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Katy Perry becomes a Marine!

Ok, I love Katy Perry (by the way she's of portuguese descent) I even went to her show once and had a great time 'cause she's such an entertainer and she's so funny, I think she's nice, she seems to have no star caprices, she behaves as just a normal person (contrary as many singers) and she doesn't wear fur (unfortunately she's not vegetarian)...so I always get excited and amused by Katy's videos.
So Kay has a new single "Part of Me", it's just another pop beat suitable for dancing.
The song "Part of Me" talks about a rubbish relationship that came to end when she realized that that guy wasn't worth it all (a bit like should had happened with her ex-husband), so she just faced that reality and moved on. Sure this song has a lot of Girl Power, the girl from the song realized that she couldn't continue to be blindly in love with such a bad person:

Here's the lyrics:

"Days like this I want to drive away pack my bags and watch your shadow fade. 
You chewed me up and spit me out like I was poison in your mouth.
You took my light, you drained me down but that was then and this is now.
Now look at me: this is a part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me [..]
Throw your sticks and your stones, throw your bombs and your blows but you're not gonna break my soul
This is a part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, NO!
[..]I just wanna throw my phone away find out who is really there for me
You ripped me off, your love was cheap was always tearing at the seams
I fell deep and you let me down but that was then and this is now
Now look at me: this is a part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, NO!"

So I already had listened this song for the first time a year ago, so when I knew this would be her new single I thought: ok another girl power video clipe in which Katy might use her fancy and funny dresses full of colour with some nice dancing moves...but nothing could make me predict that Katy would become a marine, a US soldier...

Take a look at her video:

So I just though "what the hell is this?", ok another girl problem, she breaks up with a stupid guy that was cheating on her, then she drives in her car very upset about this, then goes to a gas station  to buy gas for the car and a juice (?) when she reads in the gasoline store a paper that says: "all women are created equal, then some become marines" (!!) so she just runs to the bathroom, cuts off her hair and goes to the army...it's even shown some military exercises among recruits...Katy even shoots and carries a loaded gun! Outrageous!

What is all this about? The song (the beat and the lyrics) have nothing to do with going to war and becoming a US soldier! 
Sure this wasn't a thing that came up from Katy's mind..someone propsed her to do this, and I think she just should have refused to do it: there's nothing cool about going to war, become a soldier is not a way to forget bad relationship, and there's no heroism in becoming a marine and then go overseas kill innocent people and destroy other's countries in the name of US lobbies and geopolitical and geostrategic US's interests...like oil an banks...and it turns out USA youth are realizing that and fewer and fewer people are willing to kill and be killed for bankers, corrupted governments and their lies...and that's a good start, american youth is in a good path and you all should refuse to go to war...it's a living hell, and if you get there alive you'll live the rest of your life with nightmares...and in the afterlife (if you believe in those things) you know that Heaven is not for the murderers...you're more suitable to go to the true Hell.
So what's the point of all this? maybe it was a way USA corrupted and bloodthirsty masons that control and rule to world to encourage the young people to become marine showing that's so cool that even Katy Perry aproves!!!
Really this is so lame! How can media leaders get so low? How could Katy do this lame video?

I found out a really good review about this in disinfo:

