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(What I am abou to say it's not nice and maybe unfair somehow but well, that's what I think. Although nobody is guilty for their ancestor's mistakes and we must avoid to compare Germany and germans with nazis and remeber them that bloody hell of the past all the's not to use this as an argument but it's not to be forgotten even).

Well I don't know why but I never liked Germany and specially germans, it's not that I hate, it's just a folk I really don't feel any empathy with in contrast with other european people.
But I doubt I don't like germans because I'm a person very intrersted about history, if the history of a country is wonderful I might like the people and the country itself...otherwise, I don't!
What can I say about Germany?
When I think about Germany it comes to my mind, besides their agressive and awful language (seems like they're spitting on the floor)...the holocaust that happened 50 years ago, nazism, the 3rd Reich regime which exterminated more than 6 million people, the arians called the superior breed and nowadays their authority amongst other countries...just like 50 years ago...
The very first time I knew me and germans wouldn't get well was when I was 10 years old and in my portuguese class we were reading a text from Anne Frank's diary and our teacher told us who Anne Frank was: a victim of nazism...and when I was only 10 years old he explained us too what a concentration camp was...then my world fall apart and I was only 10 years old...since that moment I got  an unbreakable repulse by germans...I know this germans nowadays aren't those before, but the germans before are nowadays' grandparents...and nazis weren't just those who killed, they were too those who wereaccomplices of the killings! Although, I know, almost every country committed awful crimes against humanity, and Portugal is no exception though, we had a colonial war in Africa and portuguese soldiers killed and tortured tousands od africans in ex-colonies like Guiné, Mozambique and Angola...and there was a concentration camp in Africa that killed and tortured those who were against the fascist regime of the dictator Salazar (sympathizer of Hitler!!!) that ruled at the time...the difference between Germany slaughter and the portuguese slaughter is that the german was in a bigger scale envolving more countries and the portuguese slaugther was silenced....but it happened too! Yes it did!
There are no saints in History all seems to be full of evil indeed!
I know that the nighmare of nazism is gone for more than 50 years but it exterminated 2/3 of all european jewish and spread horror all over the world.This horror happened by the time my grandparents were young and my parents were was quite recent and it's quite difficult to believe that a nation that convinced themselves they were the superior human beens on the world changed completely in a time of just a generation, I mean I know they changed but didn't get rid of that thist for domination.
I know they must be shameful and extremely disgusted by this past like the portuguese are but how to explain that a folk that exterminated other people because they just didn't look like them (blue eyes and blonde) killing them or mistretaing and excluding them was not an idiot takes a lot of stupidity and arrogance to commit such a crime against humanity!
When at school we learnt about the naziism I was so shocked that I think I started hating Germany even knowing this is gone, I just can't delete all those horror I learnt and the amount of documentaries I saw on TV, the amount of books about 2nd War I read, the Anne Frank diary in which I cried a too much horror! 
And now this: the german authority amongst Europe is clear: Germany made by economy what couldn't do through war...dominate Europe!
And you can see it through how they talk about the "lousy" south Europe countries that follow european laws to not produce and so we get our huge debt.
I'm not blaming Germany of course, I'm blaming ourselves for the state Portugal is, because we just obbey European Congress: Portugal has the biggest coastline in Europe, although our fishermen don't fish because Europe don't grant us enough fish quotas and farming quotas as the result we import everything from other european countries...and we eat fish, fished in the portuguese coastline fished by spannish and french fishermen while our fishermen are unemployed!
Also European union said Portugal to knock down our fishery fleet in order to we get a new one vessels were destroyed and no new vessels came...
So as you can see I really don't believe in this European Union, it's more like an European Desunion...a couple of powerful countries decide what happens in other countries, some get richer, some get poor and then they point us the flaws...
I think Portugal should have done a referendum about the Euro coin like they did in Denmark (who carefully said no), I think everything get worse since we get the Euro: life cost got much more expensive but our incomes get lower...the result is impoverishment of course!
I think Portugal should never ever have addopted the Euro coin and we should get out of it as soon as we can, I want the sovereignty of my country back, I want my coin back with the maritime heroes and portuguese caravels printed in our notes, I want our gold in the portuguese coffers, not in the Central European Bank!
I want again to see our fishermen fishing and our farmer producers working their lands instead of receiving payments from European Union for not produce!
And I want to return the two useless submarines Germany sold us!
Having Angela Merkel as the "queen of Europe" is a joke! How can Germany dominate all countries?
Only by debt...contracted debts our politicians get us into and we allowed!
Well I've read that german politicians said greeks to sell their islands to pay the debts( german-answer-to-greeks-crisis-sell and in daily mail newspaper:Greece-debt-crisis-German-MPs-suggest-Greek-Islands-Acropolis-sale ) and Angela Merkel saying that european countries should have less sovereignity. Also Germany rushed to accuse Spain from E-coli epidemic when it was Germany fault (e-coli-in-germany).
This year too a german congressman Gunther Oettinge  suggested that countries with debts as Greece and Portugal should but their flag at half mast to show everyone their shame and put in power someone more competent from abroad in the a german guy?

