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My incovenient truth

YOU say YOU  wander YOUR own land, but when I think about it I don't see how YOU can!
I think mankind it's the supreme parasite of the Universe and its major mistake ever, don't you? I don't know it seems like we can't do anything that doesn't hurt other species and nature, the natural Earth as it is seems to have no space for this homo economicus thing!
None of this is natural: our living, our cities are so far from nature and everything is so ugly, contrary to most people I know I really hate big cities as New York, Sydney, los Angeles, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Xangai, Toronto, Tokyo, etc, etc! In fact that places are so damn ugly that makes me want to throw up, they realy put me down just for taking a look at pictures!
Lots of people live in freakin small apartments that look like cages, the streets' floor is made of oil tar, everything is grey or black...there's no green grass only in specific areas like parks, there are few natural lungs in cities and if you still breathin you should thank Amazon forest! Let's just hope Brasil doesn't start cutting trees everywhere just to be a bigger econmy!
Me too I live in a hedious small apartment but with few levels, and I just hate it, my parents like the bustle of the Lisbon suburbs, be close to everything, and live in the safety of a cement building...I don't! It doesn't matter if I have to live in a camping area, I would never buy an apartment!
We serve ourselves of the planet as if was its obligation to bear us, we think everything was made for us and we can do everything with it,even disrespect it, destroy its resources and other living species.
Even religion teaches us that Earth was made for us, although we should take care of it (but we can eat animals)!
But is that true? I really think not! This isn't ours!No, not at all!

Our style of living is so demanding that it's needed lots of energy, we steal it from fossil fuels (oil, gas and coil) that are made of fossils with extra carbon concentration, millions of years ago that materials were dinossaur and the corpses of jurassic "we're" invading countries in undercover of free that people from tyrant governmets (when we actually still having our tyrants) and nuclear weapons, making war refugees, destroying foreign lands and killling. It might be true some countries have nuclear arsenal and it's normal we think it can be used for war and not energy (that remains dangerous as well though), the only answer is Global Peace and start looking at Earth as one, because it is just one and all of us have the right to live peaceful here.
seems like the dinossaurs didn't extinguished!

Let's take  a look of this issue: Climate Change, Pollution, Overpopulation...resuming the problem: ourselves, Human Kind!

Of 178 members of the agreement of Kyoto Protocol (that started in 1997 and finishes in 2012) only one, so far, refused to sign and it is the biggest polluter on Earth: USA (United States of America).
The last country that signed the Kyoto Protocol was Australia.
The memeber countries of Kyoto specially the developped ones with more historical responsability for this problem, have an obligation to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases by at least 5,2% compared to 1990 levels between 2008 and 2012. The reduction targets are not homogeneous for all countries: the emergent economies of countries like Brazil, Mexico, China, Argentina, India, etc did not receive reduction levels so far.

Participation in the Kyoto Protocol, as of December 2010,
Green = Countries that have signed and ratified the treaty
             (Annex I & II countries in dark green)
Grey = Countries that have not yet decided
Brown = No intention to ratify at this stage.

So that's it my fellow americans, you're alone!aren't you ashamed? You are the only ones who seem to don't care about this huge problem because you just want to still being the biggest economy on Earth, but it's looks like even that is not going're selling houses for a dollar!
Can't you see this? While you still thinking your economy only can grow devasting Earth resouces you'll never take wealth out of it, because what you're doing is destrooying the Earth's wealth, its resources in which we depend on: does it matter so much to you, to have gas in your car today when your sons and grandsons might have no water to drink? does it matter so much to you, eat meat everyday if that implies the devastation of Amazon forest? I could go on and on, but hopefully I think we get the point of this!We have been enslaving Earth and taking profits of that, but it will come a day Earth is so looted that will have nothing more to give us. Probably in that day this leader generation that is in power will be dead, and who will have to deal with this cataclysm will be next generations: their sons and daughters, their grandsons and granddaughters... inocents that you put on this world consciously or not. And why? because of the actual generation selfishness!

How much polution?
This data are from 2008 (book: The Hot Topic, Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King)

 Tons of CO2 per habitant
Change of Emissions since 1990
 Kyoto objective
+15,7 %
-7% (not adopted!)
+72,7 %
South Africa
European Union:

United Kingdom

 It's really something to worry about! Isn't it?

Well that same source, The Hot Topic book, says too that even in the best scenarios, until 2050 the Kyoto agreemenet will lead to a global duplication of greenhouse gases related to actual values instead of a drastic reduction that are necessary to slow down the climate change! And only 1% of our PIB is used to invest in green energy projects!
In this context it's quite alarming to think that due to the burning of fossil fuels done by the man kind the carbon dioxide levels have never been so high, at least from 650 000 years ago!

More Evidences:
*90% bleaching of coral reefs in Maldivas, this is due to the acidification of oceans that absorb half of our emissions, and they're almost saturated by now.
* Climate wars: Darfur is a stage of inimaginable horror (400 000 dead civilians, 2 000 000 people were displaced from their homes and their lives ruined), and now we see what's going on in Somalia due to the dry and lack of water and food (but noooooo, for some people it's more important Men to go back to Moon again and tycoons spend money in space trips and buying islands).
*March, 2004 for the first time a tropical Cyclone reaches the brazilian coast.
*Dramatic fires in Greece, 2007.
*A heat wave in Europe killed about 35 000 people in 2003.
*In the actual conditions 2 000 millions of people have no access to drinking water and about 800 million of people are undernourished (and I'm not counting with European princesses and top-models, sorry for my sarcasms).
* Larson B is an ice plataform that was stable for 12 000 years and in 2002  collapsed, Larson B is the size of the north american state Rhode Island or the country Luxembourg but it didn't rose the sea level (Archimeds's principle).
melting in Antractida

The thousands of scientist on this climate panel reached the consensus that the climate is changing, mankind is causing it, society as we know it is threatened and YES we can solve it!
So this is not a moment of pessimism or denial, it's a moment to act in a constructive and determined way...together!

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