"The globalist empire needs you - specially if you are young and naive and think you'll meet a girl like Katy Perry in the next war zone.
Part of Me, Perry's latest music video, is straight up psychological propaganda designed to make being a Marine sexy and fashionable when it is in fact a living hell of multiple tours of duty in far-away war zones in countries of strategic interest to the globalists.
The video also reveals how desperate the military is to attract new recruits. Fewer people are interested in "serving" the bankers in the foreign wars of conquest..."
Videos about going to war make part of the american music like the Thinking of you video also from  Katy Perry  (her love goes to war and the she becomes widow), or the When you're gone song from Avril Lavigne when a Marine goes to war and leaves his preagnant wife that cries in front of TV while seeing the war and then goes to listen the speech from a USA general (?) when she gets the text message from her lover saying "I'm ok I miss U" or even the punks Green Day (which I already saw performing and loved it) with the song Wake me up when september ends, but this in a anti-war perspective: a young man enlisted in the US army thinking he was doing a good thing but he was not suported for his girlfriend...the name of the song is because in the end of september troops get back home...so marine's families are very anxious and expectant for September to come.
My point is: why do you go to war anyway?
Fighting for your beloved country? All right the country (USA) that only cares about bankers and big capitalists, the big country that still being the biggest economy of the world whose main industry is army? USA, the country that don''t give you anything and you're willing to give your life for...nothing? I mean, USA not even has public health care, it's a dirty business...if you don't have money you die in front of the hospital! It's shameful!
You think you're gonna fight to save the people from foreign lands from their dictators and tyrants? But you only destroy their country and kill innocent citizens that have the right to their religion and culture and the right of live in peace in their home! And by the way, in your land (USA,) do you have any freedom at all? How come if USA still having death penalty and people can have as guilty life imprisionment for silly things like do small robberies, even kids are arrested and face life imprisionment penalties due to your judicial system at least doubtful...I mean how many innocent were killed or arrested for all life in the land of freedom? countless...
Remember Bradley Manning that reveled to wikileaks the atrocities he saw US troops doing to innocents in Iraq? he's closed in a high-security prision, completely alone without seeing sunlight facing death penalty or death penalty!!! And this is just wrong!
You elected (???) George W. Bush and he lied about Iraq when said NATO had to invade Iraq because they had deadly nuclear weapons...what happened to him? what happened to all those corrupt bankers that cost american citizen's savings of a life, their jobs and their homes?
For who and for what are you fighting for?
America, wake up!

To end this post, I remember to read in a Rolling Stone magazine Katy Perry saying that's so sad in such a developed and wealthy country as USA, american citizens have no right to health care...and that sometimes she stays very upset with all this because sometimes it seems like who rules the country is a bank...it doesn't look like, it's how it is, face it! So Katy who told you to make this video? I'm very disappointed with you!

Being a marine is not sexy, is not fashionable, it isn't cool!
Wars are not cool!

Don't let governments take a part of you and others lifes! Say NO to war!

Surprising visitors

When I come to my blogue it's specially for write more stuff and see who visited it, so we have the option to see which countries visited us and just today I got visits from USA; France,  Latvia, Indonesia, Venezuela, Canda, Denmark, Finland, Sweden...and Afghanistan!

I was very surprised to see that today I had a visit in my blogue from Afghanistan! About a year ago I had also several visits from Iraq. And in my blogue in portuguese I had too one visit from China (and they have censored internet) and one from Hong Kong (in China but it's more like an independent region). Even this month I got two visits from Uganda (maybe to check out about Kony campaign related).

Although I can see the messages that were read I can't really understand how and why people come to my blogue anyway it was just an hobbie and then became something more like sharing my opinions with the rest of the world 'cause I have nobody who talk to about deep issues. A kind of make imaginary friends but now they're real and I can see from where they're from.

I had more 17 000 visits since I created the blogue (about a year and a half ago)...I wasn't expecting this much...tens of thousands of visits from every world!

My top visitors (in decreasing order)  are from USA, Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Germany, France, Australia and Russia.

Maybe I got so many visits because I write several things about policy...

Anyway as you can see, some of my posts is about dealing with over-emotional reactions and also existential crisis but also is my discovery of the world around me and how sometimes I like it, but how I hate it sometimes because of all the injustices and pain around.
My blogue is a kind of my universe, what my counsciousness tells me but also a way to try to understand the world around.My blogue is about everything that crosses my mind and I feel like talking, it's specially about my wish of wars to be over (I'm anti-NATO), about unethical economy and banking and about environment issues.

Who am I?I'm just a random someone wanting to change the world with absolutely no fear to say what I think, some people think it's dangerous well I just think that we as individuals should use the fantastic tool of internet to share opinions and search for the truth and solutions to solve the world's problems.

And I really don't know what people think about what I write but I really would appreciate to have more comments.

You're all welcome even to criticize and disagree with me.


