know how crime is unbelievable common in USA and it's kind of violent country, also USA has the stupidest laws to judge people for 25 years of prison or lifetime imprivisionment just for try to steal something even without any violence or carrying weapons, check this: stories, as you can read there, for instance:
 "Leandro Andrade, 44 years old, was given not one but two sentences of 25 years-to-life for stealing nine children's videotapes, including "Snow White," "Cinderella" and "Free Willie 2.The tapes were worth $153.54. He says:" I’m not a killer. I'm not a rapist. I'm really not a bad person once you get to know me.Do I deserve to be locked up for the rest of my life, because a certain judge feels that's what he deserves?”.
Under his sentence, Andrade will be 87 before being eligible for parole.
Also in the big USA children have fun with their families shooting guns, and a 12 years old kid killed with a his stepmother and other with 12 years old kid who killed his brother beating him to death will be in jail forever.
And if you put in a jail someone just because robbed or tried to rob a thingy believe me, how would you do if happened there the same that happened in England this year? looting because they wanted to? no jail would be enough!

4-In USA 1/5 of black people are in jail (racism? I mean in the way to chase only the blacks? there must be a lot of white guys with a tie working in banks stealing millions from people...and I even know a white terrorist that lived in Washington DC in a fancy white house...).

5-In the USA 6% of people daily survive with one canned food meal...for animals.

6-The public school it's said to be totaly uselles and is on its way to extintion.

7-In USA it's said to be more than 450 police organizations and the judiciary is not independent of the executive, it's named for him! (that explains a lot....).

8-In USA it's said that the 2 biggest industries are the army and porn.
The porn industry said Mark Hitchcock about USA have 12 billions of dollares of profits per year.

9-In USA it's said that 1% of the population controlls and receives about 90% of the national PIB.

10-In USA the meat and eggs production legally uses chemical growth promoters (a source of cancer if you didn't know about that).

11-In USA there's no minimum wage and the unskilled workers are paid 4 euros/ hour.

12-The USA is envolved in tens of armed conflicts dirty and dubious to carry out coups favorable to their interests and those of Israel (what I know about that is the invasions of Iraq, I remember Bush to tell us they had nuclear weapons....but not even one nuclear weapon was found! Just for don't talk about want to save people from tyrants? But USA is the biggest tyrant on Earth specially for Earth resources).

13-The USA raise the world's best brains to its army industry and "force" their "allies" to buy them.

14- The USA is the world's largest  market for hard drugs and a major producer of amphetamines and other chemical doping

15-The U.S.A prints paper money and through treaties with its Arab colonies transformed the U.S. $ in international means of payment instead of gold  (maybe it's the reason why when the USA economy is down all the world follows the drop).


So Obama is so damn right! None of these (fortunatelly) happens in Portugal!

One more important detail: the USA is completely bankrupt and more than 10% population already live in camps without any sanitation or basic public services (maybe this have to do with the subprime crisis:  people had no money to pay their debts so banks pawned their houses and they had to live in camping areas forgotten from the society...what is happening now is that even banks can't afford the pawn of the house, paying the maintenance and municipal now numerous houses are being sold just for a dolar! But still people don't buy it because they have no way to afford it after, also USA have 46 million of citizens living below the poverty line).


Only to end: So USA participated in two wars that weren't paid?
I remember the previous government saying that we had to fight against terrorism and invade Afghanistan and Iraq because they had nuclear war weapons. In the end, nobody found nuclear weapons...because they didn't really existed! But meanwhile NATO troops killed and still killing civilians. Well the only reasonable answer for that is one: geostrategical and geopolitical interests...the black gold: oil.
Here's my piece of advice to the Nobel Peace Prize: about the wars NATO didn't pay I don't know how USA had money to do them but USA shouldn't start other wars like in Libya (which they started!)
It's all just to remind Obama that a Nobel Peace Prize shouldn't do war!

A portuguese group of humorists made a music with the declarations of Obama: "We're not Portugal, we're not Greece", portuguese sarcasm and ironcial sense of humor has no limits!
USA we're glad you're not Portugal!

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Atomic Mushroom

"Only two things are infinite: the Universe and Human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." Albert Einstein

A journey to the edge of the Universe

Earth floating in Space
We live in a joyful blue planet full of life floating in space (although we often don't appreciate it destroying beautiful ecossistems in order to create a powerful economy, under the yoke of this capitalism standard economy: it's implied the creation of financial and moneatry wealth without taking into account our devastating effect on the real wealth of the world: life, water, forests, nature...)
The truth is that I think the world is ugly, it could be better but never perfect, sometimes I feel everything here is so filthy that sometimes I'm disgusted of living, sometimes I care too much about my problems and the humanity decadence state but then I wonder if this is really the Real thing, so I look at the sky and then I understand how insignificant I am for the Universe and how insignificant we are for the Universe too, and to be honest I feel so much better when I realize that. This is my scape from all the troubles I find and it's where usually my mind lies when my eyes vacant and stray, you can completely lose your mind making a journey to the edge of Universe.

