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Famine is the real obscenity

A message from Care2 petition site:

"ONE's new public service announcement 'The F Word: Famine is the Real Obscenity'has been banned from being broadcast in the UK. 

The ad aims to focus the world's attention on the famine and food crisis in the Horn of Africa, aiming to save millions of lives from slow, cruel starvation. 

Apparently Clearcast claims it does not comply with rules covering political advertising in the UK, despite the fact that ONE is not a political party and has no political affiliation. 

The broadcasting code is meant to keep political propaganda off British television, but the ONE ad is about giving a voice to the 750,000 people in east Africa who the UN warns could die before the end of the year. 

We need to act now. Tell those responsible for the clearance of television adverts:Don't stand in the way of support for those suffering from the crisis in east Africa. "

I hope you sign the petition, I signed it too but still I have some flaws to point:

So it's really nonsensical United Kingdom have banned this add from TV's since it was approved in the USA (which have the biggest amount of fat people on Earth) and since UK media is so but so so much sensationalist (does this word exists?), I mean UK media talks about lots of meaningless stuff and exposes people's lives at the extreme just to explore someone else's misfortune! I don't live in Uk, but I've been there and I can tell, also in Algarve (south Portugal) the stationery shops everywhere sell media for english tourists...it's really bad media with almost no message in all that...it's a piece of shit let's talk the way things are, but not all media I'm talking about tabloids and newspapers as the Mirror or the Sun...I even get shocked to see people buying and reading that!
So why not talk about starvation in the world?
Is it more important to talk about the weight loss and weight gain of famous people or what Kate Middleton wears? Give me a break!

That's right we're letting 750 000 famine people dying slowly of hunger in Somalia while our taxes pay for NATO to invade and destroy countries and kill civilians because us (the Occident) we are the ones who really know what democracy is and we want to go in "peace" missions to that countries and free their people from tyrants, well you know sometimes we have to kill one or two, two hundred or two thousands people...but in the end is okay 'cause we made them a favour and now we will  give them loans to reconstruct their country, as the payment we gently ask for cheap oil and other superfluous things...aren't we cool????

Acoording to ONU 1,3 million of tons of food, 1/3 of the total produced in the world are thrown away each year although only in 2010, 925millions of people were affected by hunger.
see Africa's face?

Well I hope you had noticed I was being sarcastic, very sarcastic...but in a way that's the way media and politicians want you to think about NATO and fellows... and it's wrong!´
It's clear more than ever that colonization still exists! 
But skip to that part it's so much more thrilling to gossip about the famous people living at the lap at luxury. Well, the same people that made this video to tell us to go fuck ourselves...

But this is a very very fucking video in all ways, so I take this opportunity to say: "fuck you!" to the fellow people/ countries/ folks and the world itself:

*FUCK YOU USA for being the XXXL size nation, FUCK YOU USA for throwing away millions of tons of food ( each year just in USA 25 millions of tons of comestible food (25 000 000 000 kg!)  are thrown away by americans and 70 million of tons of food in good conditions are thrown away by supermarket chains). FUCK YOU USA too for consuming  between 25% and 40% of natural resources and being just 5% of human population on Earth.

*FUCK YOU USA and Europe for using citizens taxes to pay NATO horror missions.

*FUCK YOU MEDIA for just tell people about stupid dumb issues and fuck too the dumb people that listen to you too.

*FUCK YOU  famous selfish persons that rather spend their money in their frivolities than in helping the others, those who pay hundreds for their glamour dinners (that have almost no food in the dishes), those famous people that almost don't eat to fit in skinny dresses and even get sick for doing that (anorexic and bulimic is so fashion, isn't it?).

Those famous people that spend millions in expensive clothes (including of course true fur clothes), clothes that they only wear once to appear in the media...while hundreds of children have no clothes to dress (you might want to read this: royal-solidarity).

So yeah, FUCK YOU for then making videos and songs (like "We are the World" or "What's going on" about starvation and show how kind you all are! Fuck all of your campaigns and all your fake charities.

Honestly if there is a celebrity in charity adds I tend to not help the cause since I think most part of celebrities are trully hypocrites, I just don't need a fuckin' famous celebrity saying me that I must help, because I do help, lots of anonymous people help while they spend the days thinking about how to spend their millions...just give it all away, dah!
Anyway I don't feed their ego, true global changes are made by ordinary people...so I get really disgusted when I hear "we are the world" song. It's really hypocrit!

So once again FUCK YOU!


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