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Ukele: a portuguese gift to Hawaii

You know that hawaiian traditional instrument named Ukele?
Ukele is a member of the guitar family of instruments and it was originated in the 19th as an hawaiian interpretaion of cavaquinho or the braguinha or rajao (this last two originated from Madeira, a portuguese overseas island), small guitar- like instruemnts taken to Hawaii from portuguese sailors.
So we can say that Ukele is a portuguese gift to Hawaii.
I only knew this when Fado was recognized as World Heritage last year (fado-is-world-heritage) in Bali, Indonesia and journalists said that the instrument people from Polinesia play, the ukele ,was originated from Portugal. Even an indonesian man played a portuguese guitar which is used in fado songs.
Here it's the picture fom the ukele migration:

And here's the link where I took this picture with the ukele history: koolauukulele-history

It's clear: Portugal gave new worlds to the world with the spirit of adventure and discover and even I recognizing the bad things that happened with the colinization process I must admit that the true spirit of the portuguese were mostly one: discover new places and meet and change ideas with other folks. The result is there: the world has a bit of Portugal...that  tiny little country lost in the mists of History which several times is denied its greatness.
Being a portuguese is something special and I'm very proud of it.

Here's my favourite ukele song, and one of the most famous ones: Somewhere over the Rainbow from Israel.

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The truth about rating agencies

After all why the hell shoul us (europeans) care about what the Rating Agencies say anyway?
I mean, during this crisis those three big north-american rating agencies: Fitch, Standard & Poors, Fitch downgraded the Portugal to junk status (in economical terms) but also Greece and downgraded all european countries levels...inclusively France and Germany.
So basically Rating Agencies rate a risk of investement: if they say that: if we say that a debt of a country is good, buy it...if we say it's not don't buy it! Also they rate other investments and this way can stimulate the investors to invest in a company, bank, entreprise, web site, etc or don't invest in it.
So if the people who invest trully believe what rating agencies say is true they can control all the market activity.
It happens that people do believe them...and in 2008, a day before those rating agencies rate to AAA level (the highest of them all which means it is a safe investment) banks such as Lehman Brothers...those banks bankrrupt...taking all the investors money to nowhere (maybe an offshore in a Tax Haven???).
It happens the money that was invested in those called AAA safe investements were mostly from other banks...who used people's money to play the game...and then entreprises bankrupt, people lost their jobs...so they couldn't pay their house and get homeless...yes it happened in USA.
Then those bankrupt banks who made the bet and lost were bailed out by USA Government...which means all the taxpayers had to pay to put on those banks the money that belonged to them...
It happened the same in Europe, actually in Portugal a bank leaded by politicians bankrupt and then the portuguese state bailed out it, meanwhile those people who had the savings of a life on those bank lost eveything they had...of course the money didn't go away, I say it again I bet it's on those offshore accounts...anyway seems that in Portugal people resigned to fight against this outrageous process...and now they're paying...in Portugal we're talking about a bank (BPN) but in Ireland turns out there were lots of them...same in USA...so citizens are paying to get their money back in their banks ...at least I don't think it's right.
On the other hand, we have got the Iceland case...banks bankrupt: all the sudden all the money just disappeared...like magic (I thought nobody believed in magic tssc tssc)...and banks needed a bail out...so people had to pay to get their money back...but iceland people said: "NO!" in a referendum and didn't pay anything! Of course they bankrupt but now their economy is growing again and they refused to pay for this outrageous financial scandal.
Well in USA people decided to pay for this too...and so this scandal keeps going on...
If you haven't realized yet: money did not go away it just switched hands...
So back again to rating agencies...they almost bankrupt USA economy...they're trying to do the same with Europe. Rating agencies got huge amounts of money with this crisis and when something inexplicably goes wrong they come and say: "hey it was just an opinion!".
I have no doubts rating agencies are behind this deregulation of the markets and are instruments of financial terrorism used from speculators to make huge sums of money with the misfortune of countries and its people.
I've already seen the Inside Job documentary and they explain this very well.
 I particularly liked that part when they (the politicians and lobby crew) say we need to give money away to calm down the markets and stabilize the economy: such a nonsense! It's almost like what Mayas did: sacrifice to calm divinities...and now we're talking of the markets us a divinity...how can people, literally, buy this lie?
So why do we care about rating agencies anyway?
Really, people wake up!

