quinta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2011

Cruelty against animals in Ukraine

When I think humsnity can't shock me more than they did yesterday, each new day is a discover of cruelty committed agaisnt animals. This new post is really shocking, I never ever could imagine that the so called rational kind and superior of the other animals could do this harm to inocent beings!

Go here and sign this petition:  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/tell-ukraine-to-stop-burning-animals-alive/

"The city Lysychansk (eastern Ukraine) is shooting and burning animals alive as part of Football Preparations for Eurofoot 2012.
The captured animals are thrown alive into the oven to 900 degrees C. According to locals, the dogs and cats burned alive.
The concentration of stray animals is not critical and can easily be controlled. The problem of stray animals to be solved by sterilization. We are horrified to learn the problem of stray animals in the Luhansk region in the town Lysychansk in Eastern Ukraine will be "solved" in this way and ignoring the Law on Cruelty to Animals.
Ukrainian Authorities are now using a mobile crematorium to exterminate stray animals. The local government bought a mobile crematorium for the disposal of stray animals. The mobile team of drivers and dog catchers are armed with a gun to shoot strays. The mobile crematorium also lends it to other cities and districts of the region."
What I think it should be controlled proliferation of idiot person in the world, I'm so revolted and heartbroken. Why and how people can be so cruel? How can they kill those animals with no mercy? 
It was better for the world those idiots to be in the 900ºC oven instead.

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