terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

Bloody Canada

In early 2011, just in the (evoluted) Canada 260 000  baby seals were killed for the fur industry (the biggest importer of furs is U.S.A). Even saying that Canada government wouldn't allow hunting baby seals, they still doing! And if tehy're not babies, how can they think (they think?) there are no problem killing the adult ones? the babies would be orphans and in danger of dying anyway!
In fact, the biggest commercial hunting is in the (under)developed Canada.
Just in the year 2006 the seal hunting profited 56 million of canadian dollares (about 35 million euros).
The seal meat is used for fur, food, fuel, nutritional purposes (seal oil capsules are an "excellent" source of omega 3) and Canada exports seal constituints for other countries, even European Union, specially to the (under)developed Norway (who, together with Japan, still hunting whales) and for Asia.
Recent and promising investigations in Europe discovered that the heart valves of Greenland seals are much more superiors to those that are now being used in transplants of heart valves of the superior kind, only in the Universe with the ability to feel: (in)human (un)kind!
It is thought that the deman for the heart valves of  seals will be of 300 thousand a year at the price of 3400 euros each one!
Recently the canadian government released a statement in which defends the seal hunting as an economically viable and ecologically bearable activity (just because they decreased the hunting quotas).
Even having a an ecologically bearable hunting so seals are not put in risk of extinction, I just want to ask you this, Canada:

Does this suffering seem bearable to you?

You're hedious!

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