sábado, 17 de março de 2012

We are all greeks

We owe much more to Greece than Greece could ever owe us.
Greece was the crib of the western civilization, greeks's rational and humanistic spirit conquered the world: we owe them the philosophy, mathematics, the science, the mythology, the literarture, the geometry, the history, the democracy and even our languages...lots of eurpean languages have a strong influence from the greek like italian, portuguese, spannish, french and english.
There are several words originated from the greek, specially that words that are quite similar between the languages I said before, for example: democracy, phillosophy, cataclysm, tragedy, drama, catharsis, geography, geometry, hidrology...even the words democracy, crisis and even the word Europe  comes from the greeks and their mythology!
So a country and a folk with this history-and very proud of it- can't be treated like the speculative markets, the troika, the rating agencies at the service of the bankers and the big capitalists have (mis)treated them!
So it's unaceptable that a german minister insult the greeks and treat them as "lazy" and "unable", insinuating that they should be expulsed from Europe!
The last and most painful humillation was the fact greek's democracy was replaced for a tecnocracy imposed for European Union(?) that will make sure the austerity measures will be done at all cost even if it means hunger of the greek people, their despair, their sovereignity, their pride and their rights!
In fact only in the city of Athens it's estimated to be 20 000 homeless, the number of homeless increased 25%and the suicidal rate rose up for 40%, and even at schools children faint because they're hungry...
When the conflicts end up at this level: so low and insensate, when the solidarity vanished, it's no wonder why the non-european states question the european stability and advance to take advantage of this situation. And that's something that truly should weight in all europeans' conscience because:WE ARE ALL GREEKS!

Germany is ought to pay back to Greece!

I got an idea to solve the Greek's crisis: Germany do you remember that astronomical debt you owe To Greece after the II World War?
When Germany destroyed Europe it caused so much damages that pay that debt was impossible and so Europe forgave you and helped you...don't you remeber?
So (without counting with human losses, and Germany killed hundreds of thousands of greeks inclusively all the jewish greeks from Salonika) you're said to owe Greece about an astronimal debt of 575 billion euros!!!
60 years ago, you couldn't pay of course but now you swim in cash so I think it's a good idea now you help them paying your debt so they can pay you . So what you think about this?

