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Obama is right!

In the context of the american huge debt, the president of United States of America, Barack Obama said in a conference: "the good new is...we're not Portugal", he said this in a mocking tone, but what happens is that after all for us it sounds like irony.

My fellow americans, if you're reading this do you know where is Portugal? do you know what is Portugal after all?
Well if you don't know I can explain you quickly, but first of all check it in the google world or google maps...done? Ok, it's in Europe, Europe is a continent, Portugal is in the western south of Europe...and no, it's not a spanish province it's a real country with a real  and old history and identity...not like some new pre-fabricated countries like yours, Canada or Australia. So as a real country we really have our own language, it has some similarities to spanish and italian because it comes from latin, an extincted language. And if you have no idea about it, our language is portuguese and is spoken by 250 million people in the world across all inhabitaded continents: Europe (Portugal), America (Brazil), Africa (Angola, Mozambique, S. Tome & Principe, Guine Bissau, Cabo Verde), Oceania (Timor), it's also a 2nd official language spoken in China in the city of Macau and is a non-official language in India in Goa.  What makes the portuguese language  in the 7000 actual languages spoken world-wide the 6th with more number of speakers, the 5th with more countries that have it as an official language, the 3rd more spoken amongst the western languages (behind english and spanish).
And yeah damn it Portugal has only 10 million inhabitants, less than an average brazilian city, and its size would be a XXS with 92 090 km² of area!!! Neverthless we were huge, in fact we still being as you can see it (or can't see it...)

Now that you know wtf is Portugal we can talk about the main issue of this post:

So, in fact, Obama is so damn right when he said USA is not Portugal. And you know why?

Well as Manuel Ferrer wrote (if something here isn't true let me know about it, if you have something to tell about this tell me too please, anyway feel free to say anything here even to say "screw" me, haters are welcome too):

1-In USA 50% of the population have no health care and 25% can't take any treatment in any hospital (health care is a real business, so if you're poor and you need to have health care and can't afford that...they just let you die).

2-In USA the public debt rose at a level impossible to be paid for several generations and already exceeded the hundreds of thousands of U.S § per family.

3-In USA children with 12 years old are condemned to life imprisonment  for stealing a bicycle (well about this new I haven't found a direct post about but we all know how crime is unbelievable common in USA and it's kind of violent country, also USA has the stupidest laws to judge people for 25 years of prison or lifetime imprivisionment just for try to steal something even without any violence or carrying weapons, check this: stories, as you can read there, for instance:
 "Leandro Andrade, 44 years old, was given not one but two sentences of 25 years-to-life for stealing nine children's videotapes, including "Snow White," "Cinderella" and "Free Willie 2.The tapes were worth $153.54. He says:" I’m not a killer. I'm not a rapist. I'm really not a bad person once you get to know me.Do I deserve to be locked up for the rest of my life, because a certain judge feels that's what he deserves?”.
Under his sentence, Andrade will be 87 before being eligible for parole.
Also in the big USA children have fun with their families shooting guns, and a 12 years old kid killed with a his stepmother and other with 12 years old kid who killed his brother beating him to death will be in jail forever.
And if you put in a jail someone just because robbed or tried to rob a thingy believe me, how would you do if happened there the same that happened in England this year? looting because they wanted to? no jail would be enough!

4-In USA 1/5 of black people are in jail (racism? I mean in the way to chase only the blacks? there must be a lot of white guys with a tie working in banks stealing millions from people...and I even know a white terrorist that lived in Washington DC in a fancy white house...).

5-In the USA 6% of people daily survive with one canned food meal...for animals.

6-The public school it's said to be totaly uselles and is on its way to extintion.

7-In USA it's said to be more than 450 police organizations and the judiciary is not independent of the executive, it's named for him! (that explains a lot....).

8-In USA it's said that the 2 biggest industries are the army and porn.
The porn industry said Mark Hitchcock about USA have 12 billions of dollares of profits per year.

9-In USA it's said that 1% of the population controlls and receives about 90% of the national PIB.

10-In USA the meat and eggs production legally uses chemical growth promoters (a source of cancer if you didn't know about that).

11-In USA there's no minimum wage and the unskilled workers are paid 4 euros/ hour.

12-The USA is envolved in tens of armed conflicts dirty and dubious to carry out coups favorable to their interests and those of Israel (what I know about that is the invasions of Iraq, I remember Bush to tell us they had nuclear weapons....but not even one nuclear weapon was found! Just for don't talk about Lybia...you want to save people from tyrants? But USA is the biggest tyrant on Earth specially for Earth resources).

13-The USA raise the world's best brains to its army industry and "force" their "allies" to buy them.

14- The USA is the world's largest  market for hard drugs and a major producer of amphetamines and other chemical doping

15-The U.S.A prints paper money and through treaties with its Arab colonies transformed the U.S. $ in international means of payment instead of gold  (maybe it's the reason why when the USA economy is down all the world follows the drop).

Check: http://www.minyanville.com/mvpremium/ten-industries-in-which-the/?refresh=1

So Obama is so damn right! None of these (fortunatelly) happens in Portugal!

One more important detail: the USA is completely bankrupt and more than 10% population already live in camps without any sanitation or basic public services (maybe this have to do with the subprime crisis:  people had no money to pay their debts so banks pawned their houses and they had to live in camping areas forgotten from the society...what is happening now is that even banks can't afford the pawn of the house, paying the maintenance and municipal taxes...so now numerous houses are being sold just for a dolar! But still people don't buy it because they have no way to afford it after, also USA have 46 million of citizens living below the poverty line).


Only to end: So USA participated in two wars that weren't paid?
I remember the previous government saying that we had to fight against terrorism and invade Afghanistan and Iraq because they had nuclear war weapons. In the end, nobody found nuclear weapons...because they didn't really existed! But meanwhile NATO troops killed and still killing civilians. Well the only reasonable answer for that is one: geostrategical and geopolitical interests...the black gold: oil.
Here's my piece of advice to the Nobel Peace Prize: about the wars NATO didn't pay I don't know how USA had money to do them but USA shouldn't start other wars like in Libya (which they started!)
It's all just to remind Obama that a Nobel Peace Prize shouldn't do war!

A portuguese group of humorists made a music with the declarations of Obama: "We're not Portugal, we're not Greece", portuguese sarcasm and ironcial sense of humor has no limits!
USA we're glad you're not Portugal!

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