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Portuguese Deportation in Canada

Well this an old new (2005) but I decided to post it to show how living abroad  can be tough for immigrants no matter where they're from.
In 2005 the Canadian government deported several portuguese families that have been in the country for 7 years, and some of them with 10, 15 years of living abroad: they had honest jobs and paid the taxes contribuiting for the productivity and the GDP of Canada. They had all their family living there, their house, friends, their pets and their cars. What happened is that after all that years some of the portuguese people had not being accepeted by the immigration services so they were not legal although they had jobs, children born in Canada and studying at canadian schools so most part of that kids not even knew how to speak well portuguese. They were honest people, some of them were volunteers in the comunity, they never had committed any crimes or public disorders. But after all that years they received a letter and in a period of a week they had to return to Portugal without having time to sell their homes and cars, basically they left all there and get back to Portugal without anything.
Some of that portuguese people asked for legalization but is was always denied so to be legal they claimed for refugee status which makes no sense at all since we have no civil war and Portugal is the one of the safer places in the world.
I know they were illegal and they were not refugees at all, saying that is trying to deceive the canadian state and is a very lame excuse I know, but what makes me mad about this is why they took 7, 10, 15 years to decide to deport them? and then just left them a week to move out?
This video is a video done by an opposition party against the deportion of portuguese workers with very irony:
Lots of people, inclusively canadian and chiefs of canadian enterprises tried their best to avoid the deportation of the portuguese because they had lack of work force in the construction and because it's unfair.

I never had no interest in move to Canada let's be clear, but still,I don't like when other countries banish my people who have always been honest and peaceful.
But the same way several people in Portugal are waiting for too many years to be legal and work here. And we still being one of the countries that gives the biggest amount of nationalities to foreign people!
I think a country should deport the people that commit crimes, do robberies there or prostitue themselves.
There's almost no cases of a rowdy portugueses abroad because portuguese immigrants are hard workers, respectful and honest.
Also you can see by what happens in Switzerland, Luxembourg and France, the portuguese are a very potent work force to   that countries and helped to build a strong  economy by working and paying taxes.
What if the canadian government sent back Nelly Furtado's family after all that years living in Canada?
After all Nelly Furtado was born in Canada but all her family were portuguese and there were sent back young kids that were born in Canada too! That's right you would never be proud of saying: "Nelly Furtado is canadian!" (well, supposing you are Nelly's friend...I am :D).
Nelly furtado is a luso descending that was born in Canada

This kind of things trully disgust me, and I remeber my dad (who receieved several job offers abroad) saying: "you can move, you can run, you can try to forget but you will never ever feel as good as you feel here, there's no place like your country!".
Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz said that too in the movie: "there's no place like home!".
And after all, despite of all that I say the truth is that I don't know how is the world outwards but I see it has not to be excessively better. To be honest, the more I know the world out there, the more I like Portugal!
There's no place like home and after all my home is  awesome!
In December of 2011, another family of ten portuguese members was sent back with nothing after being 11 years in Canada working. They never lived from state subsidies and always worked in honest jobs. Anyway after 10 years of being illegal, although working, they were all sent back. That family tried everything to stay in Canada but their request of legalization was always denied. I've been hearing people saying that Canada doesn't want people from abroad there ( even honest and hard working people as it seem), which shows they're a bit xenophobic, and after all why are they like that (attention there is no excuse for being xenophobic)? they have no identity as a country! Please, their head of state is Queen Elizabeth from England and they still being a constitutional monarchy populated by people from everywhere expect the native ones who were almost exterminated (the indians of course). 
I wish the deported families the best wishes to start all over again in a place where they can ever be deported (they're country)...or as I heard them saying because of the unemployment very high in Portugal they can return to Canada and be legal there. For you to have an idea that families are having the support from their canadian bosses to return, they really must to be hard working people. Wish them good luck!

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  1. The thing that puzzles me about countries like Canada, USA, Australia, etc, is that they were built based on immigration.

    Everyone in these countries descends from one original immigrant, except for the natives.

    It's a paradox, really, because without emigration, these countries would not exist.

    I mean, denying immigration in denying your own existence.


  2. Cheers! Thanks for the comment! I wouldn't say it better than you did. Really countries like Canada, USA, Australia were all build by immigrants so it's quite intriguing they can be a bit xenophobic from times to times although racism and xenophobia have no reason to exist and are stupid.

  3. Let's say someone applies to come to Canada LEGALLY, ie they apply to Canadian Immigration and have the paperwork filled out, and they have to return home while they wait for Immigration to finish their work.

    Meanwhile someone else comes here on a visitor visa and NEVER GOES HOME and stays here ILLEGALLY and has kids and buys a house, yes, has a good job and works as a good citizen, but they have gamed the system. They are cheating. It's not fair to show your passport at Immigration, say you are only here on vacation and then get a job and buy a house. That is lying.

    When Immigration comes knocking, they say they are a refugee, and a refugee from Portugal, give me a break, that is crap, and they get deported, well they are breaking the law being here illegally, and if that is the only law they break, I think they deserve to be sent home.

    My father came here as a LEGAL immigrant, the Canadian government decided they needed him to work here and that is how Canada wants to build itself, with legal immigrants.

  4. That video was not made by an opposition party, it was made for a comedy TV program.

    They were mocking the conservative party.

    If you come to Canada and show your passport to Immigration and tell them you are coming on vacation, and then you get a job and buy a house and stay for 10 years, then you have lied to Immigration and you deserve to be sent home.

    You say they are are hardworking honest people being deported, they are not honest. They are lying to Immigration, that they are coming on vacation, then they lie to Immigration that they are refugees. They are liars.

    If you come to Canada on vacation and stay illegally, if your friend told you that it's okay, Immigration won't catch you, then you are very naive to believe it.

  5. Hi there! thanks for the comment. I really couldn't understand why they were not legal, I mean those people wanted to be legal right? so I thought Canada just didn't want to accept them. Anyway I think that a little bit of clemency wouldn't hurt.

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  7. Thanks for your comment. I was not aware of that happening in Canada anyway the hate amongst the others, xenophobia, racism and disrespect from who's different specially the immigrants can lead us to a hateful world when we all should live in peace together learning with every different persons from every different countries. That's what I think.

  8. It's called discrimination towards Portuguese on the part of the Canadian Government. Here they support other nationalities, mainly Polygamous marriages who collect welfare to support their many wives, but they send the hardworking Portuguese back... Please fight for your rights and point this out to the Canadian government, this is so wrong.

  9. Hope my last comment went through, posting it again, so you people can see for yourselves what a corrupt government we have here in Canada.

  10. Hi! Thanks for the comments, you are very welcome to post here anything, yes your comment went through (but first I read the comments then I publish them)....owkay I read that page in that link you that for real???? Really??? If so, it's terrible shocking, wrong and repsulsive! I think muslims whem immigrate should adapt to other countries' values and principles and what they do (polygamous marriages) is very disgusting and unnacceptable in western if this was not enough they want to get paid to support their numerous wives? and Canada actually give them state subsidies for that? Dear Lord, what the hell is going wrong with Canada?

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  12. Easy friend, ok you're welcome to say all you want...I have never been in Canada, I'm from Portugal and this post was meant to talk about that portuguese deportation cases, I just thought it was terribly unfair. In Europe we have a real nice image of Canada, before all those comments here i had no idea that people were that mad about how things are going on there.

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