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So I am a vegetarin half way to become a vegan. Why? because eating murdered animals that even lived a life full of horrors with no freedom is unethical and disgusting! Meat is murder and animals are friends, not food!
The production of meat is one of the main causes of emissions of green house gases and so, global warming, the production of meat means implies the devastation of large forest area (like what's happening in Amazonia: the soybean plantings are used to feed the animals and only then to feed people...we could feed so much more persons if we just eat the soy instead os making this whole process) and requires lots of water and energy.
Meat is full of crap and chemical substances harmful to health and it is the main cause of several cancers, obesity, cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes.
Concluding: being a vegetarian is good for your health, is good for the animals and is good for the environment.
About 58 billion animals are killed every year by the industry of meat, milk and eggs...this is a mass murder! a blood bath!!
This means that it's about 8 more times the actual global human population on Earth (we are 7 billion humans by now), which means if we all would eat meat we would be partners in the crime of 8 animals per year...but as we all know day by day several people die of hunger and many others are undernourished. Think about this: if we really all eat meat it would be catastrophe for the environment...and by know specially the chineses become admirers of the brazilian meat from cattle raised in Amazonia...
My story of becoming a vegetarian started when I was only 12 years old and I said to my family I wanted to become vegetarian.My parents didn't accept my decision they even beat me up for a while and slap me several times to make me change my mind (how stupid they were!!), and I don't have any shame to tell this I think that who  should have shame is people that eat meat and don't respect vegetarians...so I totally could become vegetarian when I was 15 (they quit beating me and the struggle finally paid off), and now I am 22!
During these 10 years I never got sick (I cannot even remember the last time I got sick), I'm a sportive person and I do swimming and I go to the gym and even lift weights there, I'm a tall person (1,74 m) and I'm not skinny in fact I have an athletic physiognomy so many times people doubt that I am a vegetarian because of that: they think vegetarians don't eat anything and are short and weack...but I do eat a lot, and a lot of different things, the only thing that vegetarians don't eat is any kind of animals (no meat, no fish, no shellfish). Is it too hard to understand? animals are friends not food! For God sake it even gets me shivers when in a regular restaurant the menu is : cow with chips, pork with rice, rabbit with salad, fried pig, grilled chicken, etc. Needless to say too I almost throw up when I pass by smelly food chains like KFC, McDonalds or Burguer King...even the smell makes me sick I don't even go in there to buy ice creams or juices.
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Well I don't eat animals but do I have something to do with the meat production anyway?
Unfortunatelly maybe!  Well I'm not a total vegan 'cause I eat chocolates sometimes (and the regular good chocolates aren't made of soy milk, actually I never saw vegan chocolates being sold), and some pastry products (made with cow milk), and cheese and eggs sometimes.
About the eggs what I have to say is that I don't like easting eggs and those who my parents buy is from free range chicken, about the eggs used in the pastry products...well that I don't know.
About the milk I drink specially with cereals is soy milk and the butter in my toasts is vegetal butter.
So being a vegetarian is much more easier than a vegan (they don't eat anything from animal sources), we've got more restaurants to go and products to eat but it might not be 100% ethical!
I mean it will be ok to drink cow milk, eat cheese and eggs if those animals weren't produced for the meat industry and live in free in the fields not in tiny dark caves!
I'm doing my best to minimize animal pain and really wish not being feeding the meat industry that mistreat animals so badly.
Being a vegetarian is tough, being a vegan is even more no doubt about that.
To me is inconceivable to eat animals, I think it's murder I just can't. And I'm not really the kind of vegetarian that respects people that eat meat: I have lunch alone at college when people don't eat in the macrobiotic section of the canteen 'cause I really don't feel like smelling the smell of dead animals and see people cutting meat with knives or even gnaw its bones. Also at home I eat alone because of that: I can't be at the same table with people eating meat, I refuse lots of invitations to have diner out (this when I used to receive invitations of course) 'cause they go to places with no vegetarian option...so they want me to go but they didn't found a place where I could actually go!
Fortunatelly in Portugal people eat simple things for breakfast like just cereals and cakes, but when I went to England and Denmark and smelled the smell of meat in the morning...I got really disgusted!
Vegetarians and vegans obtain proteins from vegetable sources like beans, soy, tofu and seitan...and it's nutritious and delicious!There's no need to eat animals!
I just wish slaughter houses and butchers to close and that the animals are treated with respect and love at all the open field farms where it would ethically ok for me to trade milk, eggs and cheese...like it was like years ago in the time of our grandparents.
My biggest wish is the kill to eat would never take place on Earth: humans can decide it, unfortunatelly some beatutiful creatures (like lions, tigers, bears,seals, etc) can't. And this is why I can't see documentaries I always cry 'cause they are always showing the hunting time and I wish lions and tigers to eat and live 'cause but I also wish the gazelles to survive. One of the last wildlife documentaries that I saw I brusted into tears: a gazelle gave birth to a bay gazelle...and the baby as soon as started walking was hunted and eated by a lion: the baby gazelle life was so short and before she could understand even what is like to being alive and know what the world is she just was killed. It was one of the sadness days of my life, I was a child and that scene never left my subconscious. So I love wildlife but can't see the documentaries.
I think that's when I started hating the world 'cause this world is full of blood and it's a massacre for surviving...
God, if he really exists, He must be a sadist: this natural order is a massacre, doesn't make any sense to me.
So if I have the choice to not finance the cruelty that's what I try to do, everyday: you may not have courage to kill the animals but someone killed it for you to eat so you're a partner in crime.
But we all defintely should stop eating meat and end forever with the fur industry and animal testing.
A more human society that cares for animal welfare is possible and we're more and more as time goes by.

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