(Source: DVD, National Geographic, A journey to the limits of Universe)

The Universe is so big we think it might be infinite so, there must be more mature and developed solar systems out there but find them is like trying to find a needle in a cosmic haystack.
20 light-years from Earth, star Gliese 581 is about the same age of our Sun and orbitating it a planet similar to Earth at just the right distance from its Sun: any closer and the water would boil away, any further and it would freeze: ideal conditions for life and if comets have stuck delievering water and organic materials, then, life, complex beings like us even civilizations like our own could be down there right now and even at this distance they can be tunning our TV shows from 20 years ago. But until future generations can find a way to communicate until this vast distances all we can do is speculate. 
Star Glise 581 and orbiting it a planet similar to Earth

Us and them living parallel lives unaware of each other’s existence..unless life has been and gone, and that’s the problem with commets they’re creaters and destroyers as the dinosaurs found out the hardest way 60 millionyears ago…and this is the needle in the cosmic haystack.
This is the closest we have been to a solar system like our own, but it’s a chance encounter, there could be hundreds, thousands, millions of solar systems like our own..or none at all!
100 light-years from Earth, twin stars it’s Algol, the demon star, feared since ancient times in account of its sinister behavior : from Earth it appears to blink as it’s one star passing in front of the other  up close it’s even stranger: one star  has been stuck into the gravitational pull of the other it’s been sucked towards it. One of the first ever radio broadscoasts we listen just a faint whisper…and then silence . From here and out is like Earth have never existed, any aliens living beyond here will never know about our existence.
Algol, the demon star
Deep inside our galaxy: the Milky Way, a vast celestial library each star like a book that has a story to tell, it’s all here waiting for us to lift the cover.
Betelgeuse is the biggest and brightest star we’ve seen so far, it must be at least 600 times bigger tab our Sun.
Betelgeuse star

1 300 light years from earth, Orion's dark cloud it's a vast star factory, we've witnessed the birth of stars and the sculpture of Universe. This makes us realize that Nature is more than a scientist it is an artist on the grandest of scales. This giant horse is a masterpiece.
Stars being born, grow up and then, what? do they die? Do they slip in the night or go out with a bang?
Somewhere between here and the edge of Universe lies the answer.
Nearly 4 thousand years further, luminous clouds suspended in space encircling what was once a star like our Sun, all that is left of this is bright stellar coloured gases, elements formed by nuclear fusions deep inside the star released into space on its death : green and violet: hydrogen and helium (raw materials of Universe) , red and blue: nitrogen and oxygen, the building blocks of life on Earth.
For us to live stars like this had to die: the oxygen in our lungs, the nitrogen in our DNA it was all  produced by nuclear fusion in stars that died long before the Earth was even born.
We are stellar nuclear waste, our family tree begins here.

There's a ghost of star, it’s a white dwarf: white, hot, small but unbelievabley dense: in the stars dying moments it’s atoms fused and squeeze together that only a tea spoon would weight 1 ton!
It’s a chilling premonition of our Sun’s fate: 6 billion years from now our Sun will become a white dwarf, it makes you wonder how many more worlds have been and gone: stories untold, celestial books lost forever.

The crab nebula is 6 thousand light years from home and deep inside there's a stellar graveyard: a supernova.

In the eye of the storm a spinning pulsating star, gravity must have squeezed to this the giant star it’s just 20 km across and unimaginable dense: a Pulsar.

A black hole is what remains of a giant star that instead of contracting to a white dwarf or a pulsar it just kept on going shrinking until it’s only a few km across, if we come too close there’s no way turning back.
It’s called black hole because its gravity is so intense that not even light can escape, inside there’se no matter as we know it, there’s no time, there’s no space, all the rules of physics collaps. All that is sucked towards it disappears and nobody knows where it goes…we're looking at the limit of human comprehension. There could be millions of black holes creeping around in our galaxy, perhaps even more than all stars in the sky…but we wouldn’t see that until it’s too late.
Who’s to say we don’t live inside a vast black hole? That all the Universe is in inside one right now, inside of other Universe…think about it for too long and your mind really gets stunned.

Sometimes it seems that the more we see the less we know.
And we still on our own galaxy! How do we find a way out of here? We're 7 thousand light years from home we still deep inside of it!

Somehow we’ve stumbled into the most violent star death imagineable: an hipernova. When a star this big dies it’s a hundred times more violent than a supernova, it’s about to become a black hole :letal radiation is released outwards and the shock wave is ripping its outer layers into space. All that letal radiation is enough to have a catastrophic effect on any unlucky planet nearby.

  When hundreds os species were wiped out the Earth 450 million years ago the culprit may have been one of these: deadly hipernovas, frozen comets, incandescent planets, white dwarfs, red giants...

So, we wanted to know where we fit in, here’s the answer: civilizations past and present, everyone that ever lived, the smallest bug, the highest mountain…all of it: Invisible! Not even a tiny speck, our home is a minor planet orbiting an insignificant star, if all disappear right now who or what would even notice? And yet, so far, we found nowhere else we would rather live ,nowhere we could live.

