terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

15th October 2011: Global Manifestation

15th October, this weekend, all around the world happened peaceful manifestations done by ordinary people who demanded a true democracy and transparency in political decisions that affect us all, this is a manifestation with no political party, it's just a manifestation done by everybody that wants to fight this global system of corruption, social inequality, modern slavery, precariousness work conditions and living. This is for all people that are tired of tolerate and accept the decisions done by politicians who only serve the interests of the richer, this is for everyone that won't accept the privatization of natural resources like water in order to enrich even more the business men. This is for everyone that is not willing to prescind from their rights of education, health, drinking water, a place to live...and this is for everyone that fights to ensure their rights and the rights of the others.
I just couldn't be out of such a big world event, me too made part of the first manifestations against this hideous global system.
I want a society fair and peaceful for everyone, a society that respects the rights of every people on the world and that respects too nature and all it's living beings.
I fight for peace worldwide and for an ecological and eco sustainable society...for that this capitalist financial and economical model has to fall, let's crash this system!
I just felt pity for having to go to that manifestation alone because no one of my numerous fellows care about the world, they just live happy in their little bubble and think they have nothing to do with what is going on all around the world.
But I won't stop doing the thinks I want and I think that are important because I just know idiots.
If this system doesn't fit the 99% why should we accept it?
The system is about to crash, all those lies can't be hidden much longer. I can hear the sweet whistle of global change...yes, it's coming, we're the 99% and we're stronger!


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