segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2011

Never buy gas again: ride a bike!

I saw on the news that transportation fees in Portugal had a rise between 15% and 25%, which is a lot, in average more 5 euros for a monthy pass but I was even more shocked when I saw about London, well in my tourism guides and about what I've heard it is said to be a very elitist city which where the prices are very high compared to other cities in the UK, so it really has a very high life cost. About the trasnsportations I was stuuned, the last time I went to London was 6 years ago, and well I know the buses and the underground trips weren't cheap but nothing compared to now: an underground ticket costs 5 euros (it's more less the price of 5 tickets in the underground of Lisbon) and if you want to park you car for1 hour it will cost you 5 euros!
So what did some people did? They ride a bike! But I saw on T.V that streets were not prepared for cycling but still people were riding a bike!
That's what we need everywhere where there's no spatial planning for bikes although it's not safe and organized like the wonderful Copenhagen: we shall use it! And put our municipalities governors under pressure to solve this problem!
One of the most inspiring cities I've ever been was Copenhagen, even when it was raining and cold everybody was cycling and everywhere you had large sidewalks for pedestrians, roads for cars and cycle paths por cyclists...and it's a small country!
In Portugal it's very stupid we don't have developed infrastructures to ride our bikes in a way of transportation and just not for sport! Since we have such a good climate, it's almost never cold and rarely rains.
Right now I'm taking my drive licence because it's needed to most job offers and it is even to volunteer in forests! And I want to go surf and there's no direct transportations for beaches, I want to have the freedom to go surf evrytime I feel like to, even in winter. But I should have taken my drive licence 3 years ago but I just didn't want to, I use to say to my parents: "for what? I hope to be in Scandinavian few years from now and there I'll ride a bike everyday". In fact one of the reaons I would like to move to Norway, Denmark and Sweden is to be free to ride daily a bike in conditions!". What made me change my mind too was the new enthusiastic electric vehicles they don't need gas but electricity accumulated on batteries and they expell water not CO2. In Portugal more than half of our electricity is renewable so I'm sure to buy an electric vehicle and I don't fell so bad about driving right now.
There's only advantages to start riding a bike: we have more space in cities, less traffic,  it's good for our health, it's good for environment, we spare lots of money since we don't need fuels...and I'm even sure that armed conflicts would end on the Middle East stopping a dirty business.

So everybody start biking! :D

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