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Germany is ought to pay back to Greece!

I got an idea to solve the Greek's crisis: Germany do you remember that astronomical debt you owe To Greece after the II World War?
When Germany destroyed Europe it caused so much damages that pay that debt was impossible and so Europe forgave you and helped you...don't you remeber?
So (without counting with human losses, and Germany killed hundreds of thousands of greeks inclusively all the jewish greeks from Salonika) you're said to owe Greece about an astronimal debt of 575 billion euros!!!
60 years ago, you couldn't pay of course but now you swim in cash so I think it's a good idea now you help them paying your debt so they can pay you . So what you think about this?

The crisis is going on all around Europe, but there's one particular country that is doing fine, so fine that rose the lowest unemployment rate ever. Germany appears in this context of Euro Crisis as the savior of Europe when actually what Germany has been doing is getting profits by indebted countries such as Portugal and Greece. How?through  the European Central Bank, situated by coincidence, in Frankfurt.
Also, Germany is the most wealthy country in Europe and detains about 20% of all the money in BCE. Plus, about 60% do 70% of german exports have as destiny another european countries what makes Germany an economical superpower country, the 2nd that exports the most...only behind China since 2009!!!
How this business in ECB is done?
Well our governments give our money to ECB and then the ECB will loan our money to several banks from all different countries that then will "give" us our the money with their interest rate. I think this is shocking enough: ECB is a public institue, we should get our money from ECB and not through other banks that then will loan our money with a higher interest rate! But this way how could we pay that huge amounts of money to the big shareholders, the bankers, the managers and workers from the bank?
How do you explain bankers win huge amounts of money during this crisis?
But there's more to be shocked about ECB: the interest rates from ECB are different from country to country, this is: to loan money to german banks, BCE gives lower interest rates, about 3% (which means every loan of 100 euros you have to pay the plus of 3 euros) because Germany is wealthy and competetive and can pay but for countries in need like Greece, Spain, Portugal or Ireland the interest rate is about 6% or 7% because it's more risky to give us a loan!!! Finally we go to our banks (there are several, some people even are client of more than one bank) and OUR money, from OUR taxes will be given to us with a interest rate of 20%!!!
With the loan to Portugal BCE already won about plus 3 billion euros...the old technique of making money from money is only one: debt!
So if this isn't a pawnbroker business what is this?
Also tehre's one curious fact, Germany contributed to endebt other countries, for example Germany sold to Portugal two useless submarines which costed us 1 000 000 euros both...and then we had to sell our public entreprises like those from the energy sector to China for the price of 1 submarine (500 000 euros) to pay the crisis and the interests of the ECB loan! Who is guilty? definitely Portugal: the corrupted governments that bought that but too people that seem to not care about what is done with their money...but one thing is sure: Portugal only bought submarines because was pressed to do that, and I'm talking of corruption too (recently a german president envolved in the case of the submarines resigned). Inclusively for you to have an idea in 2010 Portugal and Greece were the best clients of the german arming representing 57,3% military german exports.
So Germany that looks like the savior is nothing but the hanger! Germany is destroying Europe...again.
Scolding and humiliating Greece (and Portugal too) this way Germany is destroyng the european integration process and the european dream idealized by generations of europeans that saw in the unification of the old continent the way for the peace and solidarity in Europe!
At this rate of impositions of austerity measurements Greece, but also Portugal, are half way to be transformed into a concentration camp slave of the debt!
Germany, now is the only country leading Europe requiring austerity measurements and refusing give in or dialogue with the other countries without caring about with european citizens thus going agaisnt the european spirit of solidarity and dialogue of the european dream.
All this arrogance of Germany is a historical heritage centuries-minded of authoritarianism and german repression.
All the disregard that the germans (not only the polticians but also the german citizens) treat the greeks, as well as their refuse to dialogue, listen and comprehend the needs and the suffer of the greek folk only shows that, unfortunately, Hitler and the nazism were not mere misteps (that custed the lives of millions of innocent people and the destruction of Europe) but were only tools used for this regime to explore the authoritarian and narcissist  german profile...the german folk that were convinced by a gruesome guy named Hiltler (that not even were blonde and german) that the germans were the pure race (aryan race)...after all we're just talking about the 2nd War, don't forget in the same century XX there was another World War: the First one..and who started both wars? And remember that Hitler was only a character of the 2nd War...

Now, this draconian impositions, the disrespect for greek's culture and folk only ensures that the germans are unable carry out a project of European integration that respects the sovereignity and the rights of the other european folks.
With the austere impositions from Berlim it only remains to the greek and portuguese people to become slave debts to pay the absurd debt to Germany, with the interest rates they want us to pay (remeber Germany paid nothing to Greece and they were forgiven and helped by Europe after IIworld war!).

Do not forget that the democracy itself  (today replaced for debtocracy) was born in the ancient Athens when the debts of the poors for the rich were erased.

Hence, the europeans cannot allow that today the banks destroy the european democracy extorting huge sums of money that themselves created in the form of debts.

So now is only left to me to say: Germany pay to Greece!

"If the people from Europe don't uprise, the banks will bring back the fascism" , Mikis Theodorákis

It's so obvious: we're living in a dictorship of the speculative markets and the bankers dictatorship! And this can't keep going on this way!

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