You can read my opinion about this Europe in this post about Eurovision contest: eurovision

Well but nothing can be compared to this new, check it out: euobserver
So Angela Merkel warns with a war if the Euro fail, she said: "Nobody should take for granted another 50 years of peace and prosperity in Europe. They are not for granted. That's why I say: If the euro fails, Europe fails"
What we're watching is an unprecedent sovereignity loss in european countries, some of them with almost one thousand years like Portugal and others that are even more antique than cristianism like Greece that were the crib of the european civilization...sovereignity now given to...Germany?
What Germany really wants, what is in their blood is the fact they need the feeling of being superior, the german hidden dream was always trying to control Europe and I'm sure they're half way there.
The simple fact Lady Merkel warns out Europe with a possible internal war due to the fail of Euro is just outrageous!

But there's more, look at this: eu-child-propaganda-silly-or-sinister
this a kind of comic books Europena Union gives the children with Heroes and anti-heroes that the leaders of European Union created to mold the mind of european children.
Any similarity with the material distributed to german youth during the Hitler dictatorship is not a coincidence even the semitic banker is there!

Since the very first beggining I suspected of an Union between such different countries that even were war enemies and still being economical enemies.
I have no doubts some countries get along very well with Euro (specially France and Germany) and others don't...portuguese economy doesn't grow for 10 years, by coincidence, 10 years ago Portugal get in the Euro! In Spain the crisis and lack of money in circulation is making spanish use their old coin again "pesetas" in local trades.
Germany is the first country interested in maintain the Euro, Euro was a great deal for the germans! Their exportations are much less expensive and so they can compete with others economies in a high level, in fact, 60% german exportations are for other EU countries.
So Germany seems to be destroying Europe not helping!

Things ae getting pretty hateful and it's sad to see:
Godfrey Bloom on Wednesday was ejected from the European Parliament in Strasbourg after directing a Nazi slogan at a German colleague.
Godfrey Bloom said "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer" - one people, one empire, one leader - as Martin Schulz, leader of the Socialists & Democrats group, was making a speech.
According to the BBC, Bloom said he stood by his words, describing the leader of the socialist group in the parliament, as "a national socialist", a nazi.

It's clear all europeans (not just british) are getting really tired of germans that all that have been doing is increasing their economy growing at the expense of others. German economy has never been better and the unemployment rate is the lowest ever... although all the other countries in the Euro Zone have records of unemployment. Germany has the power, the European Central Bank (that last year got the higgest levels of money depositis) is in there and is controlled and administrated mostly by germans, all this makes me wonder: is Germany destroying Europe...AGAIN? 
I don't want to spread hate against Germany I'm just saying what it was like and what it seems to be like now...the thirst of control and domain still there unfortunately.I hope not and this arrogance beween nations is over's needed an european Germany not a germanic Europe!


My fight against this political, financial and social system is not only personal, and it's not even my's a moral obligation!
But unfortunatelly I feel a bit alone, neglected and ignored by most people around me.
Perhaps it would be better to me if I would be like a zombie as most part of this youth and society in general...that accepts everything , that conforms with golbal injustice, that as no critical opinion...or fears it and hides it...authentic zombies..yes, they do exist!
Well I tried to be a zombie before just to fit in the world and be normal...but I couldn't do it, even because I don't like zombies and their attitude or lack of it disgusts me.
To me the world was taken by the zombies, like the "Walking Dead" TV show, zombies are pople that just don't a point I'm having serious difficulties apllying the word human to humans.
A zombie thinks that have no choice, is governed by other's opinion and makes no effort to change the world even knowing (or ignoring) that they make part of its decay. Most part of zombies believe that "we have politicians to solve our problems", and rely on them...believe me I have this kind of zombies in my own family!
Well rely on politicians is the wrongest thing you could ever do, that means you don't mind to be controlled and give them infinite power to rule the world.
But most part of zombies are simply selfish individuals that just live only their own life ignoring the World and believeing their indiviual actions have no impact the world.
Zombies or just upset people like me...WE ALL...wanting or not...WE ALL make part of this rotten system that seems to have taken control of us, but that we all created and allowed its existance.
What system is this?
It's the system of financial capitalism, modern colonization by wars done by NATO and multinationals' enslavement methods and modern slavery...


