domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

Greenpeace still waiting for toy companies stop playing with extinction

Greepeace organization ~got wondering who is using all the rainforest that is being destroyed in Indonesia and discovered that lots of it ends up as packaging of all kinds of well knowing brands (Disney, Mattel, Hasbro and Lego).

Their first clue was what some companies print on their boxes so they sent the toy packaging to the USA, where a global expert on paper analysed what they were made of and the scientist discovered something bad: there was MTH on those packaging.
 MTH=MixedTropical Hardwood is regularly used to make packaging and it comes from the rain forests of Indonesia.
And onlty two big companies must be buying their papers from one of two papers companies with huge mills in Sumatra where they pupl millions of trees from Indonesia's rainforest every years.
So Greenpeace went to the rainforest for investigate and found that the companies cutting down the rainforests are breaking some of Indonesia's laws wiping out tigers in the wild and making climate change worse...and they are even linked to corruption.
Risking all this:
For this:
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