The crisis is going on all around Europe, but there's one particular country that is doing fine, so fine that rose the lowest unemployment rate ever. Germany appears in this context of Euro Crisis as the savior of Europe when actually what Germany has been doing is getting profits by indebted countries such as Portugal and Greece. How?through  the European Central Bank, situated by coincidence, in Frankfurt.
Also, Germany is the most wealthy country in Europe and detains about 20% of all the money in BCE. Plus, about 60% do 70% of german exports have as destiny another european countries what makes Germany an economical superpower country, the 2nd that exports the most...only behind China since 2009!!!
How this business in ECB is done?
Well our governments give our money to ECB and then the ECB will loan our money to several banks from all different countries that then will "give" us our the money with their interest rate. I think this is shocking enough: ECB is a public institue, we should get our money from ECB and not through other banks that then will loan our money with a higher interest rate! But this way how could we pay that huge amounts of money to the big shareholders, the bankers, the managers and workers from the bank?
How do you explain bankers win huge amounts of money during this crisis?
But there's more to be shocked about ECB: the interest rates from ECB are different from country to country, this is: to loan money to german banks, BCE gives lower interest rates, about 3% (which means every loan of 100 euros you have to pay the plus of 3 euros) because Germany is wealthy and competetive and can pay but for countries in need like Greece, Spain, Portugal or Ireland the interest rate is about 6% or 7% because it's more risky to give us a loan!!! Finally we go to our banks (there are several, some people even are client of more than one bank) and OUR money, from OUR taxes will be given to us with a interest rate of 20%!!!
With the loan to Portugal BCE already won about plus 3 billion euros...the old technique of making money from money is only one: debt!
So if this isn't a pawnbroker business what is this?
Also tehre's one curious fact, Germany contributed to endebt other countries, for example Germany sold to Portugal two useless submarines which costed us 1 000 000 euros both...and then we had to sell our public entreprises like those from the energy sector to China for the price of 1 submarine (500 000 euros) to pay the crisis and the interests of the ECB loan! Who is guilty? definitely Portugal: the corrupted governments that bought that but too people that seem to not care about what is done with their money...but one thing is sure: Portugal only bought submarines because was pressed to do that, and I'm talking of corruption too (recently a german president envolved in the case of the submarines resigned). Inclusively for you to have an idea in 2010 Portugal and Greece were the best clients of the german arming representing 57,3% military german exports.
So Germany that looks like the savior is nothing but the hanger! Germany is destroying Europe...again.
Scolding and humiliating Greece (and Portugal too) this way Germany is destroyng the european integration process and the european dream idealized by generations of europeans that saw in the unification of the old continent the way for the peace and solidarity in Europe!
At this rate of impositions of austerity measurements Greece, but also Portugal, are half way to be transformed into a concentration camp slave of the debt!
Germany, now is the only country leading Europe requiring austerity measurements and refusing give in or dialogue with the other countries without caring about with european citizens thus going agaisnt the european spirit of solidarity and dialogue of the european dream.
All this arrogance of Germany is a historical heritage centuries-minded of authoritarianism and german repression.
All the disregard that the germans (not only the polticians but also the german citizens) treat the greeks, as well as their refuse to dialogue, listen and comprehend the needs and the suffer of the greek folk only shows that, unfortunately, Hitler and the nazism were not mere misteps (that custed the lives of millions of innocent people and the destruction of Europe) but were only tools used for this regime to explore the authoritarian and narcissist  german profile...the german folk that were convinced by a gruesome guy named Hiltler (that not even were blonde and german) that the germans were the pure race (aryan race)...after all we're just talking about the 2nd War, don't forget in the same century XX there was another World War: the First one..and who started both wars? And remember that Hitler was only a character of the 2nd War...

Now, this draconian impositions, the disrespect for greek's culture and folk only ensures that the germans are unable carry out a project of European integration that respects the sovereignity and the rights of the other european folks.
With the austere impositions from Berlim it only remains to the greek and portuguese people to become slave debts to pay the absurd debt to Germany, with the interest rates they want us to pay (remeber Germany paid nothing to Greece and they were forgiven and helped by Europe after IIworld war!).

Do not forget that the democracy itself  (today replaced for debtocracy) was born in the ancient Athens when the debts of the poors for the rich were erased.

Hence, the europeans cannot allow that today the banks destroy the european democracy extorting huge sums of money that themselves created in the form of debts.

So now is only left to me to say: Germany pay to Greece!

"If the people from Europe don't uprise, the banks will bring back the fascism" , Mikis Theodorákis

It's so obvious: we're living in a dictorship of the speculative markets and the bankers dictatorship! And this can't keep going on this way!

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Bloodthirsty USA

'Cause the following case I'm gonna talk about ain't an isolated case...
So USA biggest economy is army and USA is one of the biggest indebted nations because of the huge army and overseas militar interventions (USA doesn't spend citizens money in health care that is 100% private or education).
YOUR ARMY (and NATO army too which envolves Europe too) is a bunch of evil, cruel and retarded persons(???!). USA army has no compassion or respect for other nations specially muslim nations!
USA soldiers pee on dead people that they call terrorists, USA army burn muslim's holy book: the Alcoran, you control prisions where you mistreat people who you call terrorists and torture them making private "funny" movies humiliating torturing and killing that persons for remind your "glory" days at US army: YOU ARE SICK, EVIL AND RETARDED!
The last straw to me is the recent new of an american soldier that just left his military base in Kandahar, Afghanistan and invaded several houses in the surroundings and killing 16 innocent people (3 of them women and nine of them children)!!!!
When I saw this morning on a newspaper the picture of the dead families in truck with children there I cried, I'm very mad about USA army...they're useless and cause real suffering.
USA is been showing to have no respect for human rights and other nations...it's shameful.

The world must stop suporting USA debts, economy and wars...we just had enough of your bullshit and blood: LEAVE OTHER NATIONS ALONE!