Do you have any idea of how many stars existi n the Universe? They’re uncountable! All the mathematics probabilities tolds us that for sure that must be at least one in the vast millions of stars floating around space capable to support life!
Maybe in the swarm  of stars of the Hercules cluster. In the 70’s astrologers sent a message towards this direction with our detailed DNA structure and our solar system location…but it’s so far from home that the message went to ride at least for another 25 thousand years!!!

We haven’t found allien life yet, nevertheless we haven’t found no reason to believe it doesn’t exist or existed somewhere out in space.
There is an equation deviced to estimate the number of other advanced civilizations, crunch the numbers and the result is astonishing…there could be millions of civilizations just in our own galaxy!

Leaving Milky Way and entering in the intergalactic space there’s no horizon in sight even the closest galaxies are millions of light years away. The remains of galaxies ripped apart by the Milky Way’s gravitational pull scatter through…nothing!
All across the Universe there are thin traces of dust and gas and something else: dark matter, the whole Universe is full of it.

 Dark matter is so mysterious that we can’t feel it, touch it, taste it,measure it…yet so commun it could make upon 90% of all matter in the Universe. If dark matter does exist it means there is no such thing as empty space.
We know there is matter in space because of its strange hold  in galaxies as the Large Magalhães Cloud, 6 thousand million light years from the Milky Way Galaxy. Even travelling in the actual faster space ship. At the edge of its gravitational reach, this galaxy should spin off into space but something is holding it here, something invisible and powerfull…dark matter.

A fireball expanding out from what must have been a massive explosion: a supernova, so bright that when light reached the Earth in 1987 it was visible with a naked eye, and so violent it trigger a serial nuclear reactions forcing atoms together and creating new elements: gold, silver, platine blasting them out into space.     

The gold we have in our jewels, coins, notes, banks and mines was forged in a massive supernova like this trillions of km away, thousands of years ago.
The Andromeda Galaxy, two and a half million of years away it’s moving through space at least a million km/h!!!

Everything that’s moving in space is moving apart fragments in an explosion and today we can still looking at Andromeda and see it like our ancient ancestors could see millions of years ago!

As long as we go further through space we go further back in time…this doesn’t seem normal, isn't it? But that's the way it goes!

We're seeing a whole galaxy exploding: the only thing sufficiently large to make an explosion at this scale has to be another galaxy. But this galaxy won’t die, it will reborn with a new shape, perhaps creating even new stars  as dust and gas collide creating friction, shock waves triggering  the birth of other stars.
But there is order in this chaos, a pattern behind an infinite variety endless cicle of birth and death, creation and destruction. It is a pattern constructed through the vast tissue of Space that binds each one of these galaxies. There are billions of galaxies in the Universe each one with billions, even trillions of stars…maybe even more stars that all the sand grains in all the beaches on Earth! And we’re talking about only just the stars that exist now. What about all  that stars that have been gone? All the stars that were born or will born?
We’re finnally seeing the big picture and it’s even more magnificent than we could ever imagine!

The huge Pinwheel galaxy is so distant from Earth that sending a message for home now will take 27 million years to get there. Who knows wether our specie and our planet will still around to receive it? Most likely not!

2 billion years from home  reaching the edge of the Universe and closer to the beginning of time, we’re travelling on back through time. We passed the point where dinosaurs were whipped out and even passed the moment where the first creatures climbed onto land.
Now we’re looking at a quasar, the most powerful and deadliest thing in the Universe: a swirlling cauldron of super hot gas boiling, brightest than hundreds of galaxies, the source of this awesome power lies deep inside of a Supermassive Black Hole as heavy as a billion suns it’s ripping apart all the stars, sucking their gases, devouring them…until they’re nothing, lost forever.

8 billion light years from home we’re so far  back in time that now we can see galaxies like they were even before Earth was even born, they still young and growing, we’re getting close from where and when it all began, 12 billions of years ago the galaxies look like a primitive plancton floating in a vast dark ocean…it’s so magical: clouds of dust and gas dancing and creating a shape, creating embrionary galaxies.
The further we go back in space, the further we go back in time, now all the galaxies disappeared and we reached  the cosmic age of darkness and even before that: light, a huge explosion: the explosion that created the Universe. We made it, we reached the Edge of the Universe, 130 billions of trillions of km from home and 13 billions and half of years ago we reached the most violent and most creative moment of History, everything that ever happened follows from this moment: The Big Bang.

Every religions, every cultures pondered it, but we still don’t not know what sparked this act of creation or why…this is where our journey ends and the Universe begins: an infinite hot, small and dense point erupts creating space, time and matter…the Universe itself. First, it is the size of a sub-atomic particle, the tiniest fraction of a second later is big enough to hold in the palm of your hand, moments later it´s the size of the Earth.
Today the lights of Big Bang is still spreading out  as a hiss of radio static, your TV anthem picks it up, you can see it as the static on an untuned TV.

