sexta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2011

Succes: Mattel drops Rainforest Destruction

Fantastic news today! I received this newsletter from greenpeace and I get incredibly happy, as happy as I wasn't for a long long time! We made it! We won!
Yes, signing a simple petition, spreading the word, showing that you really care, but most important: beleiving in the change!
Well I wrote two posts about this subjects ( Barbie is barbaric  and we're still waiting for Mattel to drop off rainforests) and a few days later the last post saying that: "hey, we're still waiting for Mattel to stop deforestation! Yeah we didn't forgot!", we made it come true!
I wrote a post to make people aware of the importance of the rainforests:  Rainforests
 I get really concerned about the destruction of rain forests because we're losing that irreplaceable treasure day by day, endangering wild species for wrap Barbies? For God sake! Of course that makes no sense and the all, all the fathers and mothers on the world don't want to give to their kids toys that were implied in deforestation...that were implied in the destruction of this wonderfull world where parents put their kids on! Isn't that true?
Now Mattel will start using recycled paper to wrap Barbies and stop deforestation!
Inform more here: greenpeace

So we made people! I want to thank everyone that acted to stop this, that cared for this, I wannna thank Greenpeace for warn people worldwide about this issues and get people together to save the planet, I wanna thank everyone that supports Greenpeace and I wanna thank people in general for making me believe that human kind is not a monster and our planet can have a future...with life!

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