sábado, 18 de fevereiro de 2012

Is Demi Moore a vegetarian?

going naked heartless bitch? so just wear your own skin!

I was just watching videos on youtube about famous vegetarians and vegans when I see (in several of that videos) that the actress Demi Moore is said to be a vegetarian! Really? is that true? How can someone be a vegetarian and use real fur? that makes no sense at all!
If she is really a vegetarian so it's just because she is on a diet to mantain her elegancy (yes meat is grease and makes people win weight), the part of using fur anyway I don't know it must have something to do with being cruel and like to show everyone how filthy rich she is.
 So Demi Moore is a cruel bitch that loves wearing fur and don't care about the suffering of animals...in fact she looks like she is proud of wearing murdered animals skinned alive...otherwise she wouldn't wear that!

(I found the most stupid site about Demi Moore and its pro-fur in fashion it's called furinsider! take a look and see that there are a lot of sick persons around the world:

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