See the documentary: "The Story of your enslavement":
 So this is who you actually are, this is what society wants to turn you into, this is what college will make of you, this is what society expects and demands of you: another slave of the system!
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."Johan Wolfgang von Goethe


This picture taken from the internet shows a police assault on child worker striking western clothing factory for wages and conditions in Bangladesh, 2011. Estimates of child workers are from 250 million to 500 million, most in brutal and dangerous conditions, all by well-dressed manicured employers. 

Well this is the modern slavery we all are well aware of, we know about that on news (except if you live in ridiculous countries with corrupt media), through internet, TV, newspapers...and even when we go shopping and read: "Made in Bangladesh", "Made in Vietnam", "Made in Indonesia", "Made in China".
In fact we all know that who produced those products from western multinational enterprises were precarious workers, overexploited, that won little incomes and have no rights as payment of extra hours of work...or even payment, the right of doing those countries not even exists worker unions!
And most shocking some of that workers, besides being modern slaves are kids too...
And we all still paying lots amounts of money for our expensive tenis Nike, Adidas or Converse, etc "made in China" label.

At the same time in western we wonder why people are unemployed and profitable entreprises and factories closed...and moved out to China,Bangladesh, Indonesia and so...

So we know what is going on, we accept, we pretend it's nothing...and feed the system

It's really annoying to me to go shopping for clothes or shoes and read everywhere: "Made in China", "Made in Bangladesh", "Made in Indonesia", not because I think those people from those countries shouldn't have a work but because I know they are working as modern slaves which besides being inhuman and atrocious it's unfair competition to entreprises in the west that pay reasonable incomes to their workers and respect their rights, that pay taxes to the state and respect the environmental standards...which makes everything more expensive to buy from western manufacturer based in developed countries than the cheap products made in underdeveloped countries!
Not counting with the fact that a Converse shoe made in United Kingdom is as expensive as one made in China, it's the label you pay...and that way the profitables of the entreprise are much much higher than used to be...

And guess whose causing this whole process: modern slavery, huge multinational profits, closure of factories in our countries and our own unemployment...US!





Britney stop using fur just for fun

Brit using a shocking huge real fur coat almost naked: why don't you just use your own skin  then?
Watching Britney pictures I found online searching for:" Britney fur" I would say it's quite frequent her use of fur and recently she seems to continue using real fur is that so? I mean does she still wearing real fur no matter what (in 2010/2011)?
I can say I am a Britney fan but it just repulses me how can she be so cruel using real fur clothes!
I bought a ticket for her show in Lisbon (quite expensive by the way) that will happen this 9th November and I never thought again about the fur issue, but then I reminded and I really don't want to finnance her fur wardrobe. So I need to know, does she use fur?
Years ago she agreed with PETA to stop wearing real fur but then she appeared in CD covers and back covers (in the zone CD and in my prerrogative greatest hits CD), cover magazines (Rolling Stone in 2006) and videoclips (Do Something video) with real fur. She even use fur as part of her wardrobe just to get out house and go shopping!
even to go shopping she uses fur, even fur suitcase!

I like Britney since I was a kid and listened to her music for the first time and since that day I always get a bit addicted to Britney music, performance and herself...except of course the part of using real fur that really annoys me! I didn't bought the My Prerrogative Greatest Hits CD because she wears fur and the CD in the zone that my uncle offered me I tore the back cover 'cause she wears a real fur jacket!
I used to love/hate Britney at the same time:I just could hate her for using fur but love her for everything else!
in the music video: Do Something she used fur
Even pregnant (pregnant people get nicer) it said that she posed with fur, honestly I don't really know if this is real fur I hardly can believe such a huge coat is made of real fur...I hope not.

She lives in LA so it's not because it's cold because it's not, and even if it's cold there's plenty fashion clothes that are not made of fur and there's plenty faux fur clothes! Also she appears in lots of photos almost naked with just fur I really think Britney you should simply use your own skin!
So I must conclude she just uses real fur because she is cruel as many of other celebrities!
(read here: bloody-minded-celebreties).

If I pass the security survey I might show up with a poster asking Britney to stop using furs!
C'mon I would like you to be the kind person I thought you were, stop using fur!

I'm really kind of dissappointed and I regret to have bought the ticket for her show!

But almost all celebrities use fur.
For example I was wondering to buy a ticket to watch Rihanna show in Lisbon 17th December but then I read that she sues fur and then watched this picture:
Should I see Rihanna show? Now I'm sure I won't go!

So I clearly I won't see Rihanna.

It will be the last time I give my money to finnance indirectly an artist that uses fur even if that means I won't go to their shows, buy their perfumes and other merchandising, and buy even CD's or DVD's.
It's a pity even because I like some of that artists that uses fur but sorry I won't give you any more money.

