quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

Penélope Cruz joins PETA free-fur cause

Penélope Cruz, is an excellent actress, she's a vegetarian and a really kind person that defends the rights of animals.She's very pretty and fashionable...and she doesn't wear fur!
She joined the free-fur project of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals).
She is an example for everyone but specially for other bloody-minded-celebreties.

For those who have courage (I never could see any horror movie of the fur industry) here's nine facts about fur by Peta (nine-shocking-fur-facts-/nine-shocking-fur-facts).

If after know all the pain animals are under during life and their murdering only really evil persons can still using fur...and being proud of their vanity showing it!
Once I discovered a legal warehouse in New York city that sold furs of all different kind of animals even endangered animals like lynx!!!
I think people who wear furs must be booed by people in public and censored by society.
I've seen some griffs wearing fur in Portugal too and I call them heartless bitches or cruel whores or even murders face to face!!! I usually say: "You should be ashamed of showing that macabre thing! You're cruel!"
I know they really get mad  at me even because some are elder but I don't care.
I threw away my mom's rabbit fur coat too that she buyed before I was born...she told me I wasn't allowed to throw her stuffs away...well that was not a "stuff", not even "hers", it was a symbol of cruelty and I don't live under the same roof as that macabre thing!!!
It's how I am and I'll still doing this!!!
People who wear fur deserve no respect!

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