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Comunication from Peta:

Millions of rabbits and other animals are killed for their fur every single year. Most of the fur on trashy boots or the collars of tacky jackets comes from fur farms, where rabbits are kept in tiny, filthy cages for years. They spend their entire miserable lives standing on cage floors made of thin wires, never having a chance to jump, dig, or play. Fur farmers kill the animals in horrible ways—some are killed by having their necks broken or their skulls beaten in, and others are killed by anal or vaginal electrocution. Yep, you read that right.
Animals like their fur. They don't want to die so that someone else can wear it. Can you blame them?
We have already reached our first goal of 100,000 Strong Against Fur, but we still want to get as many people as possible to tell the fur industry that people are over fur and that they want animals to stop being killed for their fur. The more, the merrier!
So sign our fur-free pledge and become one of the more than 100,000 Strong Against Fur!

How can this be fashion? How could (specially women) be so futile and cruel? How can this be legal for selling and using? ACT NOW STOP IT!
I found this link of a fur warehouse in New Yorl absolutely repulsive, with photos of models saying: "see our new collection" and selling chinchilla and mink jackets, fox coats, mink coats, lynx coats (lynxes are an endangered species they not even exist in portugal anymore!!!), sable coats!!!
Activists of New York, it's forbidden to sing and play in the John Lennon's memorial in NY so how come this bloody minded warehouse be open?
                                                  Before: a friendly and inocent finn raccon
After: a heartless silly bitch vain of her cruelty

We need you to help stop Burberry! We live in a world where compassion and fashion should be one and the same, but companies like Burberry are showing little compassion to the animals who die for their clothes. With fur alternatives readily available, it's kinda messed up that Burberry is still intent on using the fur of animals for their coats. All we can think is that they are trying to scare off their chav buyers by producing clothes so tasteless and disgusting that even they wouldn't buy them.
How messed up is it that Burberry still uses dead animals for decoration in their clothes? Arctic foxes, red foxes, minks and Finn raccoons are among the victims of their bloody-minded fashion choices. The life that these animals lead is shrouded in misery right from birth. Being kept in steel cages with little to no room to move, they are treated as nothing more than objects which will eventually be drowned, anally electrocuted or beaten to death and skinned for their coats.

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