So I'm so regretful that I really need to know if Brit still using fur now. Does anyone know?

If so I must admit what Pink said: "you're all a waste of skin", which can be applied to say you're a waste of life!

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Screwed Up America

Well well well seems like the BIG USA has a little problem in their hands...USA is falling apart! And why? Well I probably would say that everything is made in China instead of USA, that almost every enterprise moves to China where they can enslave people by their own free will which gets people in USA and Europe with no jobs 'cause the factories closed...we can get real good prices out of made in china products, but if you buy a label product you might only pay the label 'cause it will be expensive anyway and big companies have exorbitant profits!
But it's not all of course.
Politics and Corruption go hand in hand...the political system sucks that's the true, but it's worldwide don't worry! or perhaps you better worry pal!

So trillions of dollars are getting out of USA??? Oh noooo How come?
I have a clew: military operations...NATO, bombs, arms's very very expensive.
So America have two options: or America decides to solve their own problems and stop internal corruption or (I bet americans rather go for this one): DOMINATE THE WORLD!
I know how hardly you tried invading all those countries: Vietaname in Asia, countries Latin America and of course countries in the Middle East showing how superior you are detonating bombs (Little Boy and Fat Man exploded in Japan, by the way you chose fantastic names for the bombs!-.-) wanna know this secret: everybody knows how shity USA is!Well at least europenas know that (those who are not politicians of course).
But maybe american people don't know anything about anything'cause you're a little dumb and you don't know what is the rest of the world...
America doesn't have free health care? Well Libya have, or had before NATO screw it all...

My piece of advice is America stop war (and Europe get out NATO) and stop destroying other countrie's lifes, go green or go to the Moon or Mars.
Unfornutalley I'm quite sure the world would be better without the America that exploits natural resources and makes deadly wars's not to be surprised their biggest industry is the army!
If I could I would give a new planet just for americans to live on, so they can live happily destroying the world without pissing anyone.

Maybe it's not bad at all americans feel a bit of what people whose countries were invaded by NATO felt, America put in power governments that suits their interests...corrupted governments!

Tasting our own poison must be painfull!

sábado, 22 de outubro de 2011


Today I saw aN awful new that totally broke my heart into shreds: How can people be so cruel?
Whenever I think people can't be more evil than I thought, there comes the time when they get even more evil!
I don't like people in general, human race itself, because since I was little I saw more than I should see, especially throught TV and I got a very disturbed child and teenager that hated the world, no wonder why I'm so anti-social.

Now this case of a poor chinese kid that was smashed by two cars with no one to help her because people simply ignored her suffering.

I'm so speechless...

"Chinese Kid was hit by a car. Driver recognise that the kid was insured, but decided to continue his way and hit the kid again with his back wheel.
18 people pass the kid and do not care what happen. A further car is coming on the road and hit the kid once more.
After 10 minutes someone carry the kid out of the road and the mother of it is coming.
This happend in a busy street in Guangzhou Foshan (see the small shop around there. Shop owner and passing people did not care at all)
The father who talks explains what the driver of the car told him. All he asked was his bank account and how much compensation he want.

Incredible how heartless people can be here in China."

if you have courage to watch the video, which I warn you it's harmful: kid smashed by 2 cars

Now I let you with the opposite case: a dog helps a wounded dod hitted by a car in an highway in New York! Can you see the difference??? another dog, helps his liittle fellow pulling him with his teeth.
In the end both dogs survive.

Another case: a strayed dog saves a newborn child abandoned by her own mother!!! DOG SAVES NEWBORN



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What the media didn't tell us about the war in Libya

