domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011


My fight against this political, financial and social system is not only personal, and it's not even my's a moral obligation!
But unfortunatelly I feel a bit alone, neglected and ignored by most people around me.
Perhaps it would be better to me if I would be like a zombie as most part of this youth and society in general...that accepts everything , that conforms with golbal injustice, that as no critical opinion...or fears it and hides it...authentic zombies..yes, they do exist!
Well I tried to be a zombie before just to fit in the world and be normal...but I couldn't do it, even because I don't like zombies and their attitude or lack of it disgusts me.
To me the world was taken by the zombies, like the "Walking Dead" TV show, zombies are pople that just don't a point I'm having serious difficulties apllying the word human to humans.
A zombie thinks that have no choice, is governed by other's opinion and makes no effort to change the world even knowing (or ignoring) that they make part of its decay. Most part of zombies believe that "we have politicians to solve our problems", and rely on them...believe me I have this kind of zombies in my own family!
Well rely on politicians is the wrongest thing you could ever do, that means you don't mind to be controlled and give them infinite power to rule the world.
But most part of zombies are simply selfish individuals that just live only their own life ignoring the World and believeing their indiviual actions have no impact the world.
Zombies or just upset people like me...WE ALL...wanting or not...WE ALL make part of this rotten system that seems to have taken control of us, but that we all created and allowed its existance.
What system is this?
It's the system of financial capitalism, modern colonization by wars done by NATO and multinationals' enslavement methods and modern slavery...


See the documentary: "The Story of your enslavement":
 So this is who you actually are, this is what society wants to turn you into, this is what college will make of you, this is what society expects and demands of you: another slave of the system!
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

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  1. That reminds me of a book I read that was titled Zombie Economics. It's an American book written from a social democratic perspective about the failed fiscal polices of mainly Republican (American Conservatism) plans since Ronald Reagan and how ignorant people do not understand why they failed and yet they want to bring the back even though they are just political tools.