quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

Screwed Up America

Well well well seems like the BIG USA has a little problem in their hands...USA is falling apart! And why? Well I probably would say that everything is made in China instead of USA, that almost every enterprise moves to China where they can enslave people by their own free will which gets people in USA and Europe with no jobs 'cause the factories closed...we can get real good prices out of made in china products, but if you buy a label product you might only pay the label 'cause it will be expensive anyway and big companies have exorbitant profits!
But it's not all of course.
Politics and Corruption go hand in hand...the political system sucks that's the true, but it's worldwide don't worry! or perhaps you better worry pal!

So trillions of dollars are getting out of USA??? Oh noooo How come?
I have a clew: military operations...NATO, bombs, arms trade...it's very very expensive.
So America have two options: or America decides to solve their own problems and stop internal corruption or (I bet americans rather go for this one): DOMINATE THE WORLD!
I know how hardly you tried invading all those countries: Vietaname in Asia, countries Latin America and of course countries in the Middle East showing how superior you are detonating bombs (Little Boy and Fat Man exploded in Japan, by the way you chose fantastic names for the bombs!-.-)...you wanna know this secret: everybody knows how shity USA is!Well at least europenas know that (those who are not politicians of course).
But maybe american people don't know anything about anything'cause you're a little dumb and you don't know what is the rest of the world...
America doesn't have free health care? Well Libya have, or had before NATO screw it all...

My piece of advice is America stop war (and Europe get out NATO) and stop destroying other countrie's lifes, go green or go to the Moon or Mars.
Unfornutalley I'm quite sure the world would be better without the America that exploits natural resources and makes deadly wars everywhere...it's not to be surprised their biggest industry is the army!
If I could I would give a new planet just for americans to live on, so they can live happily destroying the world without pissing anyone.

Maybe it's not bad at all americans feel a bit of what people whose countries were invaded by NATO felt, America put in power governments that suits their interests...corrupted governments!

Tasting our own poison must be painfull!

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