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(What I am abou to say it's not nice and maybe unfair somehow but well, that's what I think. Although nobody is guilty for their ancestor's mistakes and we must avoid to compare Germany and germans with nazis and remeber them that bloody hell of the past all the's not to use this as an argument but it's not to be forgotten even).

Well I don't know why but I never liked Germany and specially germans, it's not that I hate, it's just a folk I really don't feel any empathy with in contrast with other european people.
But I doubt I don't like germans because I'm a person very intrersted about history, if the history of a country is wonderful I might like the people and the country itself...otherwise, I don't!
What can I say about Germany?
When I think about Germany it comes to my mind, besides their agressive and awful language (seems like they're spitting on the floor)...the holocaust that happened 50 years ago, nazism, the 3rd Reich regime which exterminated more than 6 million people, the arians called the superior breed and nowadays their authority amongst other countries...just like 50 years ago...
The very first time I knew me and germans wouldn't get well was when I was 10 years old and in my portuguese class we were reading a text from Anne Frank's diary and our teacher told us who Anne Frank was: a victim of nazism...and when I was only 10 years old he explained us too what a concentration camp was...then my world fall apart and I was only 10 years old...since that moment I got  an unbreakable repulse by germans...I know this germans nowadays aren't those before, but the germans before are nowadays' grandparents...and nazis weren't just those who killed, they were too those who wereaccomplices of the killings! Although, I know, almost every country committed awful crimes against humanity, and Portugal is no exception though, we had a colonial war in Africa and portuguese soldiers killed and tortured tousands od africans in ex-colonies like Guiné, Mozambique and Angola...and there was a concentration camp in Africa that killed and tortured those who were against the fascist regime of the dictator Salazar (sympathizer of Hitler!!!) that ruled at the time...the difference between Germany slaughter and the portuguese slaughter is that the german was in a bigger scale envolving more countries and the portuguese slaugther was silenced....but it happened too! Yes it did!
There are no saints in History all seems to be full of evil indeed!
I know that the nighmare of nazism is gone for more than 50 years but it exterminated 2/3 of all european jewish and spread horror all over the world.This horror happened by the time my grandparents were young and my parents were was quite recent and it's quite difficult to believe that a nation that convinced themselves they were the superior human beens on the world changed completely in a time of just a generation, I mean I know they changed but didn't get rid of that thist for domination.
I know they must be shameful and extremely disgusted by this past like the portuguese are but how to explain that a folk that exterminated other people because they just didn't look like them (blue eyes and blonde) killing them or mistretaing and excluding them was not an idiot takes a lot of stupidity and arrogance to commit such a crime against humanity!
When at school we learnt about the naziism I was so shocked that I think I started hating Germany even knowing this is gone, I just can't delete all those horror I learnt and the amount of documentaries I saw on TV, the amount of books about 2nd War I read, the Anne Frank diary in which I cried a too much horror! 
And now this: the german authority amongst Europe is clear: Germany made by economy what couldn't do through war...dominate Europe!
And you can see it through how they talk about the "lousy" south Europe countries that follow european laws to not produce and so we get our huge debt.
I'm not blaming Germany of course, I'm blaming ourselves for the state Portugal is, because we just obbey European Congress: Portugal has the biggest coastline in Europe, although our fishermen don't fish because Europe don't grant us enough fish quotas and farming quotas as the result we import everything from other european countries...and we eat fish, fished in the portuguese coastline fished by spannish and french fishermen while our fishermen are unemployed!
Also European union said Portugal to knock down our fishery fleet in order to we get a new one vessels were destroyed and no new vessels came...
So as you can see I really don't believe in this European Union, it's more like an European Desunion...a couple of powerful countries decide what happens in other countries, some get richer, some get poor and then they point us the flaws...
I think Portugal should have done a referendum about the Euro coin like they did in Denmark (who carefully said no), I think everything get worse since we get the Euro: life cost got much more expensive but our incomes get lower...the result is impoverishment of course!
I think Portugal should never ever have addopted the Euro coin and we should get out of it as soon as we can, I want the sovereignty of my country back, I want my coin back with the maritime heroes and portuguese caravels printed in our notes, I want our gold in the portuguese coffers, not in the Central European Bank!
I want again to see our fishermen fishing and our farmer producers working their lands instead of receiving payments from European Union for not produce!
And I want to return the two useless submarines Germany sold us!
Having Angela Merkel as the "queen of Europe" is a joke! How can Germany dominate all countries?
Only by debt...contracted debts our politicians get us into and we allowed!
Well I've read that german politicians said greeks to sell their islands to pay the debts( german-answer-to-greeks-crisis-sell and in daily mail newspaper:Greece-debt-crisis-German-MPs-suggest-Greek-Islands-Acropolis-sale ) and Angela Merkel saying that european countries should have less sovereignity. Also Germany rushed to accuse Spain from E-coli epidemic when it was Germany fault (e-coli-in-germany).
This year too a german congressman Gunther Oettinge  suggested that countries with debts as Greece and Portugal should but their flag at half mast to show everyone their shame and put in power someone more competent from abroad in the a german guy?

