quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

Kardashians stop being cruel!

I've got another petition for you: please tell the socialites Kardashians to stop using fur and even sell fur clothes. A bit of kindness should rest in the deep of your cold heart, so please stop being cruel!

communication from care2 peptition site:

To give animals a voice and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves! The Kardashians' store "DASH" in Calabasas sells fur as well as their clothing line Kardashian Kollection. They have been told time and time again about the torture and suffering the animals go through just for vanity and fashion and have done nothing about it except for Khloe and her PETA campaign. 

Videos that can be found on any number of animal advocacy websites exhibit the inhumane treatment that animals experience when their fur is removed. Often times, the animals have not completely died before the fur is torn from their bodies and the animals are forced to endure the excruciating pain. The stark reality is that much of the fur currently purchased in the US is imported from China and Russia, where no regulations are placed on the fur trade. As a result of the lack of regulations on international fur trade, it is not uncommon for fur labeled as fox or mink, originating from Asia, to be actually that of cat or dog. 

Those who are in the spotlight must set a good example for the rest of the world and send the message that it is NOT ok to torture innocent creatures for fashion! It is time for the Kardashians to pave the way for the rest of the fashion and entertainment business and remove all fur from their stores and clothing line. Cruelty cannot be tolerated!

Sign: Stop-Selling-Fur-Kardashians

It's true in China and Russia they even make fur coats from cats and dogs (they even eat them), I saw this image in PETA's facebook, it's really shocking I know but this is how animals are mistreated without any compassions for skinning them alive and make fur clothes. THIS HAS TO STOP! REALLY!

My tears are running down my face right now...
People who use fur are a waste of skin, and a waste of life...where is the love? :(

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