We go on forwards through with the blast of the shock wave.
Everything we see in our jouney through space are sparkles of the Big Bang. 
In the future, 3 billions of years from now on, the vast Andromeda galaxy smashes into our own, The Milky Way, and a new galaxy has borned: the Sun and its planets survive but they’re being throwing into a huge looping orbit around the new galaxy and the Sun has becoming a red giant swalling Mercury and Venus burning the Earth’s surface and destroying all the life on Earth (if it still existing by that time), then the Sun dies shrinking  to a white dwarf.

More stars dying too in the galaxie, they’re being replaced by white dwarfs, pulsars, black holes…the lights are going down on the galaxie.
Since the Big Bang the Universe has been fading, dying, not with a bang but with a long drown out whimper.
But there could be a way out, an escape route from of our dying Universe if  only our distant descendendts find a shortcut between space and time: a wormhole. If there are another Universes we could get out of our condemned Universe to a parallel Universe.

After all this, don't you feel insignificant? If so, does that makes you feel better or worse?
I feel definitely better.
But after all this should we still thinking we're the only inteligence form in the Universe? Maybe it's just too much swagger think that!

And the Universe really tends to the chaos like Stephen Boltzman said (entropic view) or  is it exotropic tending to harmony obeying to our thoughts? (Well I've read about exotropic minds in books like the secret, the power and self-help books).
Mystery, mystery is what it is all made about.
When the world gets unbearable awful, sometimes the only scape is seeing behiond it!
Humanity is stucked in their own stupidity and self inflicted pain, but the Universe doesn't really care about it, we're less than a second in the Earth's history, we're even less for the Universe history. No problem or damage is really importante after all. 

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I don't know why I love Lisbon

I don't know I love this place: the city is not that bustling in fact it is quite calm, there are few museums of international renown, I can't ride a bike because of all  its hills, the fado music we listen on the streets bring us a strange feeling longing that you can't describe in another language besides portuguese: Saudade! it's something really untranslatable this word only exists in portuguese language, you might only  feel it if you have a lusitan soul. Only if you miss really something/ somebody or somewhere you can meet Saudade, then you say "sinto saudades..." something like "I miss something/somebody/ somewhere". Here there's no famous monuments (although there are a lot of wonderful monuments, it's just a global ignorance not knowing, but that's what I like about this place: is a secret place),there's no big stress, no big businesses.Only reminiscences of an ancient history of adventures with almost a thousand years that still having a huge mark all over the world: there's about 7000 languages spoken world wide and portuguese is spoken in all inhabited continets: Europe, Africa , America, Oceania, Asia, it has more than 200 millions of portuguese speakers while there's only 10 million of portuguese people, but it's the 6th with the biggest number of speakers in the world, the 5th with more countries that have it as an official language, the 3rd european language more spoken and the 2nd romanic more spoken...and well it's just a wonderful language!

Back to Lisbon, everything looks sadly happy, everyone has always a sincere smile to give and there's a strange feeling of sadness in all that joy: it's maybe the mystique saudade.
In fact, I still don't know why I love this place but it has something magic here for sure...I just don't know why!
Despite of all our tensions and troubles being portuguese fills my soul with proud and I wouldn't chose to have born in a different place.
The fact is that I really don't know why I love Lisbon but it's the few places I like to be. I can't explain it, just feel it!
It's my favourite far!

Excerpts from the book "The Portuguese", from Barry Hatton:

"Lord Byron, in his nineteenth-century narrative poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, exclaimed, "What beauties doth Lisboa first unfold!". Approached from the south bank at dusk in the summer across the Tagus River (Rio Tejo), Lisbon shimmers with a delightful pink glow. It is a rare beauty. A bright, white city, it shows depth in its shades of ochre and the tilting  shadows nof its narrow streets.
Fernando Pessoa, in his Lisbon guidebook in english, wrote:

"For the traveller who comes in from the sea, Lisbon, even from afar, rises like a fair vision in a dream, clear-cut against a bright blue sky which the sun gladdens with its gold. And the domes, the monuments, the old castles just up above the mass of houses, like far-off heralds of this delightful seat, of this blessed region."

The view from Lisbon's giant suspension bridge, which bears a striking resemblance to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, is deeply enchanting. It offers a panorama of the graceful city's hill, rolling from St. George's castle down to the Tagus, the peninsula's longest river at more than 1,100 km (608 miles), and the quays from where the maritime explorers sailed. As the writer José Cardoso Pires said, in Lisbon the river always seem to be at the bottom of the street. He likened the city to a ship docked beside the Tagus.
Watching from one of the hilltops, the ferries that trail white foam across the blue river capture the city's sedate rhythm.
Lisbon is also a relatively peaceful city when compared to other European capitals, as is Portugal as a whole. Television news footage of violent street demonstrations elsewhere in Europe or wars in the Middle East seem far removed. Lisbon is too easy-going to permit hostile radicalism or violent tension, and Portugal is poor soil for such sentiments.
Foreigners arrive and feel like they have washed up on a pretty, peaceful shore."

