domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011

Modern Art: a waste that is worth millions

See that picture above?
Well I took that from the internet it's spread all around but the original painting painted by Roy Lichtensei known by the Pop Art Culture was sold in an auction for 28,3 million euros. Yeah you read it right: 28 300 00 Euros (said the free newspaper: metro of 10th November 2011) about 43,2 million dollares (said the internet)!
I searched for who bought that painting and even if the money from the sale of the painting was going to charity but couldn't find anything.
I really hope that that auction is for help charity institutions  and that who bought it thought about helping this way other people and/or causes...otherwise it's just  offensive and shocking someone this filthy rich can be able to commit this eccentricity, clearly must be someone who really don't know what to do with their money and treats millions as cents, as just a few bucks!
The price of the sale of this stupid painting similar to an ordinary square of the comic books is 28 300 000 euros...I can't believe this! With that amount of money you can buy more than 46 nice mansions in Portugal each one worth in 500 000 euros, you could pay 56 600 workers a bit more than the minimum wage in Portugal (500 euros per month is what each worker earns to live for a whole month, and actually the minimum wage in Portugal is even less it is about 416 euros...a misery!).
And with such an amount of money you could help lots of ecological and social causes, help a lot of mistreated animals and children and feed lots of famine not even in Africa but in urban slums of our cities!

Besides this is an insult to the art itself since this is no art at all: real art is renaissance art, medieval and gothic art, baroque art...
Really I got  comic books more elaborated than this painting!

So if this was not for charity this is trully offensive and only shows how unfair this capitalism system is, that the money is bad distributed and administered. It shows how selfish and dumb can be some of the most ridiculous rich!
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