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What the media didn't tell us about the war in Libya

And that's it, finnaly the libyan dictator Muamar Gaddafi is dead! NATO and the libyan rebels killed him in the city of Sitre.
If I was someone I'm not any longer, two or three months ago I would be happy and think: "finnally the libyan people can live in democracy and in peace", but now I don't see things that way. Why? because I finnaly found out that the Occident doesn't live in a real democracy, corrupts took over place and make bad decisions that affect the citizens, in fact, our western policy is full of lies and corruption, don't you doubt about that.
But also I started reading things about NATO, MIF, USA and European Union...and then watched the news with more attention, and then I started thinking by myself instead of simply believing in what media wants us to believe in and I concluded that NATO is a fraud. Terrorism does exist (even in Europe, Spain with ETA) but NATO doesn't try to save people from their living hell, NATO doesn't come to improve those people lives...instead NATO comes with the purpose of  destroy and control those countries and explore its resources in order to improve the economy in the Occident. Even in western there are lots of people being mistreated by the western system, by their true democracy system...
Remeber Iraq? So where's the damn fuckin' massive destruction weapons that justified the war?????? No one knows...well they should be very very hidden...I can't believe they exist or ever existed at all! And I'm getting really tired about all the Occident politicians' stupid lies.
And after all making war is a great business, first we destroy that countries, then we give them loans to they reconstruct it, and they can pay with cheap oil! 
Occident amost have no oil (USA, Norway, UK, someone else?) but we are the ones with import the most!
So in fact it is our fault no doubts about it...our taxes are funding imperialist wars.
I'm not sad about Gaddafi's death because he was a ditactor, a killer too but what NATO did there is just much more worse! But you know what is even more disgusting? NATO invaded Libya to help the rebels that fight against the dictactor, destroyed entire cities causing the displacement of thousands of people, detroying their cities, homes and ruining all their lives, making them war refugees and then you know what Europe does?? Doesn't let them in, closes the borders and let people die from hunger and thirst in croweded sailing boats! Only this year, 2011, it is estimated that near 2 thousand immigrants died in Mediterranean waters.

II-what the media didn't inform us about Libya (I'm not completely sure about some content here, I found this in a blogue written in portuguese and then I translated it into english so if I'm wrong please tell me, also you can see some things are true checking on the wikipedia).

ONU found in 2007 this:
1- Lybia has the highest Human Development Index (HDI) of Africa.
2-Free public education till the univesity.
3-10% of libyan univesity students study in Europe, USA and other parts of the world...with all paid!
4- By marrying, the couple receives up to U.S 50 000 dollars to purchase their property.
5-free public health care competing with european's medical system with cutting-edge equipment.
6-state bank loans without interests.
7- Libya opened in 2007, the largest irrigation system in the world that is making the desert (95% of Lybia) farm food producers.

And that's the way it goes...or was going...

I-But why detonate Lybia?
Here's 3 of the most important reasons:
1)Own their oil of good quality with a volume higher than 45 barrels in reserves.
2)Getting all Mediterranean Sea under control of NATO now we just need to find a way to end with Syria...
3) and, probably, one of the most important reasons is that Libyan central bank is not attached to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Libyan central bank's reserves have tons of gold providing cover to the value of the libyan currency, dinar, and uncoupled the fluctuations of the dollar.
So IMF got really pissed for Gaddafi for presenting and almost achieve that african countries form a single currency off dollar.

III-What is the humanitarian attack for free libyan people?
1) NATO led by USA and Europe have bombed the libyan main cities with thousands of bombs and missiles capable of destroying an entire city block. The buildings and infrastructures for water, sewer, gas and light are seriously damaged.
2)The bombs used contain DU (Depleted Uranium) that has the time of life about 3 billion years! Entire contaminated lands for all the eternety!! The depleted uranium causes cancer and genetic deformations.
3)Half of libyan children are psychologically traumatized because of the explosions that cracked houses and seemed to be like earthquakes.
4)With the air and sea blockade of NATO, especially the children, suffer from the lack of medicine and food.
5) The water is no longer drinking water in large regions of the country. Again the children are the most affected.
6) About 150 000 people a day leave the country through the borders with Tunisia and Egypt going to the open desert with no water or food.
7) Even without further bombings, about 4 million people  will need humanitarian help to survive. All this from a population of 6.5 million people!!!

Concluding, the "humanitarian" bombing ended up with the libyan nation.
There will never ever be a libyan nation like it was before, they have been swept away...it was so simple, as if those lives didn't represent anything in the name of a freedom that only the europeans and the americans know and when it suits them!
Gaddafi and the Nobel War Prize Obama, when they were close friends

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