You can read my opinion about this Europe in this post about Eurovision contest: eurovision

Well but nothing can be compared to this new, check it out: euobserver
So Angela Merkel warns with a war if the Euro fail, she said: "Nobody should take for granted another 50 years of peace and prosperity in Europe. They are not for granted. That's why I say: If the euro fails, Europe fails"
What we're watching is an unprecedent sovereignity loss in european countries, some of them with almost one thousand years like Portugal and others that are even more antique than cristianism like Greece that were the crib of the european civilization...sovereignity now given to...Germany?
What Germany really wants, what is in their blood is the fact they need the feeling of being superior, the german hidden dream was always trying to control Europe and I'm sure they're half way there.
The simple fact Lady Merkel warns out Europe with a possible internal war due to the fail of Euro is just outrageous!

But there's more, look at this: eu-child-propaganda-silly-or-sinister
this a kind of comic books Europena Union gives the children with Heroes and anti-heroes that the leaders of European Union created to mold the mind of european children.
Any similarity with the material distributed to german youth during the Hitler dictatorship is not a coincidence even the semitic banker is there!

Since the very first beggining I suspected of an Union between such different countries that even were war enemies and still being economical enemies.
I have no doubts some countries get along very well with Euro (specially France and Germany) and others don't...portuguese economy doesn't grow for 10 years, by coincidence, 10 years ago Portugal get in the Euro! In Spain the crisis and lack of money in circulation is making spanish use their old coin again "pesetas" in local trades.
Germany is the first country interested in maintain the Euro, Euro was a great deal for the germans! Their exportations are much less expensive and so they can compete with others economies in a high level, in fact, 60% german exportations are for other EU countries.
So Germany seems to be destroying Europe not helping!

Things ae getting pretty hateful and it's sad to see:
Godfrey Bloom on Wednesday was ejected from the European Parliament in Strasbourg after directing a Nazi slogan at a German colleague.
Godfrey Bloom said "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer" - one people, one empire, one leader - as Martin Schulz, leader of the Socialists & Democrats group, was making a speech.
According to the BBC, Bloom said he stood by his words, describing the leader of the socialist group in the parliament, as "a national socialist", a nazi.

It's clear all europeans (not just british) are getting really tired of germans that all that have been doing is increasing their economy growing at the expense of others. German economy has never been better and the unemployment rate is the lowest ever... although all the other countries in the Euro Zone have records of unemployment. Germany has the power, the European Central Bank (that last year got the higgest levels of money depositis) is in there and is controlled and administrated mostly by germans, all this makes me wonder: is Germany destroying Europe...AGAIN? 
I don't want to spread hate against Germany I'm just saying what it was like and what it seems to be like now...the thirst of control and domain still there unfortunately.I hope not and this arrogance beween nations is over's needed an european Germany not a germanic Europe!

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  1. Well, Yes, Nazi Europe will be back soon under German leadership. No one is keen stopping it or at last only a minority is keen on stopping it. However, sentences like this are not less Nazi-like than Nazi-Europe itself:

    "Well I don't know why but I never liked Germany and specially germans."

    If we allow our leaders to spread hate between the peoples, then they will and fashism will succeed.

    Exchange 'Germans' with any other People, Nationality, Religion etc.

    a German (by the Right of birth)

  2. "the arians called the superior breed "

    arian is btw. not a breed, or race, it's a culture (or better a large group of cultures).

    arains are in India, most parts of asia, south america, persia (iran), europe and north america. Do you speak an indogermanian language (and all romean languages are indogermanian), then you are an arian, no matter what you look like. The racial picture of arians are a product of the Nazis and whenever someone give me this picutre of an arian, (tall, blue eyed, blonde), then I'm telling him/her, that he/she has adapted the Nazi concept of an arian very well.

    Your picture of the German language: Compared to other languages it might not be the nices language (russian sounds a bit more strange for my taste), but you should consider that foreign languages sometimes sound very strange to others. English is btw. not a very nice language, but it's widely accepted.

    What the German People is concerned ... Germans might be very strange for someone who has to deal with them for the first time. I'm grown up here, but with a bit of sensitivity, you can see and feel it. You should consider that, the common climate and Geology shapes a people and it's manners. But: I like this people anyway for their sophistication. When you look back in history, you'll find out, that since the beginning of the industrialization, most of the technical inventions come from central europe, especially from Germany or Germans (living in the USA).

    BTW: Being a Nazi (or to use the more common term fashist) is not restricted on being German. You find Nazis everywhere in the world.

  3. I'm sorry I wrote this a while ago (when I was interested in this topic, not anymore) and read it was a bit violent reading this it's true...well I'm not germanophile but it's not that I hate germans and Germany or blaming on them this crisis...well maybe this comparison was sad to do but it was based on other things I read too and sadly it's difficult for other europeans to accept germans like brothers due to that kind of approach they have. Anyway I'm sorry if this was offensive but still I don' think Germany in charge is good for any european country it's needed an european Germany not a germanic Europe!