"United Sates of America are responsable for more war, corruption and brutalization of the planet than other force in the history of humanity" Ted Rall in Anti-American Manifest book.

I go further: I'm sure USA will be known as the more genocidal nation of the world, 'cause since USA is USA they have been doing nothing more than wars and invading countries...so you can bet fellows, people worldwide are getting really tired of your shit, so watch your step 'cause you're getting really discredited...we had enough and your Evil War Empire  is about to collapse!
The world just should turn their backs to USA and let them alone standing there with no relevance claiming they'll fight for democracy (when you don't even get a real one 'cause democracy isn't about lobbys)...WE'VE JUST ENOUGH OF YOUR LIES!

(That's it I said, sorry USA readers but I've got to say the truth)

By the way what is this picture all about?

Hope it's ironic!

Save Sumatra's Tigres

Ok that's it!Once and for all DROP OFF DEFORESTATION IN RAINFORESTS!!! Really this drives me mad! Greenpeace found out big companies (like Danone, now I don't know if I will drink my yogurt for my snack) still using as raw materials rainforests' timber!!!
The logging and trade in ramin is banned under Indonesian law. 
Since 2001, at least 180,000 hectares of Sumatran peat swamp forests have been cleared in concessions now controlled by APP – an area twice the size of New York City. It’s in these sorts of forests that protected ramin trees grow and also where critically endangered Sumatran tigers can be found. With only 400 left in the wild it is crucial for their long term survival that APP stops pulping this tiger habitat.
Only 400 wilde Sumatra's tigers in Indonesia's Rainforests! It's so outrageous how only in USA there's about 10 000 to 20 000 in captive as pets! (big cats are NOT pets!).

Sign this petition from Greenpeace: save sumatras

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Big cats are NOT pets!

I've got a petition for you to sign: tell congress that big cats are NOT pets!
It's really stupid but only in USA there's about 10 000 to 20 000 wild big cats like tigers and lions living captive in people's homes!!!
This animals are wild, they need big space and nature and THAT sure can't exist living in people's home...some of them even live in warehouses, cramped backyards, kennels or basements their entire life...it's sad and outrageous.
So camon sign it: take action!

is Kony campaign a bullshit!?

People from Uganda are angry 'cause everybody there knows that the mass murder Kony is dead, or at least inactive since 2006...in Uganda nobody talks about Kony for years, but then all this campaign came up from nowhere. Anyway Africa is full of guerrillas and genocidals, it's just not Kony...and about USA murderes we can find several of them killing in the name of US lobbies, you have one marine who killed 250 people, some of them civilians just because yes...and he's a National Hero.
So to me, the real threat, the real terrorists are the americans. I would be ashamed of being american.
 So people from Uganda are claiming that the video is a farce and the information is wrong...but lots of money is being done with all that fuss about the video...and that money sure didn't went to he opressed  people from Uganda...
The anti-Kony campaign originated astronomical profits but the ONG that came up with this revolutionary idea: The Invisible Children, only gives about 32% of their income in direct humanitary help programmes...
Recently in Uganda it was discovered a big oil reserve near to Lake Albert. The Uganda's president, in the power for 25 years is inclusively suspected to use soldier kids...
In Uganda too 2million of people live in concentration camps like in the Nazi era being killed and working till exhaustion  because they belong to a different ethnicity...why nobody is worried about that too?
Well I wouldn't be surprised that this might be an evil plan from USA to establish stronger military bases in Africa and control the precious resource called OIL...yes, we've seen that video before all the time in all the world: USA is being invading and destroying worldwide countries just to get oil profits...it's shameful and repugnant.
I'm not surprised if all this thing about Kony is a way to deceive masses worldwide: yes media got us foolled...again.
Has anybody found the nuclear weapons in Iraq anyway? NO!!! And by coincidence Iraq has the 2nd biggest oil reserve in the world...
We must end terrorism, so why don't we just end up with USA overseas expanding war??? Really USA is the most genocidal nations of them all, they're the true terrorists in my perspective...USA makes me sick!
I wish Europe quits NATO once and for all!
But one thing is sure: we must end with soldier kids, and soldier men...and wars.