And that's it, finnaly the libyan dictator Muamar Gaddafi is dead! NATO and the libyan rebels killed him in the city of Sitre.
If I was someone I'm not any longer, two or three months ago I would be happy and think: "finnally the libyan people can live in democracy and in peace", but now I don't see things that way. Why? because I finnaly found out that the Occident doesn't live in a real democracy, corrupts took over place and make bad decisions that affect the citizens, in fact, our western policy is full of lies and corruption, don't you doubt about that.
But also I started reading things about NATO, MIF, USA and European Union...and then watched the news with more attention, and then I started thinking by myself instead of simply believing in what media wants us to believe in and I concluded that NATO is a fraud. Terrorism does exist (even in Europe, Spain with ETA) but NATO doesn't try to save people from their living hell, NATO doesn't come to improve those people lives...instead NATO comes with the purpose of  destroy and control those countries and explore its resources in order to improve the economy in the Occident. Even in western there are lots of people being mistreated by the western system, by their true democracy system...
Remeber Iraq? So where's the damn fuckin' massive destruction weapons that justified the war?????? No one knows...well they should be very very hidden...I can't believe they exist or ever existed at all! And I'm getting really tired about all the Occident politicians' stupid lies.
And after all making war is a great business, first we destroy that countries, then we give them loans to they reconstruct it, and they can pay with cheap oil! 
Occident amost have no oil (USA, Norway, UK, someone else?) but we are the ones with import the most!
So in fact it is our fault no doubts about it...our taxes are funding imperialist wars.
I'm not sad about Gaddafi's death because he was a ditactor, a killer too but what NATO did there is just much more worse! But you know what is even more disgusting? NATO invaded Libya to help the rebels that fight against the dictactor, destroyed entire cities causing the displacement of thousands of people, detroying their cities, homes and ruining all their lives, making them war refugees and then you know what Europe does?? Doesn't let them in, closes the borders and let people die from hunger and thirst in croweded sailing boats! Only this year, 2011, it is estimated that near 2 thousand immigrants died in Mediterranean waters.

II-what the media didn't inform us about Libya (I'm not completely sure about some content here, I found this in a blogue written in portuguese and then I translated it into english so if I'm wrong please tell me, also you can see some things are true checking on the wikipedia).

ONU found in 2007 this:
1- Lybia has the highest Human Development Index (HDI) of Africa.
2-Free public education till the univesity.
3-10% of libyan univesity students study in Europe, USA and other parts of the world...with all paid!
4- By marrying, the couple receives up to U.S 50 000 dollars to purchase their property.
5-free public health care competing with european's medical system with cutting-edge equipment.
6-state bank loans without interests.
7- Libya opened in 2007, the largest irrigation system in the world that is making the desert (95% of Lybia) farm food producers.

And that's the way it goes...or was going...

I-But why detonate Lybia?
Here's 3 of the most important reasons:
1)Own their oil of good quality with a volume higher than 45 barrels in reserves.
2)Getting all Mediterranean Sea under control of NATO now we just need to find a way to end with Syria...
3) and, probably, one of the most important reasons is that Libyan central bank is not attached to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Libyan central bank's reserves have tons of gold providing cover to the value of the libyan currency, dinar, and uncoupled the fluctuations of the dollar.
So IMF got really pissed for Gaddafi for presenting and almost achieve that african countries form a single currency off dollar.

III-What is the humanitarian attack for free libyan people?
1) NATO led by USA and Europe have bombed the libyan main cities with thousands of bombs and missiles capable of destroying an entire city block. The buildings and infrastructures for water, sewer, gas and light are seriously damaged.
2)The bombs used contain DU (Depleted Uranium) that has the time of life about 3 billion years! Entire contaminated lands for all the eternety!! The depleted uranium causes cancer and genetic deformations.
3)Half of libyan children are psychologically traumatized because of the explosions that cracked houses and seemed to be like earthquakes.
4)With the air and sea blockade of NATO, especially the children, suffer from the lack of medicine and food.
5) The water is no longer drinking water in large regions of the country. Again the children are the most affected.
6) About 150 000 people a day leave the country through the borders with Tunisia and Egypt going to the open desert with no water or food.
7) Even without further bombings, about 4 million people  will need humanitarian help to survive. All this from a population of 6.5 million people!!!

Concluding, the "humanitarian" bombing ended up with the libyan nation.
There will never ever be a libyan nation like it was before, they have been swept was so simple, as if those lives didn't represent anything in the name of a freedom that only the europeans and the americans know and when it suits them!
Gaddafi and the Nobel War Prize Obama, when they were close friends

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Save Xingu in Amazon: gather forces against Belo Monte!

The brazilian government wants to approve the construction of a barrage deep inside the Amazon forest in the Xingu River if it would be constructed it would be the biggest Channel of Panamá, flooding 400 000 hectares of forest and will cast out about 400 000 indians and the local population destroying the precious habitat for numerous species. The IBAMA president (brazilian institute for environment and nature) resigned the post because he refused toissue the environmental license to the construction of the barrage of the Belo Monte.
Specialists, indians, engennerings, ambientalists and the brazilian civilians agree that the Belo Monte project is an environmental disaster deep inside the heart of the Amazon forest.
Sign the petition here:
Let me tell you everything about why this mega power plant cannot be constructed in River Xingu in the Amazon:

