domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

WWW=World War Web

Seems that instead of the acronym www means world wide web it's more suitable to be called world war web now because of the cyber attacks lots of hacktivists are doing now in governmental american sites, specially causing their blocking overloading the informatic serevers with too many connections to the target sites...and that needs too many angry people...
This operation was called "Operation Megaupload" and was an insurrectionist answer for the shutdown by the FBI of the Megaupload site which is said to allow the change of contents as musics and movies, specially americans. I said it is said to be 'cause I never went there but I read some comments in the internet of people very upset for not be allowed to make free movie sessions in megaupload anymore.
This is an insurrection against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act).
Well I agree that this kind of share is bad for the movie industry and music industry...for example lots of DVD's rent shops closed (I mean I think they all closed in Portugal), and when I go to the cinema it's almost empty (this year when I went to the movie theatre to watch the Black Swan, a movie that won an oscar, I was the only one in a large cinema room)...and I have no company to go to the cinema, not just because I'm an anti-social but too because my friends say that they will download it and see at home and sometimes they even see TV series and movies before they get here in Portugal....and lot's of people do that too!
Well I know those sites and go on and arrest me I have downloaded a few movies and musics but I go a lot to concerts and cinemas, instead of downloading from the internet I rent movies from the movie box in TV and they come with legends in portuguese, I have downloaded music from internet too but I still buying CD's when I am fan of a band or singer and most part of the time I hear radio stations and hear music from youtube channels. But most part of people simply stopped this cultural consumption...and that's bad because one day maybe there will be no new movies done, and the few who will be produced might be poor and boring...after all why bother producing movies that are worth millions if then everybody will do free downloads then?
I mean it's okay you borrow your DVD's to a friend of yours, but putting it in the internet and share with the whole world might not be a good deed to do...
After all why do I go to the movie theatre if I can see free movies at home?
The illegal share of contents cause a loss of 100 thousands of million of dollars to the USA north american industries that are responsable for 19 million jobs and represent about 60% US exports.
So I understand that piracy must be controlled or ended...and damn that will be tough 'cause everybody does that!
We have to find a way to do that but without jeopardize other contents in the internet like wikipedia, wikileaks, independant blogues and even the access to youtube and social networks like twitter and facebook (a good tool to start riots and revolutions against tyrants as we saw in the arabic spring last year...and that's not covenient to the governments right?).
So what it's to be feared is that this can actually be used to censor the internet and limit the access of information by governments and even end the freedom of speech in the world WIDE web...because the TV is a suitable media to be controlled and some newspapers too...they only show us what it's more suitable to be showed...some information is filtered and that's why it's important to have blogues and independant sites of organizations that try to show the truth to the world like wikileaks.
Media is a great tool to control and deceive the masses,but internet is a different kind of's free until now although it's censored in 40 countries worldwide. But until now everybody can say their opinion in the internet! And this must remain this way!
End piracy, not liberty!
So if you live in USA and are against this sign this petition:
Also I have written a post about this before: american-congress-want-to-censore www

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