I'll leave you with this video of what conspiracy thinks might have happened in private reunions of USA sargents ...it can be true, anyway Kony did this outrageous things for 25 years...why the sudden interest?

 And I  specially liked this interview with a very clever hip hop artist Marcel Cartier  talking about this campaign.
Why don't we talk about USA World Crimes against humanity too?
Is only ok to kill children when it comes to USA or Israel?
And by the way why is Obama a Peace Nobel when he has done anything for peace???
If I was ameican I would vote in Obama but right now he looks like another lier...I'm disappointed, I thought USA was about to change...
Is Obama the new Lord of War?

Well certanly we need more americans having the courage and the insight to say things like this.I became a fan of this guy:

domingo, 11 de março de 2012

British Monarchy: pride or shame?

Evil british queen Elizabeth II

I read in a magazine an astonishing fact about the Royal British House that receives from the Bristish State about 40 million of euros..and 480 000 are spent in alcoholic beverages...so british royal family is not only a civilizational absurd, an hypocrite bunch of parasites, useless institution, a symbol of sinful lust ostentation and historical oppresion and big spenders of public money that preach solidarity and cooperation with the poorest ones (specially some countries of the Common Wealth Realms as Jamaica, Papua New Guine, Tuvalu, Barbados or Belize)...NO! They're too a filthy bunch of alcoholics that love to party hard at their palaces shameless of spending such outrageous amount of money in drinks...

By the way now why they call Common Wealth to that Realms under british monarchy if WEALTH isn't COMMON to all of them?

This too about how ridiculous was the trip of the spoiled and annoying Prince Harry to poor countries of the Common Wealth Realms like Caribbean...fortunatelly there were anti uk-monarchy activists there to remind the inconvenient truth that UK's practice in Caribbean were " wicked and brutal" and no folk should be subjected to what their ancestors were subjected to.
After all the House of Windsor made a fortune off the back of the slavery and the Jamaican government should ditch the monarchy as soon as possible.
The Bristish Empire was one of the most brutal of them all (specially the absurd of the colonization of India and the arrogance and disregard Royal Family felt for the great activist Gandhi)...Common Wealth Realms sure don't have the same wealth and that issue isn't a priority of England...who is more interested in gain profits from them and take taxes to pay british royal luxuries.

The fact there still remaining several countries like british colonies (most of them absolutely miserable) is anachronist and make no sense in this day in age.

Go on english students you got to pay 10 000 euros per year of taxes for studying at college other way how could Royal Family live like a real royalty??!

I found out this very shocking site anti-british monarchy, it's very very repugnant specially when it's shown dead people whose said to be murdered by the soldier Prince Harry who was very happy for killing what they call the evil terrorists of talibans, one of the murdered person shown in the site below is a young man with his brains out of his head...really grouse! And soldiers have fun doing that...they're talibans, terrorits..I think they're (Nato) are the worse terrorists of them all and the talibans will only increase its number because that people just want to defend their country from the bloodthirsty invaders of oil...they're defending they're country and all that foreign troops are doing is increasing their hate for the West...westerns probably would do the same if they were invaded!
When I get the time I'll read all that, by now (and for I don't lose the site) here's the page, be brave and read it too!

I'm waiting for the world to change, it's just not of my business 'cause fortunatelly I'm not english or canadian, or australian or a citizen of a Common Wealth Realm I'm just a very proud portuguese but I just can't stand those anachronism and absurd of royal british family for whom slavery in Caribbean and Jamaica was not a big deal at all (read: jamaica).
And Queen Elizabeth is filthy rich (queen-elizabeth)
How can british be proud of royal family? still don't get it...

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This is an absolutely a great documentary exposing the british royal family scum...it is a very shocking thing to know as the Queen is the highness the laws are not applied to her, because she is the law!!!!So she cannot be persecuted or brought to justice...maybe that's why when she visited Canada and made 10 kids disappear she was protected by the Canada's courts since she rules Canada (and Australia and UK) even if it seems unofficial. Anyways probably those kids were sexually abused and ritualistic murdered in a satanic ritual and of course wouldn't surprise me if she feeded on them. Saville was ordered knigt because he supplied the royals with kids for their pedophilic perversions and satanic murders. Wake up subjects of this lizard! Free yourself from this tyrants!

domingo, 4 de março de 2012

Be veggie!