Read: Why Lisbon?

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vassal vandals of your majesty

Well after all what's really going on in London? it's not a picture of London, it's not Europe what we saw on T.V: cars and houses on fire, looted houses, robberies everywhere, a bunch of vandals breaking and destroying everything they can...with no aparent reason! The only reason is do robberies because they want to do it  and took advantage of that incident related to that incident after a Totenham footblal play.
I saw a report of an english that lives in one of those blocks in undercover of journalist he asked a girl what she was doing, and she asked: "having my taxes back?".
Can you believe this? Most part of that thieves live from State subsidies which is actually paid from the taxes the honest and hard working people pays them! But if that girl really pays taxes is because she works so she should have known how is hard to make a living and shouldn't destroy the other's business and homes. If she doesn't work and said that, then she is just idiot.
But back again on taxes: in a healthy and fair society taxes are very important because it's the fundamental financial tool to build a fair society with social rights as health care and education and security. So we should all be proud of paying taxes and not thinking we are being stolen! Of course we only can feel this way if we truly live in a fair society, want an example? Scandinavia! Scandinavian people delate those who don't pay taxes and really trust in their State and understand the major importance of paying taxes...they will have their social benefits such as free school, even in college, free health, free everything! The government pays them everything because that folk is their government not a bunch of corrupts and liars! People live in a true democracy because they want to be part of it (just for curiosity most part of scandinavian governments have more womans than men).
What happens in Portugal or England is quite different, in fact in England the college fees raised 3 more times, 10 thousand euros per year which is unbearable for most of people but still in Portugal we only pay college and it is one thousand euros per year.
But what is the profile of that thiefs and vandals? is this a problem of multiculturalism?in T.V they didn't looked like true english and they were young...from dangerous blocks.
If you want me to be honest I can't see any true european spirited destroying their own country and other citizen's life and stuff repeating what we saw in 3rd World countries where there is war conflicts. We see looting after a natural disaster such as Katrina when people can't have anything, not when they just feel like doing that because they want to have a new plasma T.V, a new computer, new fancy clothes and tenis...and because they are jealous about other's cars or even because just want to destroy and steal, because maybe they think it's so funny and who steals are the heroes of their block! Another problem to solve is that there are young kids doing that lootings and vandalizing cities, the law must change so they can be punished, because if they have the guts to commit such crimes they must be punished for it!
What is going on only shows the deep disrespect for the other citizens, it shows the absolute absence of acting like living in a developed society, it shows the hedious disrespect for the country and for some immigrant or immigrant descendant it shows their disrespect for people that welcome them and it's shamefull.
This has no reason and no sense, that violnece is absolutely revolting, I hope finnaly it's given more power to our police because at least I'm sick of seeing the vandals destoying everything and killing, robbering and beating citizens and our police can't do anything because some european stupid laws (like the portuguese) seem to just give rights to the bandits, who get out the police station laugh about the police and the victims and even sometimes  beat the police for arresting them!
I wouldn't say it's a multiculturalism problem it is a problem of letting the vandalism spread in society, let's face it our police got to be respected again! How we do it? most part of that vandals are youngs most of them must be unemployed and dedicated to the crime living, they might be unemployed because they don't want work but also because they can't be accepted to a job.
Unemployement is a big issue in Europe and sometimes it's an undercover for violence and robberies, we should fight the social exclusion but the major problem is when that people really don't want to be part of a civilized society with rules.
And the violence extended to several cities in England, the damages so far are about 100 million euros (it's approximatelly 6 royal weddings, the last royal wedding which mostly british tax payers' paid costed about 30 million dollares and now a dolar is almost half of the euro...if my math isn't okay please tell me).
I hope now Queen Elizabeth say something about this, the Head of multiple intercontinental States must have something to say no? Want a tip? you're not the Queen of Jamaica! At least in a rational 21th century point of view! Release your colonies so England can deal with the imported  violence...and if you could spare the people's money it would be cool... but well I'm just a portuguese nobody anti-monarchy and that's not my problem.

