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Katy Perry becomes a Marine!

Ok, I love Katy Perry (by the way she's of portuguese descent) I even went to her show once and had a great time 'cause she's such an entertainer and she's so funny, I think she's nice, she seems to have no star caprices, she behaves as just a normal person (contrary as many singers) and she doesn't wear fur (unfortunately she's not vegetarian)...so I always get excited and amused by Katy's videos.
So Kay has a new single "Part of Me", it's just another pop beat suitable for dancing.
The song "Part of Me" talks about a rubbish relationship that came to end when she realized that that guy wasn't worth it all (a bit like should had happened with her ex-husband), so she just faced that reality and moved on. Sure this song has a lot of Girl Power, the girl from the song realized that she couldn't continue to be blindly in love with such a bad person:

Here's the lyrics:

"Days like this I want to drive away pack my bags and watch your shadow fade. 
You chewed me up and spit me out like I was poison in your mouth.
You took my light, you drained me down but that was then and this is now.
Now look at me: this is a part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me [..]
Throw your sticks and your stones, throw your bombs and your blows but you're not gonna break my soul
This is a part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, NO!
[..]I just wanna throw my phone away find out who is really there for me
You ripped me off, your love was cheap was always tearing at the seams
I fell deep and you let me down but that was then and this is now
Now look at me: this is a part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, NO!"

So I already had listened this song for the first time a year ago, so when I knew this would be her new single I thought: ok another girl power video clipe in which Katy might use her fancy and funny dresses full of colour with some nice dancing moves...but nothing could make me predict that Katy would become a marine, a US soldier...

Take a look at her video:

So I just though "what the hell is this?", ok another girl problem, she breaks up with a stupid guy that was cheating on her, then she drives in her car very upset about this, then goes to a gas station  to buy gas for the car and a juice (?) when she reads in the gasoline store a paper that says: "all women are created equal, then some become marines" (!!) so she just runs to the bathroom, cuts off her hair and goes to the army...it's even shown some military exercises among recruits...Katy even shoots and carries a loaded gun! Outrageous!

What is all this about? The song (the beat and the lyrics) have nothing to do with going to war and becoming a US soldier! 
Sure this wasn't a thing that came up from Katy's mind..someone propsed her to do this, and I think she just should have refused to do it: there's nothing cool about going to war, become a soldier is not a way to forget bad relationship, and there's no heroism in becoming a marine and then go overseas kill innocent people and destroy other's countries in the name of US lobbies and geopolitical and geostrategic US's interests...like oil an banks...and it turns out USA youth are realizing that and fewer and fewer people are willing to kill and be killed for bankers, corrupted governments and their lies...and that's a good start, american youth is in a good path and you all should refuse to go to war...it's a living hell, and if you get there alive you'll live the rest of your life with nightmares...and in the afterlife (if you believe in those things) you know that Heaven is not for the murderers...you're more suitable to go to the true Hell.
So what's the point of all this? maybe it was a way USA corrupted and bloodthirsty masons that control and rule to world to encourage the young people to become marine showing that's so cool that even Katy Perry aproves!!!
Really this is so lame! How can media leaders get so low? How could Katy do this lame video?

I found out a really good review about this in disinfo:

"The globalist empire needs you - specially if you are young and naive and think you'll meet a girl like Katy Perry in the next war zone.
Part of Me, Perry's latest music video, is straight up psychological propaganda designed to make being a Marine sexy and fashionable when it is in fact a living hell of multiple tours of duty in far-away war zones in countries of strategic interest to the globalists.
The video also reveals how desperate the military is to attract new recruits. Fewer people are interested in "serving" the bankers in the foreign wars of conquest..."
Videos about going to war make part of the american music like the Thinking of you video also from  Katy Perry  (her love goes to war and the she becomes widow), or the When you're gone song from Avril Lavigne when a Marine goes to war and leaves his preagnant wife that cries in front of TV while seeing the war and then goes to listen the speech from a USA general (?) when she gets the text message from her lover saying "I'm ok I miss U" or even the punks Green Day (which I already saw performing and loved it) with the song Wake me up when september ends, but this in a anti-war perspective: a young man enlisted in the US army thinking he was doing a good thing but he was not suported for his girlfriend...the name of the song is because in the end of september troops get back home...so marine's families are very anxious and expectant for September to come.
My point is: why do you go to war anyway?
Fighting for your beloved country? All right the country (USA) that only cares about bankers and big capitalists, the big country that still being the biggest economy of the world whose main industry is army? USA, the country that don''t give you anything and you're willing to give your life for...nothing? I mean, USA not even has public health care, it's a dirty business...if you don't have money you die in front of the hospital! It's shameful!
You think you're gonna fight to save the people from foreign lands from their dictators and tyrants? But you only destroy their country and kill innocent citizens that have the right to their religion and culture and the right of live in peace in their home! And by the way, in your land (USA,) do you have any freedom at all? How come if USA still having death penalty and people can have as guilty life imprisionment for silly things like do small robberies, even kids are arrested and face life imprisionment penalties due to your judicial system at least doubtful...I mean how many innocent were killed or arrested for all life in the land of freedom? countless...
Remember Bradley Manning that reveled to wikileaks the atrocities he saw US troops doing to innocents in Iraq? he's closed in a high-security prision, completely alone without seeing sunlight facing death penalty or death penalty!!! And this is just wrong!
You elected (???) George W. Bush and he lied about Iraq when said NATO had to invade Iraq because they had deadly nuclear weapons...what happened to him? what happened to all those corrupt bankers that cost american citizen's savings of a life, their jobs and their homes?
For who and for what are you fighting for?
America, wake up!

To end this post, I remember to read in a Rolling Stone magazine Katy Perry saying that's so sad in such a developed and wealthy country as USA, american citizens have no right to health care...and that sometimes she stays very upset with all this because sometimes it seems like who rules the country is a bank...it doesn't look like, it's how it is, face it! So Katy who told you to make this video? I'm very disappointed with you!

Being a marine is not sexy, is not fashionable, it isn't cool!
Wars are not cool!

Don't let governments take a part of you and others lifes! Say NO to war!

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