Hi, my name is BACON what's yours??

“May our daily choices be a reflection of our deepest values, and may we use our voices to speak for those who need us most, those who have no voice, those who have no choice.” 

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau 

See that little pig above? he's a wonderful creature, that has feelings, that feels pain too that had a miserable life without any compassion and kindness and will be brutally murdered just to be transformed in your Mcmenu,your bacon sandwich, your fatty burguer..then you'll put his flesh inside you and it will be transformed in your cholesterol problems and your grease.

 If we are truly committed to creating a world where violence and unnecessary suffering are 

not accepted, we must take a good hard look at the way we treat those who cannot defend 

themselves against us. The choice is ours, we can choose to kill animals and eat their flesh, 

OR  we can choose a more compassionate, peaceful path: BE VEGETARIAN!

Look at this: the last picture is more macabre than the others that the prior the process.


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quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

Penélope Cruz joins PETA free-fur cause

Penélope Cruz, is an excellent actress, she's a vegetarian and a really kind person that defends the rights of animals.She's very pretty and fashionable...and she doesn't wear fur!
She joined the free-fur project of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals).
She is an example for everyone but specially for other bloody-minded-celebreties.

For those who have courage (I never could see any horror movie of the fur industry) here's nine facts about fur by Peta (nine-shocking-fur-facts-/nine-shocking-fur-facts).

If after know all the pain animals are under during life and their murdering only really evil persons can still using fur...and being proud of their vanity showing it!
Once I discovered a legal warehouse in New York city that sold furs of all different kind of animals even endangered animals like lynx!!!
I think people who wear furs must be booed by people in public and censored by society.
I've seen some griffs wearing fur in Portugal too and I call them heartless bitches or cruel whores or even murders face to face!!! I usually say: "You should be ashamed of showing that macabre thing! You're cruel!"
I know they really get mad  at me even because some are elder but I don't care.
I threw away my mom's rabbit fur coat too that she buyed before I was born...she told me I wasn't allowed to throw her stuffs away...well that was not a "stuff", not even "hers", it was a symbol of cruelty and I don't live under the same roof as that macabre thing!!!
It's how I am and I'll still doing this!!!
People who wear fur deserve no respect!

Kardashians stop being cruel!

I've got another petition for you: please tell the socialites Kardashians to stop using fur and even sell fur clothes. A bit of kindness should rest in the deep of your cold heart, so please stop being cruel!

communication from care2 peptition site:

To give animals a voice and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves! The Kardashians' store "DASH" in Calabasas sells fur as well as their clothing line Kardashian Kollection. They have been told time and time again about the torture and suffering the animals go through just for vanity and fashion and have done nothing about it except for Khloe and her PETA campaign. 

Videos that can be found on any number of animal advocacy websites exhibit the inhumane treatment that animals experience when their fur is removed. Often times, the animals have not completely died before the fur is torn from their bodies and the animals are forced to endure the excruciating pain. The stark reality is that much of the fur currently purchased in the US is imported from China and Russia, where no regulations are placed on the fur trade. As a result of the lack of regulations on international fur trade, it is not uncommon for fur labeled as fox or mink, originating from Asia, to be actually that of cat or dog. 

Those who are in the spotlight must set a good example for the rest of the world and send the message that it is NOT ok to torture innocent creatures for fashion! It is time for the Kardashians to pave the way for the rest of the fashion and entertainment business and remove all fur from their stores and clothing line. Cruelty cannot be tolerated!

Sign: Stop-Selling-Fur-Kardashians

It's true in China and Russia they even make fur coats from cats and dogs (they even eat them), I saw this image in PETA's facebook, it's really shocking I know but this is how animals are mistreated without any compassions for skinning them alive and make fur clothes. THIS HAS TO STOP! REALLY!

My tears are running down my face right now...
People who use fur are a waste of skin, and a waste of life...where is the love? :(

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