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The Invention of Hugo

Yesterday I went to the movie theatre to watch the movie: "The Invention of Hugo" in 3D from Martin Scorsese, a movie that is nomenated for 11 Oscars!
(Yes it only debuted in Portugal in Frebruary...)
The story of the movie is based in the book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" from Brian Selznick, and tell us the story of a 12 years old boy named Hugo Cabret that lives secretly in the walls of a train station of Paris, in 1930.
After the death of his father (a watchmaker that taught the kid how to fix the clocks), the young boy goes to live with his drunk uncle who makes him doing his work fixing the clocks of the train station, when his uncle disappears he still doing that in order to undercover his existence and so, avoid to go to an orphanage.
Then the adventure begins when the little boy fixes a mysterious object called automato and tries to discover a secret message.
I loved the movie, I was missing to watch something classic in the movies and Scorse managed a really beautiful way to combined the classic with the tecnology of 3D.
I just think it would be better to have that movie spoke in french and not english since it was in Paris, France and sometimes in the movies they combine english speaking with "monsieur" and "madame".
But that was asking a lot from american movies and american audience that is said to only know how to speak english (and  maybe they are very lazy and don't like reading the legends).
Anyway it was a brillant movie, I'm convinced that cinema needs more magic like that.
movie from Méliès: Le Voyage dans la Lune

For those who already watched the movie maybe can understand this: the movies by Georges Méliès showed in the movie reminded me the "Tonight" song from Smashing Pumpkins (who I saw last year performing :D): I mean it's totally similiar from the mermaids to the moon in shape of a cookie from the movie "le voyage dans la lune" (the trip to the moon).
 Smashing Pumpkins must have inspired in Méliès and made this fantastic song and video clip in his honor:

Gerges Méliès is a character of the movie too and doing researches I found out that he was a pioneer in the cinema combining photo effects in order to create fantastic worlds.
After all this is all it's all about lost dreams.
Happy endings sure only happens in the movies...

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