segunda-feira, 8 de agosto de 2011

death or change

Today was a stupid silly day, I never was so angry, depressed and cried for being angry for such a long time, the problem is I really don't know why I'm feeling like this but for more tears that I cry I never feel suficiently calmed. I really don't know what to do to calm me down!
I think it's just tiredness of living the same old shit everyday, all the years the same! nothing really changes even when I can mislead myself that it will change and then have to deal with the frustrations of haven't made my plans come true. It seems it doesn't matter for how long I try because everything I fear come true. About my wishes if they come true it's never like I dreamt it would be like.
I'm tired too of everyone I feel so upset today that I have a slightly feeling of want to throw up, it's clearly I'm disgusted with something. And I think it's my life and everything that made and still making part of it.
Honestly I don't know why I even care about wake up, get up, have bath, eat, or even talk to other people, or even write this shits here because I've no one who I can talk to without being criticized an feel even worse about myself.
I look everywhere I look at everyone and I feel so different, so excluded, so alone! And when I'm not alone I always meet stupid people that make my life a even more living hell.
Once I read a book in where it was told that 99% of our problems were caused by my case I really don't agree, everything I hate in my life it happened because people are constantly doing things to me that I hate, trying to put me down and hurt me.
It's hard to live together, reason number one I don't like to hang out with my family, they just make me feel worse and also some called "friends" do the same. When I'll grow up I will never have a family.
I know when I'm not alone I feel better and that's the most peaceful moments I have.
I wish time to speed up, move faster, I wish all this I'm living to be over and be totally alone in a house with no  neighborhood, a place just mine where I can trully rest my mind. I wouldn't mind if I wouldn't live the next 5 years because I doubt seriously to live the way I want.And once I reach the way I want to live i'll feel sorry for everything I didn't lived the way it should be lived...but nothing changes!
All I've been living it's something necessary to reach my objective but I'm so fed up that I really don't have patience to wait. Sometimes I just wish my life to be over than living this way, in this place, with this people.
I feel so misunderstood even from myself.
I really don't know why I'm so stressed maybe it's because I'm tired of this life but for more than I can change I can't change people around and that annoys me.
Why has the world to be such an awful and boring place?

Honestly I really don't know why I even feel

sexta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2011

Can't wait for youth to end

If for most part of people being a teenager or a young adult is a good moment of their lives to me is just something I wish to be over, and end it fast! I used to say I would never want to grow up but now I completely changed my mind.
I just want all this to be over: over emotional reactions, changes of humor, College and most important one: live with my parents and live of their money! I just want my financial independence so that I can free myself of this life, make this past, move on and get out here doubting seriously if I would return some day or even if I would look or talk to this persons I knew before.
I wish to be somewhere dark, cold with no sun and with people more like me that don't get upset with you if you don't fake a smile, I just want be in my fucking hell alone far from here.
Most people when grow up marry and have kids, let's skip to that part I won't have anyone, I would rather be a crack addicted to have some kind of feelings' addiction for someone.
I want to rest my mind in peace in somewhere as grey as I am (I'm thinking of North of course), raining a lot and super cold! For just a moment see myself somewhere.
I just want time to pass by faster: everyday is the same old boring routine with nothing new. I wouldn't mind time to pass 9 years as a click and be 30 if I get what I want: my financial and emotional indepence, a bit of conforting loneliness with no one to mess up with my head, a rainy day and a cup of coffee.
A part of me wants to live fast and feels like don't belong anywhere.My last breath? it may not be a faint whisper but a relief.
I wasted all my time with you thinking our friendship was true but in fact, when you lose a fake friend you lose nothing at it's time to say goodbye!

quarta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2011

God kill the Queen

Well forgive my ignorance but I just found out today that Canada and Australia are a federal Parliamentary Democracy and a Constitutional democracy which monarch is Queen Elizabeth II of England. OMG they still have some kind of colonial sovereignity!! This is totally new for me since I am such a ignorant and hardly can believe this actually happens in 21th century, hundreds of years after the Age Discovery  and overseas expannsion (which started with the intrepid and adventurous portuguese).
So looks like sweet old Lady Queen Elizabeth II (who is filty rich by the way, read:queen)  is the Head of State of United Kingdom, Australia, Canada but also of 13 more countries of the Commonweath Realms: New Zeland, Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guine, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Luca, St Vincent and Granadinas, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize and St Kitts  Nevis!
But there is a total of 17 ex-realms that now are republics: Ireland (except the small north part of it! -.-), India, Pakistan,Ghana, South Africa, Tanzana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi,  Guyana, The Gambia, Sierre Leone, Sri Lanka, Malta, Trinidand  & Tobago, Fiji and Mauritius!!!
But before they broke with the monarchy, several nations held national referendums on whether or not their citizens supported the adoption of a republican constitution.
Country            Date of Referendum      % of Yes vote

IrelandJuly 1, 1937
The GambiaNovember, 1965
GhanaApril 17 - 30, 1960
South AfricaOctober 5, 1960
AustraliaNovember 6, 1999

Australian voters rejected to adopt a republic in 1999. As such they are technically the only Commonwealth Realm to have democratically chosen their status as a monarchy.
Somehow australian folk like to be under such a "nice" crown, well that's their choice, fair enough!

Well my opinion is that this is a completely nonsense to still having a kind of a colonial empire, even being a bit fake! I'm sure it's totally profitable for Britain to have a Commonwealth Realm but let's not say the same to underdeveloped and poor countries such as Jamaica or Guine..well at least for their citizens, not the corrupt governors!.
I don't see any good deeds done in Jamaica or Guine or Belize by the wealthy Bristish Crown, do you see any?
Other incomprehensible thing about British Realms is: what's the point to like to be under a damn european old Queen sovereignity?Besides of you having to pay taxes so they can live in luxury I think it takes away  autenticity and identity to a country and folk and this is such an old fashion thing! Look everybody stopped that, there are no more colonies, except yours! -.- (and France too, I guess).
And what about Gibraltar in Spain, how can they still claim that it's the Queen's territory? and North Ireland? 
But why do people need a monarchy? How much are they worth?
Let's make some math? 
Each year the queen Elizabeth II  receives from the government, that is, the british people, USD12.9 million (it is 129 million american dollares!!!).
So, in euros, the monarchy of Queen Elizabeth budget represents about 46 million euros from the taxpayers which makes the Queen the most expensive Head of State in Europe!
The direct heir to the throne, prince Charles,received last year alone, 28 million USD. But the costs are huge: only the salary of its 150 employees consumed this amount, more than 10 million dollars.
Prince William receives an annual salary between $ 74,000 and 68 as Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force.
Prince Harry receives between 50 and 53 thousand dollars as a helicopter pilot of the Army Air Corps, an agency of the British Army.

