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Nine Eleven: wake me up when september ends

(Atention: I wrote this before investigating more about the Nine Eleven and before I was convinced by the facts that well something really just doesn't sound right...)

I couldn't take more time without talking about what happened 10  years ago on 11-September-2011. If I didn't do it earlier was because I didn't felt prepared for it. After all I usually write some mean stuff about America but that doesn't mean I dislike american people at all.

Nine Eleven change my life and it was sadly unforgettable, I still have psychological scars...and they're deeply disturbing!

In America there are about 70 000 daily flights and the place under the twin towers was an underground station where every 90 seconds a train stopped by and 1000 persons get out of the train and moved to the rolling stairs. So that place was very bustling. Fortunately the underground station was closed when the first plane crashed the tower. This is just to let you know how bustling USA is, specially NYC.

In that day I was a normal european kid with 11 years old and to be honest by the time I didn't understand why  that fuss was all about, to me it looked like just two ugly buildings falling apart, but then I saw that buildings were burning because two planes crashed into and then I thought: "how come did two aeroplanes destroy that towers?", it sure sounded premeditated, and then I thought about the people, it sure must have people inside the buildings!And then the horror came in front of our screens: people suicide themselves jumping out of the windows because they rather die smashed than burned...it was absolute despair! And it kept going, people run away screaming until the two buildings were scaterred to ash...as millions of lives!
And then a group of islamic extremist proclaimed they made the attack...and then a new reality came out: Terrorism.
And for this 10 years we've seen this kind terrorism also in Europe: in Madrid,Spain and in London,United Kingdom.
That terrorists proclaimed the Western Nations (specially USA and Europe) as kafirs, this is unfaithful to (their) God, they advocate that those countries have no moral and their God charged them to kill them all because they don't deserve to live. The reward for making them explode themselves is going to Heaven with their God which will offer each one 70 virgins. When I read and saw in the news that terrorists believed in this I was stunned, Einstein said that human stupidity is infinite but I never thought it could be this astonishing  big!
The twin towers and the Pentagon were the major symbol of the supremacy of USA in the world, specially in the world's economy so that's why it's said it was the target of the terrorists.

And in 10 years I read some books, one of them was "Divine Anger" from Jose Rodrigues dos Santos, a journalist from RTP, a portuguese TV station. Well he read the Alcoran and wrote a thrilling story about a terrorist, the book was read by an ex member of that terrorist organization (Al Qaeda) and that person said that what that extermists characters defended was what that the real members defended too.
 It is said that in Alcoran are two perspectives of Maomet which makes the two biggest difference between the xiitas and sunitas : sunitas are the major part of  muslims and they are more moderated and peaceful than the xiitas who are the extremists. That's why daily in Iraq and Pakistan it's made bomb attacks: xiitas against sunitas. One of the news it shocked me the most was about a suicide bomber who said that in the city centre someone will take them to work in a paid work, hundreds of men waited concentrated and then the bomber made explode himself and killed hundreds of innocents who just wanted to get a job to feed their starving families. For xiitas the sunitas are kafir and they advocate they should die even being muslims too. The same for those who have a different faith or are atheist or agnostic.
What happens is that a group of radicals make brain wash to other desperate people specially kids who were born and raised always just knowing that reality so they never saw beyond that, they grow up and become terrorists.
To be honest I never read Alcoran but we all know there are some parts that defend the Holy War against the kafirs. In the bible too! Well there were the Christian Crusades hundreds of years ago against the muslims who were said to be the unfaithful ones by christians! Yes it happened too! But we moved along, now that kind of scriptures make no sense at all, it's out of context we can't guide ourselves from what it's written in there!
What an extremist and awful God we can read from the holy scriptures!
Fortunately I can separate what people say from God from what I think from God...well if He does exist at all, and if He exists He must be good, amorous, friendly and just want us to live happy together respecting each others. He's sure a positive and harmonious energy...otherwise He wouldn't create life, life is harmony and happiness not death and destruction. But He might have walk away and left us alone wondering if we are willing to love or willing to hate.
Listen I don't really believe if He exists but when we see people killing and dying if we're good persons and have compassion we get really morose, sad and even feel angry and disgusted about the assassins.
There are a lot of bad people outside, malevolent souls consumed by hate wanting to make other's suffer and even take pleasure from it but anyway I still thinking the good ones are the majority...and we can win them.
Anyway to make things clear I have no religion but I believe in compassion and love and friendship...it might be a big harmonious energy out there and I call it God! I think you can be spiritual and not religious and this came out the need I had to stop believing in what people said about Him, because what people said about Him was just awful, it always seemed to me people fear God much more than trully love Him. Let's just focus in what you think He's like, the Universe tells me is good and you just need to help other people and living creatures and the planet.
I just think  Humanity is not reliable and all religions have stupid manners and beliefs that's why I proclaimed myself as unconvertible.

