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ukrainian teenagers torture and kill dogs just for fun

Today I got a newsletter from Care2 petition site I got shocked again!
So I've warn here in my blogue that Ukraine is killing stray dogs (specially burning them alive in mobile ovens and shooting them) in a cleaning process to receive the Euro football event in 2012. Read here:
But also I wrote later that Ukraine says that will stop dog culling and will give animals a shelter to live instead of killing them and the Care2 petitionsite will make sure the best conditions will be given to animals. Read here:
The message Humane society here:
But still the petition from Care2 petition is still going on here:
 Anyway, Care2 found out that a wicked ukrainian teenager, 19 years old, published photos and videos of him torturing and killing dogs and he also is said to have killed about 100 dogs. The videos and pictures (I did not watch because I closed the window when I saw bloody animals in pictures...and I will not see that because I am very sad and I can't see anymore inhumanity)
 With his fellows he discusses new ways of torture against animals. He is filmed throwing puppies in the railway and watching trains run over their little bodies, he is also seen cutting their tails and paws, ripping open their stomachs and pulling out their eyes.
 He and his fellows are clearly sick person conscious about what they did, that feel pleasure killing and until now they didn't show any signs of regret for what they did because they laugh about that and show themselves proud of killing. Also ukrainian authorothies showed indifference for this case (let's not forget this was a "cleansing" measure decided by the municipalities) and because of that this teenager and his pals  had no punishment yet.
If this guy feels pleasure torturing and killing helpless little creatures he and his friends can eventually turn to children! It's a well-estabilished fact that animal torture is an early sign of criminal behavior.
Sign this petition here please:

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