Here, check it out (but the page is written in portuguese):royal

Also that marvellous Royal Wedding? Wasn't that cute? It costed 30 million dollares and guess who paid most of it....the in love with fairytales british folk, of course.
So this makes Queen Elizabeth the biggest landowner on the planet possessing entire countries!
There are kids in Guine, Belize and so on dying of hunger your majesty, why don't you give  1% (more than 1 million) of your anual income of 129 million dollares to save them? 

I think such a thing as this parasites of society shouldn't be accepted specially for underdeveloped and exploited countries which citizens have no life conditions. 
The monarchy is something that made sense in a distant past but its opulence and luxury make no sense nowadays. If british and australians want to pay for their fake fairy tale, go ahead but you should spare the poorest ones, no?
In a near fair future for everyone I'm sure that such a thing as an ostensive monarchy will not exist and free human people from slavery.

A little evolution and enlightenment that's what the world needs!


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segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2011

Never buy gas again: ride a bike!

I saw on the news that transportation fees in Portugal had a rise between 15% and 25%, which is a lot, in average more 5 euros for a monthy pass but I was even more shocked when I saw about London, well in my tourism guides and about what I've heard it is said to be a very elitist city which where the prices are very high compared to other cities in the UK, so it really has a very high life cost. About the trasnsportations I was stuuned, the last time I went to London was 6 years ago, and well I know the buses and the underground trips weren't cheap but nothing compared to now: an underground ticket costs 5 euros (it's more less the price of 5 tickets in the underground of Lisbon) and if you want to park you car for1 hour it will cost you 5 euros!
So what did some people did? They ride a bike! But I saw on T.V that streets were not prepared for cycling but still people were riding a bike!
That's what we need everywhere where there's no spatial planning for bikes although it's not safe and organized like the wonderful Copenhagen: we shall use it! And put our municipalities governors under pressure to solve this problem!
One of the most inspiring cities I've ever been was Copenhagen, even when it was raining and cold everybody was cycling and everywhere you had large sidewalks for pedestrians, roads for cars and cycle paths por cyclists...and it's a small country!
In Portugal it's very stupid we don't have developed infrastructures to ride our bikes in a way of transportation and just not for sport! Since we have such a good climate, it's almost never cold and rarely rains.
Right now I'm taking my drive licence because it's needed to most job offers and it is even to volunteer in forests! And I want to go surf and there's no direct transportations for beaches, I want to have the freedom to go surf evrytime I feel like to, even in winter. But I should have taken my drive licence 3 years ago but I just didn't want to, I use to say to my parents: "for what? I hope to be in Scandinavian few years from now and there I'll ride a bike everyday". In fact one of the reaons I would like to move to Norway, Denmark and Sweden is to be free to ride daily a bike in conditions!". What made me change my mind too was the new enthusiastic electric vehicles they don't need gas but electricity accumulated on batteries and they expell water not CO2. In Portugal more than half of our electricity is renewable so I'm sure to buy an electric vehicle and I don't fell so bad about driving right now.
There's only advantages to start riding a bike: we have more space in cities, less traffic,  it's good for our health, it's good for environment, we spare lots of money since we don't need fuels...and I'm even sure that armed conflicts would end on the Middle East stopping a dirty business.

So everybody start biking! :D

My incovenient truth

YOU say YOU  wander YOUR own land, but when I think about it I don't see how YOU can!
I think mankind it's the supreme parasite of the Universe and its major mistake ever, don't you? I don't know it seems like we can't do anything that doesn't hurt other species and nature, the natural Earth as it is seems to have no space for this homo economicus thing!
None of this is natural: our living, our cities are so far from nature and everything is so ugly, contrary to most people I know I really hate big cities as New York, Sydney, los Angeles, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Xangai, Toronto, Tokyo, etc, etc! In fact that places are so damn ugly that makes me want to throw up, they realy put me down just for taking a look at pictures!
Lots of people live in freakin small apartments that look like cages, the streets' floor is made of oil tar, everything is grey or black...there's no green grass only in specific areas like parks, there are few natural lungs in cities and if you still breathin you should thank Amazon forest! Let's just hope Brasil doesn't start cutting trees everywhere just to be a bigger econmy!
Me too I live in a hedious small apartment but with few levels, and I just hate it, my parents like the bustle of the Lisbon suburbs, be close to everything, and live in the safety of a cement building...I don't! It doesn't matter if I have to live in a camping area, I would never buy an apartment!
We serve ourselves of the planet as if was its obligation to bear us, we think everything was made for us and we can do everything with it,even disrespect it, destroy its resources and other living species.
Even religion teaches us that Earth was made for us, although we should take care of it (but we can eat animals)!
But is that true? I really think not! This isn't ours!No, not at all!