But let's go back to Nine Eleven, during the past 10 years I've been watching all the moves after that tragic episode and I concluded something: USA decided to invade Iraq and took with them the other fellows from NATO because they said there were hidden a massive nuclear arsenal...10 years later the dictator Saddam (who commited crimes against humanity) was executed, the terrorist Bin Laden who was the leader of Al-Qaeda was killed...but no weapons were found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS AT ALL!!!
And NATO still being there shooting, killing and doing horrifying things even to mere civilians (wikileaks agitated the world when published a video about american soldiers pressing a button to explode a warehouse which they found was odd and they didn't even waited for the pedestrian to finish passing by to shoot! as the result an inocent was killed and it was just an empty warehouse....but are so many many more cases! I read on the news that a dad in Iraq was taking his kids to school and stopped by to help people who were spilling blood on the road, the american soldiers shoot them and after all what they killed were just innocent persons trying to have a normal life in a destroyed and hideously occupied country! I wish instead of spending money in guns NATO spend it reconstructing the country.

But let's take a look at what is happening in Libya now...do you think it's different?
Despite of Kadaffi being a dictator who killed lots of persons who were against his polity he made some good stuff for Lybia who were before the invasions a country with a high HDI (a measure of well being in a country), see it for yourself in wikipedia (if you trust in wiki): Libya. In Libya too was constructed a big engennering project: the biggest irrigation system of the World which provided drinking water to people in the desert and promoted the farmer industry. If you check the map of Human Development Index (HDI) in wikipedia HDI you can see that it's pretty high (0,755), or used to be: it's higher that the HDI of Brazil and comprable to some European countries as Portugal (0,795), Poland, Romania, Croatia and United Kingdom (0,85). What I'm trying to say is that at least some good things must have been done there because they have/ used to have a high HDI, something was done in order to improve people's lives...and now something is being done to destroy it all!
After all what it looks like NATO is doing now is simply invade other's countries in order get economical profits, it's a geopolitical and geoestrategical policy to get what makes the world move: OIL!!!!!!!
For a while I believed in thad thing of allies and fight the terrorism but now I see that what is being done is get an excuse, say that they're there to protect and defend people's interests and well being, free them from the ditactor and give them democracy (in the case of Lybia they're being helped from the oponents of the dictatorship they just didn't invade it without some "welcomes"). How can NATO help and defend people? destroying their homes and cities? making them war refugees and them DENY THEM ACESS TO ESCAPE THAT HELL? I'm talking about Europe denying access to refugees that come in boats starving and dying of thirst...they're sent back! SENT BACK! I mean those who didn't die! And meanwhile we see Italy receiving some persons and then they move all Europe...and what it's done? France closes the borders with Italy and Denmark with Germany and Sweden.  USA and allies create a problem but don't deal with the consequences...with the HUMANITARIAN consequences. The most disgusting thing of all this do you know what is it? is that who's paying for all that wars and destruction is us! People who work honestly paying taxes  for the well being of a society and gets against our will our money used to kill inocents! And this is regretable!

A lot of things have changed in 10 years, one of the most shocking things was the terrible day all the horrors of the world implode in front of my eyes through a screen, that was the day all the cruel reality fell over me and I discovered how people can be so indescribable ugly, dread and evil! I knew that people killed each other I just never thought they cut their heads off to do it, and with 12 years old I saw on TV a beheading of a young american soldier by terrorists. I never ever knew what a beheading was because I never knew how cruel people could be to each others, I was so innocent and pure...but when that day came I was never ever the same smiling kid! I found out that the world is ugly, I felt just out of place and each new day I discovered horrible things everywhere...I just wanted to leave this place, I just wanted to escape from the hell of living. I had several nightmares about this disturbing issue for years, but I never confided to anyone that this really disturbed me for my entire life. In that day the TV was tuned in this new and I was just passing by the screen to go to my bedroom, nobody was there near me, next thing I remeber was to be in shock, didn't want to come out my bedroom, didn't want to talk,  didn't want to watch TV anymore specially news...I closed myself with my deepest thoughts and became a depressive and loner teenager disgusted with the world. Later I read in the Divine Anger book that beheading a kafir was what their holy book said they had to do to kill their enemies. Maomet himself did it several times and encouraged others to do it (well this is what I read).

