quarta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2011

vassal vandals of your majesty

Well after all what's really going on in London? it's not a picture of London, it's not Europe what we saw on T.V: cars and houses on fire, looted houses, robberies everywhere, a bunch of vandals breaking and destroying everything they can...with no aparent reason! The only reason is do robberies because they want to do it  and took advantage of that incident related to that incident after a Totenham footblal play.
I saw a report of an english that lives in one of those blocks in undercover of journalist he asked a girl what she was doing, and she asked: "having my taxes back?".
Can you believe this? Most part of that thieves live from State subsidies which is actually paid from the taxes the honest and hard working people pays them! But if that girl really pays taxes is because she works so she should have known how is hard to make a living and shouldn't destroy the other's business and homes. If she doesn't work and said that, then she is just idiot.
But back again on taxes: in a healthy and fair society taxes are very important because it's the fundamental financial tool to build a fair society with social rights as health care and education and security. So we should all be proud of paying taxes and not thinking we are being stolen! Of course we only can feel this way if we truly live in a fair society, want an example? Scandinavia! Scandinavian people delate those who don't pay taxes and really trust in their State and understand the major importance of paying taxes...they will have their social benefits such as free school, even in college, free health, free everything! The government pays them everything because that folk is their government not a bunch of corrupts and liars! People live in a true democracy because they want to be part of it (just for curiosity most part of scandinavian governments have more womans than men).
What happens in Portugal or England is quite different, in fact in England the college fees raised 3 more times, 10 thousand euros per year which is unbearable for most of people but still in Portugal we only pay college and it is one thousand euros per year.
But what is the profile of that thiefs and vandals? is this a problem of multiculturalism?in T.V they didn't looked like true english and they were young...from dangerous blocks.
If you want me to be honest I can't see any true european spirited destroying their own country and other citizen's life and stuff repeating what we saw in 3rd World countries where there is war conflicts. We see looting after a natural disaster such as Katrina when people can't have anything, not when they just feel like doing that because they want to have a new plasma T.V, a new computer, new fancy clothes and tenis...and because they are jealous about other's cars or even because just want to destroy and steal, because maybe they think it's so funny and who steals are the heroes of their block! Another problem to solve is that there are young kids doing that lootings and vandalizing cities, the law must change so they can be punished, because if they have the guts to commit such crimes they must be punished for it!
What is going on only shows the deep disrespect for the other citizens, it shows the absolute absence of acting like living in a developed society, it shows the hedious disrespect for the country and for some immigrant or immigrant descendant it shows their disrespect for people that welcome them and it's shamefull.
This has no reason and no sense, that violnece is absolutely revolting, I hope finnaly it's given more power to our police because at least I'm sick of seeing the vandals destoying everything and killing, robbering and beating citizens and our police can't do anything because some european stupid laws (like the portuguese) seem to just give rights to the bandits, who get out the police station laugh about the police and the victims and even sometimes  beat the police for arresting them!
I wouldn't say it's a multiculturalism problem it is a problem of letting the vandalism spread in society, let's face it our police got to be respected again! How we do it? most part of that vandals are youngs most of them must be unemployed and dedicated to the crime living, they might be unemployed because they don't want work but also because they can't be accepted to a job.
Unemployement is a big issue in Europe and sometimes it's an undercover for violence and robberies, we should fight the social exclusion but the major problem is when that people really don't want to be part of a civilized society with rules.
And the violence extended to several cities in England, the damages so far are about 100 million euros (it's approximatelly 6 royal weddings, the last royal wedding which mostly british tax payers' paid costed about 30 million dollares and now a dolar is almost half of the euro...if my math isn't okay please tell me).
I hope now Queen Elizabeth say something about this, the Head of multiple intercontinental States must have something to say no? Want a tip? you're not the Queen of Jamaica! At least in a rational 21th century point of view! Release your colonies so England can deal with the imported  violence...and if you could spare the people's money it would be cool... but well I'm just a portuguese nobody anti-monarchy and that's not my problem.

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