Our style of living is so demanding that it's needed lots of energy, we steal it from fossil fuels (oil, gas and coil) that are made of fossils with extra carbon concentration, millions of years ago that materials were dinossaur and the corpses of jurassic "we're" invading countries in undercover of free that people from tyrant governmets (when we actually still having our tyrants) and nuclear weapons, making war refugees, destroying foreign lands and killling. It might be true some countries have nuclear arsenal and it's normal we think it can be used for war and not energy (that remains dangerous as well though), the only answer is Global Peace and start looking at Earth as one, because it is just one and all of us have the right to live peaceful here.
seems like the dinossaurs didn't extinguished!

Let's take  a look of this issue: Climate Change, Pollution, Overpopulation...resuming the problem: ourselves, Human Kind!

Of 178 members of the agreement of Kyoto Protocol (that started in 1997 and finishes in 2012) only one, so far, refused to sign and it is the biggest polluter on Earth: USA (United States of America).
The last country that signed the Kyoto Protocol was Australia.
The memeber countries of Kyoto specially the developped ones with more historical responsability for this problem, have an obligation to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases by at least 5,2% compared to 1990 levels between 2008 and 2012. The reduction targets are not homogeneous for all countries: the emergent economies of countries like Brazil, Mexico, China, Argentina, India, etc did not receive reduction levels so far.

Participation in the Kyoto Protocol, as of December 2010,
Green = Countries that have signed and ratified the treaty
             (Annex I & II countries in dark green)
Grey = Countries that have not yet decided
Brown = No intention to ratify at this stage.

So that's it my fellow americans, you're alone!aren't you ashamed? You are the only ones who seem to don't care about this huge problem because you just want to still being the biggest economy on Earth, but it's looks like even that is not going're selling houses for a dollar!
Can't you see this? While you still thinking your economy only can grow devasting Earth resouces you'll never take wealth out of it, because what you're doing is destrooying the Earth's wealth, its resources in which we depend on: does it matter so much to you, to have gas in your car today when your sons and grandsons might have no water to drink? does it matter so much to you, eat meat everyday if that implies the devastation of Amazon forest? I could go on and on, but hopefully I think we get the point of this!We have been enslaving Earth and taking profits of that, but it will come a day Earth is so looted that will have nothing more to give us. Probably in that day this leader generation that is in power will be dead, and who will have to deal with this cataclysm will be next generations: their sons and daughters, their grandsons and granddaughters... inocents that you put on this world consciously or not. And why? because of the actual generation selfishness!

How much polution?
This data are from 2008 (book: The Hot Topic, Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King)

 Tons of CO2 per habitant
Change of Emissions since 1990
 Kyoto objective
+15,7 %
-7% (not adopted!)
+72,7 %
South Africa
European Union:

United Kingdom

 It's really something to worry about! Isn't it?

Well that same source, The Hot Topic book, says too that even in the best scenarios, until 2050 the Kyoto agreemenet will lead to a global duplication of greenhouse gases related to actual values instead of a drastic reduction that are necessary to slow down the climate change! And only 1% of our PIB is used to invest in green energy projects!
In this context it's quite alarming to think that due to the burning of fossil fuels done by the man kind the carbon dioxide levels have never been so high, at least from 650 000 years ago!

More Evidences:
*90% bleaching of coral reefs in Maldivas, this is due to the acidification of oceans that absorb half of our emissions, and they're almost saturated by now.
* Climate wars: Darfur is a stage of inimaginable horror (400 000 dead civilians, 2 000 000 people were displaced from their homes and their lives ruined), and now we see what's going on in Somalia due to the dry and lack of water and food (but noooooo, for some people it's more important Men to go back to Moon again and tycoons spend money in space trips and buying islands).
*March, 2004 for the first time a tropical Cyclone reaches the brazilian coast.
*Dramatic fires in Greece, 2007.
*A heat wave in Europe killed about 35 000 people in 2003.
*In the actual conditions 2 000 millions of people have no access to drinking water and about 800 million of people are undernourished (and I'm not counting with European princesses and top-models, sorry for my sarcasms).
* Larson B is an ice plataform that was stable for 12 000 years and in 2002  collapsed, Larson B is the size of the north american state Rhode Island or the country Luxembourg but it didn't rose the sea level (Archimeds's principle).
melting in Antractida

The thousands of scientist on this climate panel reached the consensus that the climate is changing, mankind is causing it, society as we know it is threatened and YES we can solve it!
So this is not a moment of pessimism or denial, it's a moment to act in a constructive and determined way...together!