domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

Britney stop using fur just for fun

Brit using a shocking huge real fur coat almost naked: why don't you just use your own skin  then?
Watching Britney pictures I found online searching for:" Britney fur" I would say it's quite frequent her use of fur and recently she seems to continue using real fur is that so? I mean does she still wearing real fur no matter what (in 2010/2011)?
I can say I am a Britney fan but it just repulses me how can she be so cruel using real fur clothes!
I bought a ticket for her show in Lisbon (quite expensive by the way) that will happen this 9th November and I never thought again about the fur issue, but then I reminded and I really don't want to finnance her fur wardrobe. So I need to know, does she use fur?
Years ago she agreed with PETA to stop wearing real fur but then she appeared in CD covers and back covers (in the zone CD and in my prerrogative greatest hits CD), cover magazines (Rolling Stone in 2006) and videoclips (Do Something video) with real fur. She even use fur as part of her wardrobe just to get out house and go shopping!
even to go shopping she uses fur, even fur suitcase!

I like Britney since I was a kid and listened to her music for the first time and since that day I always get a bit addicted to Britney music, performance and herself...except of course the part of using real fur that really annoys me! I didn't bought the My Prerrogative Greatest Hits CD because she wears fur and the CD in the zone that my uncle offered me I tore the back cover 'cause she wears a real fur jacket!
I used to love/hate Britney at the same time:I just could hate her for using fur but love her for everything else!
in the music video: Do Something she used fur
Even pregnant (pregnant people get nicer) it said that she posed with fur, honestly I don't really know if this is real fur I hardly can believe such a huge coat is made of real fur...I hope not.

She lives in LA so it's not because it's cold because it's not, and even if it's cold there's plenty fashion clothes that are not made of fur and there's plenty faux fur clothes! Also she appears in lots of photos almost naked with just fur I really think Britney you should simply use your own skin!
So I must conclude she just uses real fur because she is cruel as many of other celebrities!
(read here: bloody-minded-celebreties).

If I pass the security survey I might show up with a poster asking Britney to stop using furs!
C'mon I would like you to be the kind person I thought you were, stop using fur!

I'm really kind of dissappointed and I regret to have bought the ticket for her show!

But almost all celebrities use fur.
For example I was wondering to buy a ticket to watch Rihanna show in Lisbon 17th December but then I read that she sues fur and then watched this picture:
Should I see Rihanna show? Now I'm sure I won't go!

So I clearly I won't see Rihanna.

It will be the last time I give my money to finnance indirectly an artist that uses fur even if that means I won't go to their shows, buy their perfumes and other merchandising, and buy even CD's or DVD's.
It's a pity even because I like some of that artists that uses fur but sorry I won't give you any more money.

So I'm so regretful that I really need to know if Brit still using fur now. Does anyone know?

If so I must admit what Pink said: "you're all a waste of skin", which can be applied to say you're a waste of life!

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  1. I don't know for sure, but for some of the things she's done in her personal life, I would bet she wears real fur. They really need to ban the fur trade on a international level.

  2. I hope she has dropped it! Really! Almost all celibrities use fur! The fur trade must be banned but it generates lot of money, so it's not banned...with stupid and heartless people buying fur we can't stop it! For example in Canada the seals fur are an important part of their economy!
    (thanks for the comment).