segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

Wilkommen im neunen Europa! (Welcome to the new Europe)

Owkay now it's official: Greeks's sovereignity has already been hypothecated in exchange for a foreign loan but now Germany hopes it will be offered by greek's free will and then probably make this a wicked plan to facilitate the german occupation by several europena countries with no resistance.
The german motion is to put Greece under the supervision of an european commissary for greek's budget control with the condition to receive the 2nd help programme of 130 billion euros, which in turn will withdraw to the greeks' democratic government its legitimate essential functions in carrying out its governmental function. This document that defends the Athens occupation was disclosed by the "Financial Times" where it's written that to receive the monetary help Greece has to agree to waive their budgetary sovereignty and there's more: Athens must write a newpermanent law to guarantee that the greeks's State Revenues would be diverted to debt servicing in first place! The greek's government and greek people are, of course, in shock, and we all should be too...this is really a chantage and an attack to democracy iself: if Greece doesn't agree with this, will not receive the monetary help...and will bankrrupt.
Yesterday, the answer of the Greek Minister of Finance, Evangelos Venizelos was: "who puts a country the dilemma of chosing between economic assistenace  and national dignity is surely forgetting some basic lessons of History". We should remind ourselves than Nazi Germany occupied Greece during the 2nd World War, and killed several greek citizens and destroyed part of their country with the militar invasion, therefore it's absolutely astonishing that Germany Whom Europe forgave their huge debt after the 2nd War (a huge debt not only in terms in money but also in terms of millions of lost of human lifes and national heritage like historical buildings and inclusively their devastade landscape) comes now and wake up all the dormant ghosts from the past.!!!
John Adams said that there's only two ways to conquer and enslave a nation: by war or by debt. Now it seems like Germany has chosen the debt way...
History warns us that if we don't learn from the errors from the past, the History tends to be repeated...we all have seen this film (twice) before...let's not see that again!

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