The Amazon basin shelters about the 60% of the remaining rain forests covering an area almost of the size of the United States of America, 1/5 of all the fresh water flows through the immense tangle of the Amazon rivers. The river Xingu is one of the most magicals and interesting rivers of this big net: it ensures the subsistence of more than 25 000 indians of 24 different ethnicities, thousands of riparians, extractive populations, family farmers and innumerable species of plants and animals.
The basin of the river Xingu shelters the biggest area of protected areas in Brazil combining indian areas and conservation areas like national natural parks and extractive reserves.
However, it's here, deep in the heart of the Amazon forest, that the brazilian government wants to construct what would be the 3rd biggest hydroelectric of the world: Belo Monte.
The construction of the power plant of Belo monte would cust about 30 bilians of relas (brazilian coin) and it would strike a curve in the river, called: "volta grande", well known for its rich biodiversity, deflecting almost all of the Xingu river flow in the order to generate electricity that would serve the electro-intensive industry that consumes a lot but employes little.
In order to deflect the flow of such an immense river, 2 artificial channels whose excavations would be bigger than the panama channel would be done in the middle of the forest. Once the channels get full they would flood an area corresponding of almost half of the area of the city of Rio de Janeiro, but the impacts would be felt in a much larger area up river.
If Belo monte would be constructed 100km of the Xingu river will almost dry leaving the inhabitants along the river without access to the water, fish or transportation facilities.
Two communities of indians: Junini and Arara have maid the "volta grande" place their home for generations: the dry of the river would cause big impacts on their way of traditional living based in fisheries, farming and hunting.
Hundreds of riverside families fish and farm in the borders ans islands of Xingu, the barrage of Belo Monte would force entire families to leave their lands and to move to cities where they would compete for poorly paid work with more than 1000 thousands of migrants atracted to the region hoping to find job in the electric power plant. The migrants that don't find job would call upon other ways of sustenance aggravating the illegal fishery and hunting, illegal logging and livestock that is the biggest cause of deforestation in the Amazon.
While part of the river would dry Belo Monte would make other stretch to uprise flooding big urban areas forcing the displacement of 20 thousand to 40 thousand people that have no information where to go. The dammed water would make seasides to disappear and the sewer would be dumped in the reservoir.
Belo monte isn't a viable economical project: due to big seasonal changes of the river that follow the cycle of flood and the ebb the hydroelectric power plant only would produce about 39% of its capacity, which means that less than 4200 MGW, moreover the costs of the project can rise due the lack of geological data of the excavation of the channels. After all, the specialists calculate that the project would bring the loss of 3 to 8 billion dollars.
By principle Belo Monte would never ever exist if the government wouldn't use  the pension funds of the public workers to finance the project, the national bank would make the biggest loan of the Brazilian history far beyond the 14 billion reals.
Without the influence of the State nobody would be investing in Belo Monte right now!
Indian people, economists, scientists and ambientalists have denounced the threat of belo Monte and its environmental and social impacts as well its energy and economic inneficiency requiring the cancelation of the project indicating at the same time other ways much more sustainable that preserve the Amazon  forest and also allow the development of Brazil.
Investing in energy efficiency Brazil could reduce the electric energy demand in 40% until 2020 which is equivalent to 14 hydroelectric power plants like Belo Monte. Investing in trully renewable energies like wind power and solar power the brazilian government would create 8 million new jobs, much more than those created by the construction of the barrage.
The wind and the sun can respond for more than 20% of the electricity of the country until 2010, much more than the 1,3% of nowadays.
The wonderful forests and the Xingu river shelter dozens of species that cannot be find in other place of the Amazon forest. Without the water of the seasonal floods of the river the biodiversity of Volta Grande of Xingu would be seriously threatened.
About 10 species of endemic fishes of the region can be extincted.
The migratory fishes of the river are esential for the diet of the populations, with the barrage the fishes wouldn't be capable to up the river and would be unable to reproduce themselves.
The deforestation associated with the barrage would drastically change the habitat endangered species.
Deflecting the river would create pools of stagnant waterin Volta Grande allowing the uncontrolled reproduction of a dangerous specie of mosquitos transmiting infectious diseases such as malaria.
The brazilian state of Pará already faces a serious malaria epidemic and the pools of stagnant water would increase the possibility of outbreaks of the disease.
The energy generated by belo monte would not be clean: in the end of the reservoirs of the hydroelectric power plant the decomposition of the flooded forest would free large amounts of methane (CH4), a greenhouse gas 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2) in the turbines with the water.
Most part of the produced electricity in belo Monte would supply the major part of the mining industries highly pollutants.
Lots barrages in Amazon suplly the extraction and smelting of iron, copper, gold and bauxite (raw material for aluminum production), this sector creates so little jobs and pollutes so much!
Constructed in 1984, the hydroelectric power plant of Tucuruí, also in the state of Pará, currently provides about 40% consumed for the biggest mine of iron in the world: the Complex of Carajás.
The barrage of Tucuruí flooded 200 thousand hectares of forests, deslocated thousands of indian people and has stimulating deforestation for the last 25 years.
With Belo Monte on sight it's clear that the mining investments would exponentially increase, increasing at the same time the impacts over the environment and local populations.
Belo Monte is not just another barrage it endangers the future of all the Amazon forest because it expands the hydroelectric border for a region of global interest.
To enable the production of energy promised by the power plant the brazilian government should allow the constructions of other barrages up river potentiating the social and environmental impacts.
Even more serious, specialists believe that if Belo Monte is built the government would be able to dam all the Amazon rivers: the rivers Araguaia and Tucantis, the rivers Tapajóis and Teles Pires and the rivers Trombetas, Mapuera and Jatarú.
In the river Madeira the construction of two barrages is already underway, in fact, 60 of the great hydroelectric power plants are planned to be built in the Amazon in the next 20 years and moreover the brazilian government plans to finance dams  in other Amazon rivers of other countries as Peru, Bolivia and Equador striking also the population of these countries.
Beggining with Belo Monte the Amazon rivers would become an endless serie of dead reservoirs with life being drained through giant walls of concrete and of the most important ecosytems of the world (I would dare to say the more important one) would become an industrial energy reserve.
For years, many advocates of the river have dedicated their lives to preserve the Xingu river basin: in 1999 an international mobilization led the indians Caiapó and their Xingu people caught the attention of the world forcing the government to cancel the project but in 2002, the government announced a new plan to dam the river, in the following rivers ambientalists, social movements and the federal prosecutors questioned this project by filing numerous lawsuits. In 2008 thousands of indians, riparians and dwellers of Altamira organized a new reunion to drew attention for the importance of prserving the river once again.
In 2010 despite the affirmation of the technicians that the project is environmentally impracticable the IBAMA  granted the environmental license of the hydroelectric power plant. Now the brazilian government announce that will resort to manuever to anticipate the license of instalation of the project despite of all the numerous illegalities and several lawsuits against Belo Monte.

