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British Monarchy: pride or shame?

Evil british queen Elizabeth II

I read in a magazine an astonishing fact about the Royal British House that receives from the Bristish State about 40 million of euros..and 480 000 are spent in alcoholic british royal family is not only a civilizational absurd, an hypocrite bunch of parasites, useless institution, a symbol of sinful lust ostentation and historical oppresion and big spenders of public money that preach solidarity and cooperation with the poorest ones (specially some countries of the Common Wealth Realms as Jamaica, Papua New Guine, Tuvalu, Barbados or Belize)...NO! They're too a filthy bunch of alcoholics that love to party hard at their palaces shameless of spending such outrageous amount of money in drinks...

By the way now why they call Common Wealth to that Realms under british monarchy if WEALTH isn't COMMON to all of them?

This too about how ridiculous was the trip of the spoiled and annoying Prince Harry to poor countries of the Common Wealth Realms like Caribbean...fortunatelly there were anti uk-monarchy activists there to remind the inconvenient truth that UK's practice in Caribbean were " wicked and brutal" and no folk should be subjected to what their ancestors were subjected to.
After all the House of Windsor made a fortune off the back of the slavery and the Jamaican government should ditch the monarchy as soon as possible.
The Bristish Empire was one of the most brutal of them all (specially the absurd of the colonization of India and the arrogance and disregard Royal Family felt for the great activist Gandhi)...Common Wealth Realms sure don't have the same wealth and that issue isn't a priority of England...who is more interested in gain profits from them and take taxes to pay british royal luxuries.

The fact there still remaining several countries like british colonies (most of them absolutely miserable) is anachronist and make no sense in this day in age.

Go on english students you got to pay 10 000 euros per year of taxes for studying at college other way how could Royal Family live like a real royalty??!

I found out this very shocking site anti-british monarchy, it's very very repugnant specially when it's shown dead people whose said to be murdered by the soldier Prince Harry who was very happy for killing what they call the evil terrorists of talibans, one of the murdered person shown in the site below is a young man with his brains out of his head...really grouse! And soldiers have fun doing that...they're talibans, terrorits..I think they're (Nato) are the worse terrorists of them all and the talibans will only increase its number because that people just want to defend their country from the bloodthirsty invaders of oil...they're defending they're country and all that foreign troops are doing is increasing their hate for the West...westerns probably would do the same if they were invaded!
When I get the time I'll read all that, by now (and for I don't lose the site) here's the page, be brave and read it too!

I'm waiting for the world to change, it's just not of my business 'cause fortunatelly I'm not english or canadian, or australian or a citizen of a Common Wealth Realm I'm just a very proud portuguese but I just can't stand those anachronism and absurd of royal british family for whom slavery in Caribbean and Jamaica was not a big deal at all (read: jamaica).
And Queen Elizabeth is filthy rich (queen-elizabeth)
How can british be proud of royal family? still don't get it...

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This is an absolutely a great documentary exposing the british royal family is a very shocking thing to know as the Queen is the highness the laws are not applied to her, because she is the law!!!!So she cannot be persecuted or brought to justice...maybe that's why when she visited Canada and made 10 kids disappear she was protected by the Canada's courts since she rules Canada (and Australia and UK) even if it seems unofficial. Anyways probably those kids were sexually abused and ritualistic murdered in a satanic ritual and of course wouldn't surprise me if she feeded on them. Saville was ordered knigt because he supplied the royals with kids for their pedophilic perversions and satanic murders. Wake up subjects of this lizard! Free yourself from this tyrants!

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