segunda-feira, 22 de agosto de 2011


I hate to do generalizations, and usually avoid to do them.
First of all, I'm not anti-America or something like that, I'm just anti stupidity. Unfortunately USA for all the reasons I can find is one of the most stupid nations I ever could imagine, so that's why I write so much mean stuff about USA. In fact, north-american people is the closest we can have to alliens.
USA is said to be the biggest nation on Earth, but why are they trully that big?well because USA has the largest number of fat people, and I'm not talking about people with more 10 kg or 15 kg, I'm talking about deadly fat people with more 100kg or 200 kg, it's a major problem of health and people just seem not to care about changing it. They have 24h open gym and single meals with 3000 kcal (when a normal person only eats about 2000 kcal each day)!
Well so when I thought I couldn't be more shocked about USA people that's when I got even more shocked: in the USA a young woman with kids weights 320 kg but she wants to get in the Guiness World Record with 730 kg!To do that she eats 20 000 kcal each day (the amount of kcal 10 people eat each day).
This is the kind of new I really don't know if I should cry or laugh.
In USA each year 25 million tons of perfectly comestible food are thrown away more 70 million tons of food from the supermarket!
 If american people give to the starving children all the food they eat and buy they could save lots of lives, instead they rather explode in their own grease. 
And more, people I know who went to USA told me that if people are thirsty they don't drink water they rather drink refrigerants with lots of sugar: fanta, 7up, pepsi, coca cola....
And even in the fast food restaurants you can drink as much soda as you want and chips!
People who travelled there too told me that what's normal in USA is being fat, if you're no fat probably you're an actor or a famous athlete or dancer or singer....everything is made in a large scale, friends of mine told me that single bed looked like double bed in Europe, even the chairs in restaurantes were much larger. It's usual to see really obese people with a bag with oxygen in the back....they're so fat that they not even can breathe! As if all this was not enough they not even walk in the streets like a normal person: they use segways!

For your own good America, change yourself!

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