So as you see Belo monte is a real ecological catastrophe, we must do whatever we can do to stop it!
If the brazilian government still wanting to go on with this evil decision we can't we can't stood still watching the world being destroyed by corrupt politicians, we got to stop this even invading peacefully the Amazon forest and stop the deforestation with our own bodies and/or doing a worldwide strike for protection of rainforests.
This is the kind of news TV and newspapers should care more to inform us.
I wrote a post explaining why rainforests are so important, read clicking here: rain-forests

We can't accept any longer the stupid decisions from worldwide corrupt governments ! Let's do it on her own! It's the future of life on Earth we're discussing, not the amount of money capitalists want to do with this precious natural resource called water.


"Only when the last tree has been cut down, only when the last river has been poisoned, only when the last fish has been caught. Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten"

terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

15th October 2011: Global Manifestation

15th October, this weekend, all around the world happened peaceful manifestations done by ordinary people who demanded a true democracy and transparency in political decisions that affect us all, this is a manifestation with no political party, it's just a manifestation done by everybody that wants to fight this global system of corruption, social inequality, modern slavery, precariousness work conditions and living. This is for all people that are tired of tolerate and accept the decisions done by politicians who only serve the interests of the richer, this is for everyone that won't accept the privatization of natural resources like water in order to enrich even more the business men. This is for everyone that is not willing to prescind from their rights of education, health, drinking water, a place to live...and this is for everyone that fights to ensure their rights and the rights of the others.
I just couldn't be out of such a big world event, me too made part of the first manifestations against this hideous global system.
I want a society fair and peaceful for everyone, a society that respects the rights of every people on the world and that respects too nature and all it's living beings.
I fight for peace worldwide and for an ecological and eco sustainable society...for that this capitalist financial and economical model has to fall, let's crash this system!
I just felt pity for having to go to that manifestation alone because no one of my numerous fellows care about the world, they just live happy in their little bubble and think they have nothing to do with what is going on all around the world.
But I won't stop doing the thinks I want and I think that are important because I just know idiots.
If this system doesn't fit the 99% why should we accept it?
The system is about to crash, all those lies can't be hidden much longer. I can hear the sweet whistle of global change...yes, it's coming, we're the 99% and we're stronger!


Famine is the real obscenity

A message from Care2 petition site:

"ONE's new public service announcement 'The F Word: Famine is the Real Obscenity'has been banned from being broadcast in the UK. 

The ad aims to focus the world's attention on the famine and food crisis in the Horn of Africa, aiming to save millions of lives from slow, cruel starvation. 

Apparently Clearcast claims it does not comply with rules covering political advertising in the UK, despite the fact that ONE is not a political party and has no political affiliation. 

