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October hell: where is the Autumn?

Have you had fun at the beach today? Well, they didn't!
It's 5th October, Portugal, Lisbon, North Hemisphere, Autumn...but the thermometers register 33ºC! And it's been like this even after summertime (during all september and now in October, and it will be like this a few more days). If I lived in a tropical country as Brazil, even in Winter, these temperatures could be normal...but not in a mediterranean country!
We're suffering a new heat wave, and the people seem to like it!
Well it's a national holiday: the implementation of the Republic and the end of the Monarchy in 1910, here's what happened: someone shooted  the king dead and the Republic was established so the Monarchy ended. Not much as a republican but more like an anti-monarchy in 21st century I must admit that this bloody action  (which I do not agree at all) at least made possible to stop the king's sons to require the throne, as the result we stopped the continuation of the offspring of that hideous social parasites that's called monarchy for all the eternety here.
Contrary most part of European countries still having a royal family and a king or a queen as a Head of State (United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Greece...you name it!). Well I think that having a royal family as a Head of State is so old fashioned and nonsensical 'cause they're so out of the society: they don't work, they don't pay the taxes...they're not useful for the society!
Listen, I'm not against their simple existence, I'm against they don't work and pay taxes receiveing amounts of the peoples' meoney for their luxuries!
But fortunatelly I live in a developed country, at this level.
Well but I'm not here to talk about my anti-monarchy ideals.
I'm here to talk about this unnatural weather, last year by this time I was wearing a coat, a scarff, jeans, tenis and now I'm wearing sandals, dresses or shorts and t-shirts!
As a holiday portuguese people went happily to their wonderful beaches which got full of people, and they were so happy of diving in the ocean and catch sunlight! But that's so out of season that there are no lifeguards on the beaches anyomore...it's autumn, even it doesn't look like it at all!
I can't be happy even because I hate hot weather: I get depressed, lethargic and with no will power to react (have I mencioned I want to live in Scandinavia?) but most important,  I'm not happy because of the evidences of the Global Warming: if in Autumn 2011 it's like this how it will be by 2050 when your childs or grandchillds are born and maybe you still living up here?40ºC?50º?
Well if things keep going on this way, it's predicted not to exist ice during summer in the Arctic in 2050!
Have you ever stop to think about that catasthropic consequences?
If there is no ice in Arctic during summer it's just not the fact the polar bears would face extinction (in fact some of them now are drowning in the arctic seas because they have to swim long distants and the ice is getting thicker...as if this wasn't enought they have to deal with the lack of food...and some bears already started hunting themselves! In the magazine National Geogrphic of this month there comes an horrifying image of a bear eating a young bear! cannibalism isn't natural amongst any species on Earth!). The problem is too large cities by the cities will be flooded (London, New York, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro), entire countries can be flooded too or disappear forever (as Bangladesh, Denmark, Holland), and with no ice in Arctic there should be no ice too in the Himalaias glaciar...source of drinking water for a 1billion people!
But there are more problems too: with no ice, Earth reduces its power to reflect sun radiation out space and even more heat will be retained...even more heat will be generated, the lost of ice implies too the disturbance of salinity and temperatures in the oceans...what can interrupt the termohalin ocean circulation that takes a thousand years to do complete circulation worldwide...without that ocean current of transference of nutrients and that regulates the climate...we can face another Ice Age.
As the result we probably would exterminate all life on Earth including us, disturbing its delicated balance and magical wonders of life in order to increase our economical progress.
Is that okay for you?
If it is so, please don't have kids to witness the agony you don't care that your planet could face.
If it isn't okay for you do something...go green!

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