I read a fantastic book: "From Bagdade with love" about an american soldier (a marine) who fell in love with a little puppy, it was one of the most notable and emotional books I've ever read.
Well in a day of fighting in Iraq the marines occupied an empty house to sleep the night and they found a small lost puppy that was left behind possibly when its family have to run away from the horror Bagdade was in.
After a day of slaughtering, bombing and shooting the soldiers looked to the little puppy and smiled,  caressed and played with him. A little bit later the Marine Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman enters the shelter and sees that, he told the soldiers they couldn't take care of the dog and that was against the army rules (soldiers can't feed or help animals, women and children in fact they don't even can talk to them or make some contact...why? because soldiers are trained to be like war machines: don't feel, don't think by themselves so the best way to do it is keep them far from any warm feelings as compassion and taking care of a little dog can bring them their lost or numb humanity and that can compromise the militar operations).
The Marine Kopelman said someone had to kill the dog (it's the army orders), but all soldiers said they wouldn't do it because they had enough blood in their hands just for a day and they didn't want to sleep after killing a little puppy, enough nightmares they said. Well it was up to Jay to do it but when he was getting ready to shoot, the little puppy looked at him and started playing with his shoelace...he just couldn't kill the dog and said it was okay stay with the puppy for a night, and then they fed it and gave it water. That night was the begginig of a friendship, the little dog slept next to Jay, and since that day he just couldn't get rid of the dog, he protect him and hide the dog from his superiors. When they found out they separeted Jay from the puppy but Jay made up a plan and paid a taxi driver to take the dog to the place they were moving in, he was with the puppy (named Lava) one more time. But then Jay had to return to USA and stop his activities there and they didn't allow him to take the dog. It was very tough for him to separate from his little friend but he thought that when he gets back in the USA he could get over it...but he just couldn't stop thinking about the little dog every day and every night...he tried everything and he could rescue his little dog! Now they live happy together in USA! This is trully an amazing story that really commoved me.

Well in that book the Marine Jay Kopelman tells us too awful details about what was going on Iraq, the most impressive things was that the marines found human slaughters full of encaged  prisoners and human corpses as well DVD's that filmed that tortures and murderers. In the news it was told too that that kind of hedious DVD's were sold in streets as if it was an entertainment product.
Also the streets of Bagdade were full of human corpses that were eaten by starving dogs and there were the constant threat of suicide bombing for that the terrorists even used bomb-strapped cows and other animals as donkeys and retarded kids. No doubts if there is a Hell it was in Bagdade.

So we can look at the little Lava as a miracle and believe that even in a destroyed and soulless place there can still exist hope and love.

One of the things that came after the 11-9 was my favourite band: My Chemical Romance which I saw performing in July 2011 Lisbon. The 1st song of the band was written by the leader singer, Gerard Way and it's about what he felt when he saw people suiciding themselves jumping out of the windows and falling to the emptiness. The song it's called: Skylines and Turnstiles.

I just remembered another epic song about all this theme, it's from the amazing Green Day (who I saw performing too in Lisbon in September 2009) it's called Wake Me Up When September Ends and it's about the soldiers sent to war.

And by the way I let you with some magnificient quotations of Einstein:

"The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service. "

"Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it. "

"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. "

Einstein said too that the problem was not the existence of evil persons but the fact that the others let them win doing the evil acts they order them to do it.

I just want express my admiration for all  the people that revolted against the terrorists aboard and rather make the plane crash in Pensilvania then cause more deaths of course if this story is true...) and express all my admiration too for all the firefighters and volunteers that risked or lost their lives to rescue and save the victims with so much courage and nobility. You are the true Heroes!
But what I have to say too is that we made the Nine Eleven overrated: about 3000 people died on that attack but about 700 000 died in the consequencies of the war in Iraq.
So tell me please, who is the biggest terrorist? I still don't get the media point...

Just Wake Me Up When September Ends!

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