segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

Wilkommen im neunen Europa! (Welcome to the new Europe)

Owkay now it's official: Greeks's sovereignity has already been hypothecated in exchange for a foreign loan but now Germany hopes it will be offered by greek's free will and then probably make this a wicked plan to facilitate the german occupation by several europena countries with no resistance.
The german motion is to put Greece under the supervision of an european commissary for greek's budget control with the condition to receive the 2nd help programme of 130 billion euros, which in turn will withdraw to the greeks' democratic government its legitimate essential functions in carrying out its governmental function. This document that defends the Athens occupation was disclosed by the "Financial Times" where it's written that to receive the monetary help Greece has to agree to waive their budgetary sovereignty and there's more: Athens must write a newpermanent law to guarantee that the greeks's State Revenues would be diverted to debt servicing in first place! The greek's government and greek people are, of course, in shock, and we all should be too...this is really a chantage and an attack to democracy iself: if Greece doesn't agree with this, will not receive the monetary help...and will bankrrupt.
Yesterday, the answer of the Greek Minister of Finance, Evangelos Venizelos was: "who puts a country the dilemma of chosing between economic assistenace  and national dignity is surely forgetting some basic lessons of History". We should remind ourselves than Nazi Germany occupied Greece during the 2nd World War, and killed several greek citizens and destroyed part of their country with the militar invasion, therefore it's absolutely astonishing that Germany Whom Europe forgave their huge debt after the 2nd War (a huge debt not only in terms in money but also in terms of millions of lost of human lifes and national heritage like historical buildings and inclusively their devastade landscape) comes now and wake up all the dormant ghosts from the past.!!!
John Adams said that there's only two ways to conquer and enslave a nation: by war or by debt. Now it seems like Germany has chosen the debt way...
History warns us that if we don't learn from the errors from the past, the History tends to be repeated...we all have seen this film (twice) before...let's not see that again!

The Canadian Seal Hunt is Dead! Long Live the Seals!

 Fantastic new: Canada stopped the seal slaughter! After 37 years os struggling to end this bloody massacre it finnally came to an end!
There's a lot more work to be done but this means we're getting near to a more fair and human society, this means progress!
I hope people stop using fur, specially celebrities that unfortunatelly use them and are a fashion icon what can inspire other people to wear fur too.
But this is a clear signal o progress.
Thanks to all of the animal lovers that made this victory a reality!

Here's an excert from a commentary done  by captain Paul Watson:

"The Canadian seal slaughter is commercial-dead and it will have no place in the 21st Century. This anachronistic barbaric enterprise is being tossed into the dustbin of history where it belongs, and finally after a lifetime of struggle to end it, this obscene embarrassment is for all intents and purposes – dead.
Thanks to the fact that seal products are banned in the USA, Europe and Russia, the worldwide market has crashed.
Through visuals, through drama and through the media we made the world aware of this atrocity against marine wildlife and we kept them aware, reminding the international public that our passion for the cause never died. Year after year we were in the face of the killers and year after year we grew stronger as the killers grew weaker.
We have won. The seals have won. The Canadian seal hunt is dead!

Long live the seals.

Now we need to stop the slaughter of the South African fur seals in Namibia. "


segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

a failure on my behalf

It's hard to me to understand and accept but my life is a complete mess: I never get anything, or almost anything, that I want to achieve, and that's small things like do some subjects at college since I spend most part of my time studying...doesn't matter it can be a 10 (from 0 to 20 scale) I just want to end this damn stupid degree I'm in and get out of that freak damn college! Really I'm tired of that all!
It's my 5th year there and all I feel is that I've just being wasted my time: some of my closest coleagues quit college and then didn't care about me anymore, like they not even answer when I talk to them through facebook chats or mesenger or even answer my e-mails...nevertheless I got their "Happy Birthday", and "Merry Christmas" text messages...How strange that people are! So they're gone, but not totally although they remind me twice a year they don't invite me do I, I'm tired of following that persons and care about who don't care about me at all...I'm through with this and terrible disappointed: okay it's true I don't need that persons 'cause I don't need anyone who despise me but I lost a lot of time with them and they made me believe we were friends...but there's those who didn't quit college but didn't care about me anymore simply because I decided to stop bothering them all the time making them notice I'm alive...the moved on and got some other persons, I just got so disenchanted that I never was able to trust anyone again.
I read several positive books about the power of being positive like the secret book, the power, the exotropic mind and read a lot about the attraction's hard to believe that crap but somethings made some sense. Anyway I think that African children that starve to death are not in that situation because they don't think all the time in food and so they could attract food right? And the fact 1% of people have much more fortune than the 99% isn't not because they people attract money with their thoughts as it's told in the's just unfairness.
Anyway thinking of your problems over and over again all that can do is make them seem much more complictaed and important than they actually are.
So my simplest wishes don't come true and I don't know what it's like being succeed in life for a long time...although I still can't deal well with my failure.
I'm not a jealous person, I think envy is the most destructive feeling of them all, I'm never happy with other's failure but neither I am happy with their success, in the books like secret it's told that we should feel as happy as other people to atract their success to us, and envy will let success go away.
I look at most part of people I know and damn they're doing well, they're moving on on the degree and I'm not...this doesn't make me feel jealous about them, my common feeling is just to be sad of things go so wrong with me 'cause I do all I can do to move on but things don't go that fine.
I never admitted before but one of the most powerful reasons to close myself and to like being alone is the fact I feel worse when successful people surround me.
I just don't feel like having lunch with people that all can talk about is that stupid damn degree, that they're almost finishing the degree and ask me mine miserable classifications.
I never was a bad student, before I got in college I was great, but before passing all my life reading science magazines and watching documentaries I got in a Science College in an engeneering degree that is not that kind of science and where I feel like I'm not learning anything...that's frustrating. Besides the teachers do a lot of stupid evaluation criteria...
So I'm the anti-social college girl 'cause I don't identify myself with anyone, I think everybody's conversations are boring and stupid and because they make me feel worse about myself and my college performance. Also I'm so sick about college that now I insist not to hang out with them out of college.
Oh I just wish college to be over and then immigrate somewhere far and north like in Scandinavia and start all over again since here in Portugal I never was happy and it's more likely I never got a job here...I know I won't be happy elsewhere just because I moved to a different place but changing the scenario of my life might bring different things...and the fact I feel so miserable here, doesn't imply it's this place fault, but that will make me have more courage to move out and never miss my life here.
I thought I could make it all this year but I already failed one subject, I mean teacher don't even allows me to go to will is just quit all this shity life here and just go, go now 'cause by now things are so messed up that I cry in exams and while I study: why in the exam only appears stuff we almost didn't talk about?
I'm tired of trying, failing, repeating, failing and start all over again...I'm on the edge and I just want to put an end to this...I never felt so frustrating in my whole life like I'm feeling now in college.

domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

WWW=World War Web

Seems that instead of the acronym www means world wide web it's more suitable to be called world war web now because of the cyber attacks lots of hacktivists are doing now in governmental american sites, specially causing their blocking overloading the informatic serevers with too many connections to the target sites...and that needs too many angry people...
This operation was called "Operation Megaupload" and was an insurrectionist answer for the shutdown by the FBI of the Megaupload site which is said to allow the change of contents as musics and movies, specially americans. I said it is said to be 'cause I never went there but I read some comments in the internet of people very upset for not be allowed to make free movie sessions in megaupload anymore.
This is an insurrection against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act).
Well I agree that this kind of share is bad for the movie industry and music industry...for example lots of DVD's rent shops closed (I mean I think they all closed in Portugal), and when I go to the cinema it's almost empty (this year when I went to the movie theatre to watch the Black Swan, a movie that won an oscar, I was the only one in a large cinema room)...and I have no company to go to the cinema, not just because I'm an anti-social but too because my friends say that they will download it and see at home and sometimes they even see TV series and movies before they get here in Portugal....and lot's of people do that too!
Well I know those sites and go on and arrest me I have downloaded a few movies and musics but I go a lot to concerts and cinemas, instead of downloading from the internet I rent movies from the movie box in TV and they come with legends in portuguese, I have downloaded music from internet too but I still buying CD's when I am fan of a band or singer and most part of the time I hear radio stations and hear music from youtube channels. But most part of people simply stopped this cultural consumption...and that's bad because one day maybe there will be no new movies done, and the few who will be produced might be poor and boring...after all why bother producing movies that are worth millions if then everybody will do free downloads then?
I mean it's okay you borrow your DVD's to a friend of yours, but putting it in the internet and share with the whole world might not be a good deed to do...
After all why do I go to the movie theatre if I can see free movies at home?
The illegal share of contents cause a loss of 100 thousands of million of dollars to the USA north american industries that are responsable for 19 million jobs and represent about 60% US exports.
So I understand that piracy must be controlled or ended...and damn that will be tough 'cause everybody does that!
We have to find a way to do that but without jeopardize other contents in the internet like wikipedia, wikileaks, independant blogues and even the access to youtube and social networks like twitter and facebook (a good tool to start riots and revolutions against tyrants as we saw in the arabic spring last year...and that's not covenient to the governments right?).
So what it's to be feared is that this can actually be used to censor the internet and limit the access of information by governments and even end the freedom of speech in the world WIDE web...because the TV is a suitable media to be controlled and some newspapers too...they only show us what it's more suitable to be showed...some information is filtered and that's why it's important to have blogues and independant sites of organizations that try to show the truth to the world like wikileaks.
Media is a great tool to control and deceive the masses,but internet is a different kind of's free until now although it's censored in 40 countries worldwide. But until now everybody can say their opinion in the internet! And this must remain this way!
End piracy, not liberty!
So if you live in USA and are against this sign this petition:
Also I have written a post about this before: american-congress-want-to-censore www

sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2012

Adios, Arrivederci, bye bye to outdated animal tests in Europe

This is very good new: Human Society International is celebrating the largest victory in History against animal tests! Now thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals will be spared  to cruel chemical tests in Europe!
Way to go! Now I know that we are approaching to a more equal, fair, kind and real human society!
As Gandhi said once:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way which its animal are treated!.

read more: HSI