The broadcasting code is meant to keep political propaganda off British television, but the ONE ad is about giving a voice to the 750,000 people in east Africa who the UN warns could die before the end of the year. 

We need to act now. Tell those responsible for the clearance of television adverts:Don't stand in the way of support for those suffering from the crisis in east Africa. "

I hope you sign the petition, I signed it too but still I have some flaws to point:

So it's really nonsensical United Kingdom have banned this add from TV's since it was approved in the USA (which have the biggest amount of fat people on Earth) and since UK media is so but so so much sensationalist (does this word exists?), I mean UK media talks about lots of meaningless stuff and exposes people's lives at the extreme just to explore someone else's misfortune! I don't live in Uk, but I've been there and I can tell, also in Algarve (south Portugal) the stationery shops everywhere sell media for english's really bad media with almost no message in all's a piece of shit let's talk the way things are, but not all media I'm talking about tabloids and newspapers as the Mirror or the Sun...I even get shocked to see people buying and reading that!
So why not talk about starvation in the world?
Is it more important to talk about the weight loss and weight gain of famous people or what Kate Middleton wears? Give me a break!

That's right we're letting 750 000 famine people dying slowly of hunger in Somalia while our taxes pay for NATO to invade and destroy countries and kill civilians because us (the Occident) we are the ones who really know what democracy is and we want to go in "peace" missions to that countries and free their people from tyrants, well you know sometimes we have to kill one or two, two hundred or two thousands people...but in the end is okay 'cause we made them a favour and now we will  give them loans to reconstruct their country, as the payment we gently ask for cheap oil and other superfluous things...aren't we cool????

Acoording to ONU 1,3 million of tons of food, 1/3 of the total produced in the world are thrown away each year although only in 2010, 925millions of people were affected by hunger.
see Africa's face?

Well I hope you had noticed I was being sarcastic, very sarcastic...but in a way that's the way media and politicians want you to think about NATO and fellows... and it's wrong!´
It's clear more than ever that colonization still exists! 
But skip to that part it's so much more thrilling to gossip about the famous people living at the lap at luxury. Well, the same people that made this video to tell us to go fuck ourselves...

But this is a very very fucking video in all ways, so I take this opportunity to say: "fuck you!" to the fellow people/ countries/ folks and the world itself:

*FUCK YOU USA for being the XXXL size nation, FUCK YOU USA for throwing away millions of tons of food ( each year just in USA 25 millions of tons of comestible food (25 000 000 000 kg!)  are thrown away by americans and 70 million of tons of food in good conditions are thrown away by supermarket chains). FUCK YOU USA too for consuming  between 25% and 40% of natural resources and being just 5% of human population on Earth.

*FUCK YOU USA and Europe for using citizens taxes to pay NATO horror missions.

*FUCK YOU MEDIA for just tell people about stupid dumb issues and fuck too the dumb people that listen to you too.

*FUCK YOU  famous selfish persons that rather spend their money in their frivolities than in helping the others, those who pay hundreds for their glamour dinners (that have almost no food in the dishes), those famous people that almost don't eat to fit in skinny dresses and even get sick for doing that (anorexic and bulimic is so fashion, isn't it?).

Those famous people that spend millions in expensive clothes (including of course true fur clothes), clothes that they only wear once to appear in the media...while hundreds of children have no clothes to dress (you might want to read this: royal-solidarity).

So yeah, FUCK YOU for then making videos and songs (like "We are the World" or "What's going on" about starvation and show how kind you all are! Fuck all of your campaigns and all your fake charities.

Honestly if there is a celebrity in charity adds I tend to not help the cause since I think most part of celebrities are trully hypocrites, I just don't need a fuckin' famous celebrity saying me that I must help, because I do help, lots of anonymous people help while they spend the days thinking about how to spend their millions...just give it all away, dah!
Anyway I don't feed their ego, true global changes are made by ordinary I get really disgusted when I hear "we are the world" song. It's really hypocrit!

So once again FUCK YOU!


terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2011

Save the planet Earth


Tomorrow I'll see the magnificent concert of Within Temptation, I'll let you with this amazing music video about Earth, Mother Earth:

"Birds and butterflies
Rivers and mountains she creates
But you'll never know
The next move she'll make
You can try

But it is useless to ask why 
Cannot control her
She goes her own way
She rules until the end of time
She gives and she takes
She rules until the end of time
She goes her way

With every breath
And all the choices that we make
We are only passing through her way
I find my strenght
Believing that your soul lives on
Until the end of time
I'll carry it with me

Until you know my dear
You don't have to fear
A new beggining always starts at the end
Until you know my dear
You don't have to fear
Until the end of time
Until the end of time
Until the end of time
She goes her way"