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God kill the Queen

Well forgive my ignorance but I just found out today that Canada and Australia are a federal Parliamentary Democracy and a Constitutional democracy which monarch is Queen Elizabeth II of England. OMG they still have some kind of colonial sovereignity!! This is totally new for me since I am such a ignorant and hardly can believe this actually happens in 21th century, hundreds of years after the Age Discovery  and overseas expannsion (which started with the intrepid and adventurous portuguese).
So looks like sweet old Lady Queen Elizabeth II (who is filty rich by the way, read:queen)  is the Head of State of United Kingdom, Australia, Canada but also of 13 more countries of the Commonweath Realms: New Zeland, Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guine, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Luca, St Vincent and Granadinas, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize and St Kitts  Nevis!
But there is a total of 17 ex-realms that now are republics: Ireland (except the small north part of it! -.-), India, Pakistan,Ghana, South Africa, Tanzana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi,  Guyana, The Gambia, Sierre Leone, Sri Lanka, Malta, Trinidand  & Tobago, Fiji and Mauritius!!!
But before they broke with the monarchy, several nations held national referendums on whether or not their citizens supported the adoption of a republican constitution.
Country            Date of Referendum      % of Yes vote

IrelandJuly 1, 1937
The GambiaNovember, 1965
GhanaApril 17 - 30, 1960
South AfricaOctober 5, 1960
AustraliaNovember 6, 1999

Australian voters rejected to adopt a republic in 1999. As such they are technically the only Commonwealth Realm to have democratically chosen their status as a monarchy.
Somehow australian folk like to be under such a "nice" crown, well that's their choice, fair enough!

Well my opinion is that this is a completely nonsense to still having a kind of a colonial empire, even being a bit fake! I'm sure it's totally profitable for Britain to have a Commonwealth Realm but let's not say the same to underdeveloped and poor countries such as Jamaica or Guine..well at least for their citizens, not the corrupt governors!.
I don't see any good deeds done in Jamaica or Guine or Belize by the wealthy Bristish Crown, do you see any?
Other incomprehensible thing about British Realms is: what's the point to like to be under a damn european old Queen sovereignity?Besides of you having to pay taxes so they can live in luxury I think it takes away  autenticity and identity to a country and folk and this is such an old fashion thing! Look everybody stopped that, there are no more colonies, except yours! -.- (and France too, I guess).
And what about Gibraltar in Spain, how can they still claim that it's the Queen's territory? and North Ireland? 
But why do people need a monarchy? How much are they worth?
Let's make some math? 
Each year the queen Elizabeth II  receives from the government, that is, the british people, USD12.9 million (it is 129 million american dollares!!!).
So, in euros, the monarchy of Queen Elizabeth budget represents about 46 million euros from the taxpayers which makes the Queen the most expensive Head of State in Europe!
The direct heir to the throne, prince Charles,received last year alone, 28 million USD. But the costs are huge: only the salary of its 150 employees consumed this amount, more than 10 million dollars.
Prince William receives an annual salary between $ 74,000 and 68 as Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force.
Prince Harry receives between 50 and 53 thousand dollars as a helicopter pilot of the Army Air Corps, an agency of the British Army.

Here, check it out (but the page is written in portuguese):royal

Also that marvellous Royal Wedding? Wasn't that cute? It costed 30 million dollares and guess who paid most of it....the in love with fairytales british folk, of course.
So this makes Queen Elizabeth the biggest landowner on the planet possessing entire countries!
There are kids in Guine, Belize and so on dying of hunger your majesty, why don't you give  1% (more than 1 million) of your anual income of 129 million dollares to save them? 

I think such a thing as this parasites of society shouldn't be accepted specially for underdeveloped and exploited countries which citizens have no life conditions. 
The monarchy is something that made sense in a distant past but its opulence and luxury make no sense nowadays. If british and australians want to pay for their fake fairy tale, go ahead but you should spare the poorest ones, no?
In a near fair future for everyone I'm sure that such a thing as an ostensive monarchy will not exist and free human people from slavery.

A little evolution and enlightenment that's what the world needs!


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